‘Slide’ is about the search for meaning, our origins and our destinies. Topics that occupy us all every day.
But it goes one step further and describes the feeling of losing sight of the essential in this process.
Suddenly thoughts become a load and you carry a burden with you.


“Visions is a song of apocalyptic optimism, written as a reaction to the yearning for a better life caused by social isolation, anxieties and uncertainty about the future. Written by Jack during a personal identity crisis, realising that things in his life could be better than they were. As well as being a personal song, the message of Visions goes beyond the individual and echoes out to a wider picture of needing societal change.

Serpenta “Puppet Show”

As my relationships became more damaged, I started to think about how much I was contributing to them. I did not want to accept any sort of responsibility after all, I never caused the initial pain from my past. However, I couldn’t really hide from it and accountability was always looming over me in some ways.” Serpenta

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