The Electric MZ introduces breezy new jazz single “Dawn”

Hailing from Sweden, The Electric MZ is a band exploring rhythmic jazz-rock compositions. Formed back in 2013 and releasing music since 2015, the band consists of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand, guitarist David Lindh, bassist Mattias GreƩn, and Johannes Rytzler and Johan Carlsson playing keys and drums respectively.

The Sacrificing Hands weave the magical filaments of past and present in “Ghosts on Wigan Lane”

At its core "Ghosts on Wigan Lane" by The Sacrificing Hands is an experimental release uniting folk and elements of the occult. It's also entirely instrumental by choice to allow listeners to fill in the spaces with their own experiences, instead of being led on by what the lyrics would say.

Solar Soundz & DJ Flipcyide brilliant new album “Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them”

Solar Soundz and DJ Flipcyide created this album "Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them" over the course of two years. Filled with famous movie speeches, like the one in Network (Peter Finch) which you can listen to in "Mad!" this album is a call to decency, freedom of being, and authenticity.

Carl Liungman delves into the fleeting nature of love in astounding new EP “Affection & Absence”

"Affection & Absence" by Carl Liungman home of 4 pieces, the slow-paced and calm EP takes a form of a little storyteller starting off with the sprouting of love, and ending with notes of sadness longing for the flurry of emotions that was just there before.

Alec Berlin Expresses Man’s Best Friend Sonically With Beauty

The title of the song is fitting, as it perfectly captures the bond between a person and their furry companion. The single artwork featuring Ulysses and his dog Argos adds to the emotional depth of the song. Alec Berlin's ability to convey such strong feelings without lyrics is a testament to his skill as a composer and musician.

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