Sam Feinstein- “Chasing the Bull”

"I work in tech (audio-software) in Silicon Valley. As a result, I meet a lot of “Crypto Bros” that are willing to invest in anything from Floki-Inu to Squid-Coin, and will pitch these “opportunities” to anyone willing to listen. I’ve always had morbid fascination with cults and pyramid-schemes, so these pitches sounded very familiar to me. “Chasing the Bull” is more or less a compilation of every crypto-coin, NFT or investing course someone pitched to me." Sam Feinstein

Strangely MORE THAN Alright: “Not The End” by Strangely Alright

What's also of interest about this single, is that it is the second of a four-song arc that began this year with the single, "Life in 3." I thought that was a pretty cool idea. We are all familiar with concept albums, but I don't believe I have ever seen a band apply a "concept" to a string of singles.

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – “Opposite Poles”

"I wish I could tell you what this song is really about but I haven’t got a clue - I only have theories. Michael wrote the words and sang them (in his “vocal booth” which resembles a homemade sarcophagus but is actually quite comfortable). I did not ask nor did he offer the true meaning of the lyrics and that is always good enough for me". Lee Leffler

Chip Pirrs “Tønder”

"Tønder is a town in southern Denmark. People in Europe specifically in Germany and surrounding countries go there to get married. Think kind of like Las Vegas but with less pizazz. It can be an adventure to travel there and when you get there you have to set up "residency" in the town before you can marry. So, it's a town full of stories of love and loss." Chip Pirrs

Near Death Experience (NDX) – “Living”

Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s vocals shine with graceful highs and lows and layered do-wop harmonies while Bill ‘The Professor’ Mar-ten hits the keys of an encircling organ. Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover on bass and Alan ‘The Milkman’ Perkins on drums and percussion rack up their accolades with a playful beat and skillful harmony.

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