9 O’Clock Nasty feat. IATUH new single “Dude Your Mom’s A Squid?”

9 o'clock Nasty or The Nasty Unicorns, or at least that's what I call them, have returned. Earth's most beloved musical team has paired up once again in an amazing feat of dexterity, musical prowess, and bizarre charm. Their new collaboration is not what we wanted... but what we deserved.

The Qwarks’ insanely good new single “Brunch at the End of the World”

"The song takes off from where their last album finished; the catastrophe has happened, but when it seems there is no hope is there not something defiant, something so courageous, about the determination to brunch? Against all odds, a hardened group of survivors clink glasses, take pictures, and discuss the latest gossip around the brunch table." The Qwarks

Roxercat’s mind-blowing new video “2020”

"2020" by Roxercat is Price Jone's personal diary of such a year. What started off great and with high hopes... well, we know the story! What's amazing about the track is that we are able to both see and hear every "month"! That's right, from the high-hopes of January to the slow downfall of March, it is truly awesome!

Lump200 exciting dance in “I am the Elephant in The Room”

Now, René AKA Lump200, and his group of talented musicians are ready to return this February 24th with their second single off of their upcoming 5th album, "Isles of You". The track is a trippy expression of wind instruments (including tuba and bass clarinet), bright synths, and even a vibraphone.

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