Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel “Quinceañera”

Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel use their love for music to find a grand way to celebrate a ‘Quincerañera’ while following safety measures during a global pandemic. Founded in 2007 by front woman, as well as Grammy and Latin Grammy multi-nominee, Marisol "La Brava" Cerón, Marisol la Brava & a Flor de... Continue Reading →


"The track touches upon breaking generational cycles in regards to homophobia and does so in a loving and eloquent way by portraying two different moments in time within the changes of language. As where the English part focuses on the current situation of distress and discomfort, the parts in Spanish speak hope and love into future generations, thus manifesting generational healing." Macarena

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