Packetloss – “Modern Day Meltdown”

After releasing their previous EP, Disconnected, Packetloss continues their creative efforts in this new and exciting song four-stack. Written and recorded remotely in its entirety, the EP captures Jamie Tees (Vocalist & Lead Guitarist), Geetar Jack – (Rhythm Guitar & Bass), and Steve Buckley (Drums / Mixing & Master) as they go back and forth with musical ideas, recorded in each of their homes!

The Margaret Hooligans new single “Revenge Of The ScarJo”

The Margaret Hooligans' new single, the tables are turned. This time, the ladies are power-drunk, and the men are helpless victims! Featuring Meg's iconic ukulele riffs and Mr. Strontium's Punk / rock-inspired drums, the track takes a humorous approach toward one of society's most primal and absurdly ongoing battles.

A/V CLvB debut EP “Dumbwaiters To Die For”

Plymouth Alt-Rock band, A/V CLvB, shares their fantastic debut EP "Dumbwaiters To Die For". A collection of six emotionally raw tracks with Emo and Indie qualities inspired by the 00s. For fans of My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins. Out now! ORDER "DUMBWAITERS TO DIE FOR" ON BANDCAMP NOW! A/V CLvB is a young band... Continue Reading →

Coma Beach – “Another Song”

After their previous release Nothing Right, Coma Beach is now releasing the third single off their debut album "The Scapegoat's Agony". An album that, as mentioned above, was inspired by Irish playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett and points towards the - for the most part - painful and excruciating emotional odyssey of the unnamed antihero.

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