Top 100 Tracks 2021 (19-11)

I hope that you have enjoyed this ride so much as I did, can wait to share with you the TOP10 but we need to wait only one more week, for the moment let’s take a look/listen to these 9 tracks, but not before I wish you an excellent weekend, and remember to enjoy the music, enjoy the moment, keep rocking, keep supporting, keep streaming!!!

Top 100 Tracks 2021 (28-20)

When I was listening to these songs I was thinking that they should be on the TOP10 but then I remember that these are all my favorite 100 and that I constantly remind that this is an exercise that I love to do for fun, a recap and that there’s no really an order, so I love to hit the random button when I listen to particularly this playlist but you can choose your favorite way to listen to it.

Top 100 Songs 2021 (82-74)

Hey, are you ready for next batch in this countdown #Top100Songs2021 (you can check our previuos week 91-83 here), October is well known it for the Oktoberfest or Halloween, and also is the Awareness Month and for that reason this week makes me take 9 picks by fantastic female rising artists that I have enjoy... Continue Reading →

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