Ellery Twining “Revenge”

"Revenge", released on January 17th, is an acoustic rock album housing 9 songs. The release strikes with an easy and rather stripped-back feel, especially in the first song "A Month of Sundays", which begins with acoustic guitar and his mostly spoken vocals, speaking about a divorce through the eyes of a child. The honest, curious and confused thoughts have been put into lyrics in such an endearingly simple way, whilst also making sure to hit straight in the feels.

Levy “Small Scale Revolutions”

After the release of two singles at the beginning of this year, Levy has released her full debut EP ‘Small Scale Revolutions’, featuring the previously released songs and pleasant emitting a unique ambience that was achieved by uniting all the different influences found in each song and behind each person working on them alongside Levy.... Continue Reading →

Feralman “Chapter 35-43”

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Feralman makes an unforgettable debut with the album ‘Chapter 35-43’. Making his second appearance in the blog, this time Feralman is back with the debut album he'd been teasing since November of last year. Including ten organic, subtly hypnotic tracks — one of them being reviewed here back in... Continue Reading →

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