Josh Martin – Notes From The American Rat Race

Though I have been playing music for decades I recently hit a dry spell. After getting married with a baby on the way I decided to get a corporate sales job which triggered some kind of crisis of identity. It was like by assuming this new responsible role of provider I could no longer be a musician; I won't lie it wasn't a fun time. Gradually though I realized that songs were still coming. Josh Martin

The Qwarks – “Nice While It Lasted”

In grim times, the Qwarks search out moments of joy, riding on a wave of psychedelic joie de vivre with the backdrop of a barren wasteland of fragmented selfies and melting database columns. In the desert by a campfire they met the Reverend Zebadiah Hawkwind III who attempted to exorcise their demons through a heavy dose of 5/4 psyche based skronk.

What Strange Beasts – “Cat’s Paw”

"We built this album around a space theme to reflect on feelings of distance, isolation, loss, introspection, and ultimately the relief of interpersonal connection. We wrote that which we felt while hunkered down in our own 'space ships' through the harrowing trials, and the few stolen moments of joy, of a global pandemic. As a lyric notes: "Every hour's a gift: The signals, the noise, the sorrows and joys." - What Strange Beasts

Chris Ianuzzi – “Lonesome Highway Superstar”

"My initial idea for a video was a “Road Warrior” type with a beat up car on a desert highway. After I thought about this and saw what Serkan and Ilke did with AI in making the video for March of Madness, I thought it was time to search for something different. I thought, let's put the character in space and make the journey Cosmic. I shared my thoughts with them and off they went."- Ianuzzi

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