Michael Donoghue & Pulses “Infant”

Home to 8 songs with total runtime of almost 42 minutes, "Infant" brings forth a blend of several different genres of electronica combined with smooth spacious soundscapes. There's a perfect balance between the beats and the ambient bits, making "Infant" a pleasurable listening experience for all fans of electronic music. No matter whether you prefer drum&bass or techno, or vibe with the chillout side of electronica, this album will have you covered.

Nieri – “In Our Eyes” (foreverandever<3 Remix)

"In Our Eyes" was already a stand-out single from upcoming Milan-born Los Angeles-based EDM artist Nieri, released last May, and it captured the feeling of a song made for the clubs but also for your bedroom amazingly. The brilliant track got a makeover, a gorgeous remix from foreverandever<3 and now it sounds like something else entirely.

Activ8te – “I Am Tracking You”

"Our protagonist, a young woman, had recently ended a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and was feeling hurt and vengeful. As she began to research the various types of spyware on the market, she stumbled upon Pegasus, a powerful and highly sophisticated tool produced by NSO Group and sold to governments around the world. This spyware had been used to target politicians, journalists, and human rights activists, and she knew that it could be used to wreak havoc on her ex's life."

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