Ann Beretta – “DCxPC Live Presents: Ann Beretta Live, Like A Riot! Live From The Broadberry (Acoustic)”

But for real guys, this album is an absolute delight through and through and it deserves every stream and every share, and every purchase! In case you need one more reason to buy the album: The vinyl is pink and the covers were individually screen printed by Ann Beretta's singer/guitarist, Rob Huddleston, so no two covers are identical.


"As silly as it sounds, this song is actually based on a true story. For some reason there have been more boys that fit this description around me than you’d guess, but if you know me, you know that none of them have been romantic relationships with me. But this universal idea of “the type” (whether we have one or not) was so fascinating that I knew I had to write a totally sassy pop banger about it. Type is a light and funny take on staying true to yourself, what you like, and being confident about it along the way.” Ainsley Costello

BEES! – “Bees in Space”

This is an amazing Chip Tune Rock experience filled with hyped rhythms, exciting 8-bit melodies, and lots of dry humor. "Bees In Space" brings new life to the retro arcade world, delivering big explosions of gritty riffs and maniac drum playing. LISTEN NOW! How's it going ladies and gentlemen? It's me, MadZen, and today we... Continue Reading →

Chris Caulfield – “Walls Come Down”

“I can remember my wife repeatedly commenting how this wasn’t real, this wasn’t me, nothing was making sense, and in retrospect I of course agree, and it’s part of what made this such an awful stretch, that feeling of not being able to really connect with where you were mentally, emotionally in a moment,” Chris Caulfield

The Margaret Hooligans – “Feedback”

"Feedback in music is when a mic pics up a distorted signal from an amp and creates a terrible noise that makes you cover your ears as a reflex, so it has a dual meaning for us there as well, because when I see too many comments on a FB post about something controversial, I can't let myself read that because I don't want to be poisoned by it." Meg / The Margaret Hooligans

Griffen Handshake – “All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors”

"All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors" is an energetic fusion of Punk and Alt Rock. Exciting, highly distorted riffs, powerful drums and a tight bass act as the foundation of this high-speed, Punk Rock track. Brave vocals deliver a strong message, intended for those who act over-qualified and put others down for what they want to do in life. Same old story: "Oh, you wanna be a musician? Great! Have you considered studying for a real career also?" and all that BS.

Clyde Syde – “Love Hate”

"All my life I have watched close family and friends in and out of toxic love hate relationships, one minute they're madly in love doing crazy weird things for each other and the next minute they hate each others guts. I was really inspired to try to write a song that had all the elements of those feelings and situations." - Clyde Syde


The story behind "Get a Life" is simple. The girlfriend of and ex-boyfriend began stalking one of the girls in social media. Absolutely mental, unhealthy, and in deed very childish behavior. Doll Riot weren't fucking with that, so they wrote a track to kindly tell the little shit to fuck off, smoke some grass, and don't be an ass!

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