Silvermouse releases “Beyond”, an explorative album diving into the astral plane of consciousness

Silvermouse has just revealed their newest full-length album “Beyond”, a live recording release. This lengthy record pushes aside the conventional and the mundane, instead, it welcomes the listeners to come along and explore what’s Beyond the walls of their subconsciousness. Enjoy it as a long-lasting spiritual joint opening up the realms belonging to an altered state of consciousness!


“Beyond” is the fourth album coming from the psychedelic duo Silvermouse. The band has become known for their spiritually enhanced music rooted in jam rock and UK rave culture, and featuring brainwave entrainment signals. In a studio environment music of that kind hits really well, but Silvermouse’s magic is best experienced in a live setting – there’s something spectacular when the music meets the synergy of the audience and the magic of the venue.

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This is the case in “Beyond”, which was recorded live in the Earthship in Puerto Rico. The album, born from a collaboration between the duo and Monroe Institution, widens the borders of consciousness through the use of brainwave entrainment science. Signals tuned to the vibration frequency of the color blue are embedded into the album and help dive further away from the mundane and into the depths of the spiritual realm. Aside from the brainwave tech, “Beyond” is also quite an ear pleasure with the musical patterns, melody sequences, and bass vibrations.

This long healthy journey of a record contains 8 songs and runs for 1 hour and 13 minutes. Meant to be listened to as one whole piece, “Beyond” comes equipped with long droning spiritually invoking melodies, percussive rhythms as well as a slew of instruments from violin and mandolin to flute and recorder played by Justin Handley.

Starting off as an ascension into the slowly moving cosmic landscape, “Beyond” introduces a sense of wonder and connection while wiping away the worries. Once the percussion joins in, “Druids Rising” becomes this astral party moving body and mind in unison. Electronic music elements coupled with guitar freely embracing where its melodies take it and the happy bass melodies make “Imagining” an uplifting experience. There’s also plenty of straight-on trance, such as in “Snake Grass” with electrifying synths and linear, driving percussion. The album ends with a final elevation into a foggy starry realm called “Brew 42”, infusing positive moods into the state of mind with its ecstatic sound.

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While Silvermouse is best experienced live, this album shines best when listened to in a calm environment, relaxed, and fully focused on the sound. It’s also doing a very good job of distracting me from working on this article and making me daydream about sweet things. Go “Beyond” to enjoy the calming psychedelic journey into the astral!



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