Izzie Derry “I Don’t Know Why”

"I wrote the song when I was struggling to move past a particularly bad relationship that had ended the year before. I felt like I should have moved past it, but it had knocked my confidence so much that I found it hard to enter new relationships and trust people. I guess the song for me was basically telling the guy off for not treating me as well as I think I should have been." Izzie Derry

Pokkisham “Cages”

"I am also a Mum now and I never want my kids to feel limited in the way I did. I also meet so many people who have faithfully followed career paths but have given up on their passions. It's so clear that money these days isn't everything - everyone seems to need more to feel fulfilled - we have to enrich ourselves from the inside and find a way to give voice to things we love." Pokkisham

Nawafinity – Breath of Life

"To my dearest listeners and first timers. This is your brother, lover and fighter Nawaf. I hope this song heals you and inspire you to be better. I weaved this song from my pains, sorrows, laughter and joy. I cried and laughed whilst recording this message. I hope you feel the same feelings I am experiencing. I make music to inspire, heal, mend and nothing else. Cheers and God bless." Nawafinity

Dylan Goff “Untethered (Side Two) EP”

"Thank you for listening and I hope you like my songs! You can expect lyric heavy, acoustic guitar-based music that is definitely indie-folk, but vocally I probably sound more like Matt Berninger or Eddie Vedder than the more folky artists of the genre, albeit with an Irish accent. Fans of Frightened Rabbit might also like my music, as they are a huge influence on me." Dylan Goff

Podge Lane – “Change In The Weather”

"This song is about looking for signs in silly things, which I’ve looked for a lot! Thinking back on the amount of times I’ve thought “if it's raining out something bad is going to happen”, or if the sun was shining there was a bit of hope. We’re always fearing the worst, and this is a song to say, "let's snap out of it.” It’s my life, not the weathers." - Podge Lane

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