Ann Beretta – “DCxPC Live Presents: Ann Beretta Live, Like A Riot! Live From The Broadberry (Acoustic)”

But for real guys, this album is an absolute delight through and through and it deserves every stream and every share, and every purchase! In case you need one more reason to buy the album: The vinyl is pink and the covers were individually screen printed by Ann Beretta's singer/guitarist, Rob Huddleston, so no two covers are identical.

The Connecting Dots “Treasures in the Valley”

Each of the 10 songs have their own part in the whole picture, and none of them copy from one another. Thus, the listener gets to hear long dreamy guitar instrumentals along with Helena's sweet voice, synth-driven ethereal soundscapes, cozy yet mysterious movie-esque tunes and rocking songs full of driving energy.

Nick Kizirnis – “Way To Me”

"While I've been playing music for many years, it was only recently that I really focused on writing songs that would really mean something to me and hopefully be ones that listeners could relate to. Although I write a lot of songs about heartbreaks and broken relationships, I actually try to see the ultimate positive outcomes in those experiences - what can we learn and how can we grow? I've had many people come up to me and tell me their own interpretation of my songs based on their experiences, and that has been a real honor and privilege. I hope you'll hear something that resonates with you as well, and even if it's something sad or painful that something good had come out of it." - Nick Kizirnis

The Hamiltons – “Comin’ Up”

You will hear chunky guitar riffs, steady / hard-hitting drums, gnarly bass lines, and heavily chanting vocals with an exciting grit to them. You will find yourself in the path of this monstrous rhinoceros and its wailing guitar screams. The perfect dose of chaos and order, a brutal extension of Satan himself! So go ahead and LISTEN NOW!


You know how DCxPC likes their bands: gritty, snarly, fast, thrashy and with lots and lots of Punk. Well, today's band are well known for all that, and they keep up racking up their accolades as they are frequently seen sharing the stage with large touring bands such as Agent Orange, The Damned, and The Radolescents. Man, that must get heavy.

DCxPC LIVE Vol. 6 PRESENTS – Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room (Original EP)

With the usual quality of the DCxPC Live recordings, here comes another fierce and powerful Live EP. Two bands, five tracks, a lot of Punk. Featuring high-gained guitars, metallic basses, nasty drums and gritty vocals, this EP continues the legacy of the Orlando-based label DCxPC.

Guilherme “Persephone and The Ghost Brother”

An eye-opening listen designed to let you experience the world seen through the eyes of a person fighting with mental issues. The album won't be available on streaming services. Instead, you're free to check it out on his Bandcamp. There will also be a limited run of vinyl of this album with a total of 200 copies. That will be released in May this year and is currently available for preorder.

Mahto & The Loose Balloons “The Buzzard”

I was really into the idea of doing every step in the process. Writing the song, performing the parts, recording, mixing, mastering, and release it. It’s also my first project to be pressed to vinyl. Which just arrived in the mail the other day. Of course the cherry on top is the cover that was painted by my friend, Tom Root. He is and amazing painter who truly understands anatomy and light better than anyone I’ve ever met." Mahto

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