Only Bodies – “Only Bodies” EP

"Hey there! Thanks for checking out Only Bodies. We hope you’ll go on a journey with our self-titled EP as it explores the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love. Our music aims to balance sincerity and honesty with thoughtfulness and tact. Also, to make you wiggle your booty." - Only Bodies


"I started making music during the lockdown period here in the US. I have always loved music and at the time I was hosting my own radio show on the Stationhead app. An internet radio app where anyone could host their own show and play whatever they want. I still have shows there. As a fan of EDM music, I was excited when I learned the legendary festival "Tomorrowland" was going to be virtual that Summer (20202). I got the idea of making my own music having played around with samples before. And so began my love of making electronic music." - Scott Foster

Michael Donoghue- Fractals

"Fractals is mainly inspired by my mini obsession with repeating patterns. I've got a journal at home where I fill in a few lines for each day of the year over a 5 year period. I'm 4 years into it, and I've found that things such as moods, feelings, and even illnesses seem to occur at around the same time every year. I found this quite fascinating and wanted to represent it in some sort of musical way." Michael Donoghue

Lewca – “Friday Night Rockstar”

"Friday Night Rockstar" is Lewca's new upcoming album made with long time collaborator S.O.A.P. both had a hard time thanks to Omicron, and they decided to spend their time creating a full-length album about time passing, personal doubts and demons, abuse and dreams that will never come true. Don't look so sad, the album is actually super fun!

An Awkward Social – “Once It’s Over”

"Once It's Over is probably the song that took me the longest to complete so far. I've been dealing with some anxiety issues and writing this has been a form of therapy for me to try and understand what was going on with me. The idea is that the vocals is what is going through my mind, while the uplifting bass and chorus is the happy image I portray." - Franco

De Antiquis et Novis “Alchemy”

Opening a new page, de Antiquis et Novis brings forth his love for the dancy side of electronica and introduces us to the first instalment - the new single titled "Alchemy". Featuring jabbing synths, sweet linear percussion and shimmery arps running in the background, the single builds up the feeling of late-night house parties where the intoxicating flow of music and beverages take everyone deep into the summer night.

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