Quizboy – “Not Like The Others You Know”

"During this one [the EP], I’ve been sober, and I just felt like a stronger person that had finally dealt with a lot of stuff. In particular, the “regrouping” of myself mentally and physically lent a hand to diving further into more technical aspects of production, and I think the results reflect that." - Quizboy

Gillian Stone’s “Spirit Photographs”

"My music processes riding the waves of mental health, particularly as it relates to dysregulation, addiction, shame, relational trauma, and dissociation. Because of this, I speak candidly about my lived experience through my music and expressions of artistic identity as an act of de-stigmatization." Gillian Stone

Moon and Aries, Stars Align for “Episode 2”

"Break the Matrix" is a conceptual trilogy, each consisting of three tracks. In episode one, there were themes of "invasion" and anticipation for something ("Closer and Closer"). In this new episode, only two of the three tracks currently have accompanying music videos available to carry forward the visual part of the saga.

Amelouk “..Like a Shroud” EP

The classically trained artist's alias comes from the Finnish word for death "kuolema" spelled backwards. That little fact also gives a first clue on what her music is all about. Powered and inspired by the deep and multifaceted nature of our human experiences and looking into that from a different, not previously seen angle, the music of Amelouk is diverse, fearless, intimate and hypnotic.

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