ettie “Until I Met U”

"As a queer artist it is important to me to sing my narratives of love and put them out there. When I was growing up I didn’t have the type of love I wanted playing on the radio, and I struggled to find artists I could look up to for it. I want to help other queer people feel seen and know that not only is it normal, but that our love should be celebrated." ettie

Roisin O’Hagan “Road From Nevada”

Dreamy guitar sounds and smooth percussion invite into a soulful celebration of life, love for exploration and experiences, and love for the person she has grown to become. Her beautiful vocals soar high like an eagle, and the lyrics are tipped full of little references, tipping hat to the artists whose music had inspired her music the most, as well as giving a nod to phrase "sometimes dreams do come true".

Arlando Mba “Sweet Child Of Mine”

This is a very emotional ballad that will, no-doubt, touch the souls of all those of us who have lost their beloved. Most likely it will also offer solace to those for whom it's their deepest fear. And as words often get in the way of explaining the feelings, it's always better to seek solace from something as heavily relatable as this single and let the feelings flow.


"Purple Dress is about a mysterious dark woman, a kind of chameleon. She doesn't care what people say or think. She waits for the right moment to set herself free and to become who she really is, whatever it costs. The rhythm of this track reminds one of a tango in order to underline the fierce sensuality and the strength of the character. Also, purple is one of my favorite color so that's why it came first to my mind when I wrote this song." - Tatiana / Divine Decadence

The River “Tick Tock”

"This song is about pushing through the doubts created by my own mind as well as the doubts other people have expressed to me. It's a reminder that my reality is that of my own creation. The idea of time is something I think about a lot and I always feel like I am running out. I feel guilty about the time I've lost to distractions and bumps in the road. But really the only thing I think we as humans have is time. It's not scarce, it's the only thing we all collectively have the most of." The River

Shyli Madhala “Rainbows & Sunshine”

"My upcoming single 'Rainbows & Sunshine' is about our life online. How unreal and confusing it can be, how lonely it can make us. It’s a reminder to myself and whoever wants to remember with me, that our hearts want to be loved for the messed up human beings that we are, that we need a real connection between us to be healthy, not just a WIFI connection.".

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