Agenda Ambiente – “Gone Fishing”

"This particular track is a vacation track, as it were. I went on holiday during its release period. Not that I went fishing, but close enough. It was interesting to push yourself to meet the deadline (lift off from the airport) and handle all admin of the track whilst hanging with friends. "Sorry guys, give me like 5 minutes, I need to go to the loo. Again." Any excuse was welcome to find a place of your own where posts on szocial media etc. could be dealt with. At the end, it didn't pan out totally as a holiday." Agenda Ambiente

Raynald Grenier – “Doux Instants”

"Doux Instants" revolves through different keys and tones to generate an atmospheric tension/release. In this way, Reynald Greiner presents a soothing track that easily reaches the depths of the listener's soul, making each different person feel a distinct emotion, realize the power of music, and fall in love one more time.

Lump200 – “Kryptomarch”

"Kryptomarch" is the first single release of their upcoming album "Isles of You", together with the social-audio web-app islesofyou. It is a futuristic mix between electronica and organic elements, which include a heavily processed bass clarinet and vibraphone. It is very difficult to identify which is which as it is all very carefully (and heavily) shaped.

Anita Eccleston- Gala Gardens

I became overwhelmed by world events, the War in Ukraine is devastating, and the pandemic has taken such a toll, I needed to find a way to feel in control of something. Using creation as my vehicle, I poured myself into this in March of 2022 as a sort of side project challenge. It became so much more to me. The name and titles were drawn from my connection to my garden and the natural world. My garden has been a safe haven for me, a place for serene reflection, which this album takes to heart. Golden Hour and Gala Gardens as a whole album is soothing like a balm.

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