Robin Plays Chords, Moon and Aries, Madzen, and more…

Hi, everyone, I hope you’re doing well and having a great weekend, and you’re right, this is your 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 06, in case you haven’t checked the website the “Album Of The Week” belongs to “Robin Plays Chords” with “Unmasking” a 5 track album that you should not miss. remember… Continue Reading →

Moon and Aries, Stars Align for Break The Matrix (Episode Two)

“Break the Matrix” by Moon and Aries is a conceptual trilogy, each consisting of three tracks. In episode one, there were themes of “invasion” and anticipation for something (“Closer and Closer”). In this new episode, only two of the three tracks currently have accompanying music videos available to carry forward the visual part of the saga.

Solar Soundz, Alec Berlin, Yana, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

Hey, I’m back with 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 17 thank you for your support and for being part of this blog, the album of the week is for Solar Soundz and DJ Flipcyide and their debut album “Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them”, but not the only gem here, Alec Berlin release his last track last Thursday part of his album Space Punk & Other Junk and today Yana release her debut album “Journey of the Soul”, so we have a lot to enjoy.

Gunslinger, Travis Ehrestrom, Marcus Herne, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

Hey, I hope you’re doing great, the album of the week belongs to a debutant Female Rising Star: “Gunslinger” with her EP “Green Acres Motel” a beautiful folk EP that you should listen to immediately, and also take a deep listen to Travis Ehrestrom and Marcus Herne releases.

I’ve Tried Sleeping, Bridget Kelly Quinn, Mayshe-Mayshe, and more…

Hey, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend and, I hope you’re ready to go with this album of the week that this week belongs to Charlie Edwards aka “I’ve Tried Sleeping” that today is releasing his self-title debut album and you can find it in your favorite streaming platform and if you feel like it can support Charlie via Bandcamp buying it.

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