Michael Donoghue “Calm Palm EP”

"Last year I hit a bit of a creative wall where I was struggling to find inspiration and fresh ideas. There are some palm trees at the bottom of my garden that I see everyday, so I sat in my studio space one morning and decided to just start composing a track about the palm trees. Calm Palm is the result, and a purple patch of creativity followed suit. Michael Donoghue

Mass Experience “Rise Up”

"“Rise Up” is top-notch and sits proudly as a very good example of electronic music that has been produced by someone who understands their craft. This probably comes down to Little and Poulton’s longevity in the Australian music scene but listening to “Rise Up” feels so satisfying with its homage to nostalgia and its ability to take electronic and organic elements to create a track that feels fresh."

Ben Teeney – “Perfect Stranger – Gretzky’s Advice”

"I developed a crush on one of my best friends after a mushroom trip, decided to ask them out via writing a song but between the production of the song taking a long time and mine and their schedule not syncing up, my friend actually ended up getting into a relationship before I could share the song with them- which the aftermath is covered on the b-side, "Gretzky's Advice". Obviously that outcome sucked for me, but at the end of the day, I'm thrilled that they're happy and found love." - Ben Teeney

Salt House Lavish “Staring Off Into Space”

Chef by profession, it's probably not even surprising to learn Andrew created this tasteful single in his kitchen, in the middle of mics and wires. The artist has definitely got a knack on how to put together very different pieces, offering an evolving beat-driven experience that please those craving for something new and daring, and surrounding it all with the pleasantly mystical floating feeling highlighted with beautiful little arps.

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