Clara Hannigan “Sonder”

She just recently moved to New York and found something super beautiful and freeing about being anonymous here in such a crowded city. It’s about being able to find yourself, and the realization that everyone else is too busy living out their own story and you can just get lost in the crowd and be whoever you want to be.”

Ally Cribb- “Bigger”

I remember the day when I first got the idea for Bigger. I was about to turn sixteen. It was late May and I was sitting at the piano, like any other day, playing around with notes and chords when I spontaneously played the intro of Bigger for the first time.

Beatdenker “Too Tall To Dance”

“The main focus always was music from South India, their unbelievable knowledge and abilities about complex rhythms and improvisational skills, then the crazy super complex rhythms in the New Complexity stream within the so called New Music, a quite intellectual dealing with rhythm, stuff you can hardly imagine and in the end the improvisational aspects of so called Jazz music and its open attitude how to handle determined material.”

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