Grant Borland “Fragments EP”

"I was really inspired by composers such as Nils Frahm and Hania Rani. Both composers give so much life to the piano, and it's taught me to listen to piano music much differently. I think some of that influence can be heard on some tracks on this EP, but it's also very much authentic to my own sound too. I have a background in writing cinematic music for advertisements, trailers, commercials, etc...., so I think there is that undertone that probably separates my work from others. While this album feels experimental, I've been told my close friends and family that it also sounds like something that could be part of a movie score as well." Grant Borland

Michael Donoghue “Calm Palm EP”

"Last year I hit a bit of a creative wall where I was struggling to find inspiration and fresh ideas. There are some palm trees at the bottom of my garden that I see everyday, so I sat in my studio space one morning and decided to just start composing a track about the palm trees. Calm Palm is the result, and a purple patch of creativity followed suit. Michael Donoghue

Nay Shalom- “Closure”

This piece actually came together very calmly, very naturally and became my own little haven after making a very big decision last year. I was really struggling (not Covid related) and it took a big chunk of courage to walk away from something that was destroying me. It felt so very bitter sweet and I had a huge sense of both release and relief to end it all, hence the title. I actually can't read music and have never had any lessons or grades so I play solely by ear". Nay Shalom

Jonathan Grow “Le Vol”

I walked her out to her car, carrying the last of her boxes. As we stood there saying goodbye, we all suddenly realized that she wasn't coming back home this time. My daughter was leaving home. Tears. In that flurry of 10 minutes, my world as her father changed. She drove away and my wife and I stood there, absorbing the weight of it all. Her older sister, living in Georgetown. Now her as well. As I walked back into the house, thinking of our grown girls, a tune turned over and over in my head. Jonathan Grow

The DePatie Melt “The Viking Princess And The Troll King”

“I've put out three vocal tracks as The DePatie Melt, but the instrumentals are much more representative of my music. The first instrumental release The Place Of The Two Ponds, is an uptempo hard rock rock song while The Viking Princess And The Troll King is a bit more of a traditional type of ballad. What they have in common and what I strive for are strong melodies and hopefully tasteful guitar playing. I want to leave people with a feeling in their heart and a catchy tune in their head.”

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