A/V CLvB debut EP “Dumbwaiters To Die For”

Plymouth Alt-Rock band, A/V CLvB, shares their fantastic debut EP "Dumbwaiters To Die For". A collection of six emotionally raw tracks with Emo and Indie qualities inspired by the 00s. For fans of My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins. Out now! ORDER "DUMBWAITERS TO DIE FOR" ON BANDCAMP NOW! A/V CLvB is a young band... Continue Reading →

Rockethead’s “Crash Test” Delivers Classic Hard Rock Power

"Crash Test" is expertly produced by Rockethead themselves, and the EP's mixing is handled by Mannaz Records. The EP encapsulates the true essence of classic hard rock, showcasing the band's skill and passion for the genre. Rockethead's collective talent, with each member making significant contributions, shines through each track, making this a must-listen for any fan of hard rock music.

My Friend The Sun releases shimmery debut EP “The Orchestra of Life”

"The Orchestra of Life" by My Friend The Sun is a release with a spiritual soul embedded in lively indie sound inspired by folk, prog rock and traditional music, among others. It's home to 4 tracks with a total runtime shy of 16 minutes, and that timeframe fits loads of beautiful emotions and elevating messages.

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