Lockdown Co. – End of Chapter

End of Chapter abounds with a vast array of musical influences, showcasing Lockdown Co.'s penchant for crafting brilliant instrumental music that is highly enjoyable and engaging. While drawing from genres such as progressive metal and hard rock, End of Chapter nonetheless finds its strengths in sounding completely original, as this impressive up-and-coming duo bring exciting new sounds to fans of many different musical styles.

C-Beem – Tales From Tono

‘Tales From Tono’ came to me as a kind of projection from my previous EP ‘C-Beem And The Winter Thickets’. I wanted to capture a magical, folkish feel to a new project but in a different context and with a different sound. I live in an island country full of myth and legend, and I wondered what equivalents there might be in Japan, because it’s been said that Japan is like the British Isles of the East – a parallel country which has always fascinated me, though I’ve never been there. C-Beem


"I’m pulling from a wide variety of music in terms of inspiration, so keeping it simple is actually harder than it seems. It’s genuinely hard for me to write songs that I can’t find myself playing over and over again with the same passion I had the first few times I wrote and played it. So over complicating things only makes that worse in the long run. I like keeping songs to small enough doses of the memories and feelings that come as fast as they go". Sergio Napoletano


"A long creative process has seen us change our approach to songwriting and what boundaries we could push compared to our previous efforts. It became quite clear that we didn't want to write standard structured songs all of the time and instead explore some different ground. We feel that not only have we managed to include our style of music within the record, but that we have evolved it." - BlimeyOhRiley

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