Presley DuYck – “Happy 22!”

“I wrote this song during quarantine. I was surprised by the many emotions that hit me when I woke up and realized that it was my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. Because we had a bad break-up, we hadn’t talked in months. It felt weird to do a social media post (felt so shallow and insincere), but it also felt weird to send him a private message (felt secretive and perhaps unwelcome.) In the end, I didn’t contact him but wrote this song instead.” – Presley

BROOKLYN FORBES – “curiosity”

“This project straddles the line between some contradictory concepts: humor and pain, criticism and empathy, independence and loneliness. This project was born out of a liminal space, reflective of discoveries made while lacking a sense of belonging, grappling for explanations or direction.” – Brooklyn Forbes

Cindy-Louise “Femme Fatale”

In the case of FEMME FATALE I wanted to write a song that spoke about the injustices many woman face. This is a song to uplift woman, to say, “don’t let society get you down, and keep going”. Overcome and be empowered, be a powerful woman, be a boss, like I know you are. Cindy-Louise

Avaraj “World so Cold”

“I started writing to help process my emotions, and eventually turned many of those writings into songs. Before I started writing music, I listened to music to find songs I could relate to, so music has always been a big part of my life. I want my music to help people process what they’re going through and grow from it in a healthy way.” Avaraj

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