The Baker’s Basement “Wild Wild Sheep”

Expect each song to be pretty different. We view each one as its own personality, and we nurture them as such. Every creative decision is all about what will help a given song find its full potential and life. Some are extremely minimal, with just a couple voices and a guitar. Some are a lot more active and in your face, involving more rapid fire lyricism, driving electric guitar and drums - programed textures and percussive effects. And although some of our tunes are purely instrumental, we absolutely love words. To us, words are paint. They allow a listener to touch and feel and see. They are often illustrative and we try to pick out words that make what we’re singing about tangible and conversational. Adam Grindler / The Baker's Basement

Sano Hill – “Sing Out Loud”

“It’s a song I wrote during the pandemic and speaks to concerns I suspect were shared by many musicians, and people in general as we returned to normal life after a period of enforced restrictions, rules, etc. The song is about letting go and beginning again and having the confidence to ‘Sing Out Loud’.” – Sano Hill

Matyascorvinus- “Her Shadow In The Flame”

"Her Shadow In The Flame" is inspired by the witch hunts and the unjustified violence against human beings. At first, Matyascorvinus decided to make it a horror song, but later became a song of longing and sadness, about those who have disappeared due to unjust events, events that have been going on even today with the war.

Virginia Marcs – “This Time”

" 'This Time' could have stayed in that dark space easily, but then I was like: No, this is not where I am anymore, this emotional space of despair and resentment. I’m ready to move forward. I wanna take it back. So, the song is very snarky and irreverent. It’s got one eyebrow raised the whole time; it’s got its sassy pants on. Then it’s triumphant, like … this is it, this is my time, my body, my heart, my life. And nothing anyone can do or say can take that away from me!" -Virginia Marcs

Conner Eko – I Didn’t See You At All (Live Acoustic)

" 'I Didn't See You At All' is about some of this and is also an apology for not being present, not "seeing" her for such a long time, and for not being the partner that I needed to be. It's about new beginnings, honesty, vulnerability, and humility. It's also about the start of forgiving myself and knowing that you cannot truly love someone else until you love and forgive yourself." Conner Eko

Alba James- Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls by Alba James is a short EP with a wide arrange of ideas and emotions. An exploration of intimacy, depression and derealization with a touch of experimentation. Alba James creates a special soundscape that explores, making us think of a physical manifestation of the emotions she explores in the album that takes the shape of a bedroom in our minds, a flow of consciousness rarely seen in music.

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