Linda “Ballad of Abigail”

This greatly emotional ballad will be part of “Trip to Myself”, Linda’s upcoming album. Every new single I’ve heard from that album has given an own story complete with passion and sheer energy. Having previously written about the super dancy “City Lights”, and now embraced by the artist’s skill at writing powerful ballads, it is clear Linda is a strong artist you wouldn’t want to miss!

Ohlayindigo- “Silent Treatment”

Silent treatment means to punish someone with silence, and as I wrote it I understood I had been giving myself the silent treatment for years. I had to pause working on the song for a while just to deal with all the emotions. I hope those feelings and transformation come through for those who listen and maybe it inspires someone else to start their own healing journey. – Ohlayindigo

Shyli Madhala “Pink For My Money”

“For me, it’s a revolution in every way. I’ve been hiding my dream and hiding my voice for so long, letting trauma and illness run my life story, this song is the end of that and a beginning of an era of beautiful music and powerful messages that need to be heard. Pink for My Money is about my pain and confusion around growing up as women at this point in time.” Shyli Madhala

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