The Nation Mourns- “Laura”

With only his guitar and his expressive voice, O'Shea's song is directed to a person named Laura. He sings about finally letting her hidden aspects and personality come to light, about embracing and loving herself for whom she truly is. But, who is Laura? Laura is a metaphor of that vulnerable person that we are afraid to show to others.

Roisin O’Hagan “Road From Nevada”

Dreamy guitar sounds and smooth percussion invite into a soulful celebration of life, love for exploration and experiences, and love for the person she has grown to become. Her beautiful vocals soar high like an eagle, and the lyrics are tipped full of little references, tipping hat to the artists whose music had inspired her music the most, as well as giving a nod to phrase "sometimes dreams do come true".

Jonathan Harrington “Get Away”

I simply hope that people can enjoy listening to my songs. I have high aspirations for my music: that it helps people feel seen, heard and understood, and that it inspires people to reflect on their relationships and priorities. But more than anything, I want it to be something beautiful in their lives - even if it's no more than a pleasant song in the background of their days. Jonathan Harrington

Tasha Blackmore “Brown Eyes”

"I wrote Brown Eyes around 9 years ago and I'm really excited to finally release it! Brown Eyes is a song about falling for someone you know deep down is bad for you. You already know the second you set eyes on them, it's going to end with your heart broken and their heart just fine, yet you can't turn away from them. Tasha Blackmore

S J Denney- 4 Reasons to Fly

The EP was recorded in the cabin at the end of my garden. Due to other commitments, most parts were done in the early hours of the morning. My approach to making music changed significantly before this record, with a focus of including a wide variety of world instruments. The EP is my first to feature a horn section, string section, harp and duduk (an Armenian woodwind instrument). - S J Denney

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