9 O’Clock Nasty – “Rise Up”

"The world is objectively a worse place. A scarier place. An increasingly threatening and uncomfortable place. Where are all the protest songs? Why are all the handsome and interesting looking rock stars not inciting the masses to resist? No, we don’t know either, but we have decided to do something about it. We are now officially a BOY BAND, and this is our love-pop-power-ballad of insurrection." - Nasty

Shyli Madhala – “Hysteria”

"As a woman with Endometriosis, I believe that my diseased genes go all the way back to the 19th century, when women were locked up and institutionalized for being women, and further back to the days when wise women were killed for being witches. I've learned to internalize this pain; this song is a reminder to set myself free." - Shyli Madhala

Sano Hill – “Feel Love”

"The lyrics are spare and direct - but hopefully clear. They are inspired by what is going on today - the upcoming season of goodwill and the journeys home that many people take to family and friends is also an inspiration - but also the many millions around the world who have been forced from their homes (particularly in Ukraine but also parts of Africa, Asia and beyond) and the need to remember them also." - Sano Hill

Shockpowder – “Flutter”

"Flutter is my latest attempt to capture a dream. Even just an ambience of a dream speaks so powerfully. I feel really inspired when I read about artists who captured their dreams in paintings (such as beksinski) and want Shockpowder to be the sonic version of that. This particular dream was an enormous, empty and silent valley that went for miles and miles, woods scattered throughout. The ground and the sky were dark, mostly all I could see were the shapes and the dark green and black. The only movement was butterflies roaming freely." - Joshua Scurfield

Leo Kelly-Gee’s Ode to Odes

Headphones is a love letter to the indescribable feeling that you get when you have your favorite music playing in your ears and you can't help but dance along and imagine you're the main character in your own music video. But, of course, you're never really alone when you've got your headphones on. Leo Kelly-Gee on the "meaning" of latest single

Ollie Twohill “Hollow”

"“Hollow” was inspired a relationship breakup, where my partner at the time decided to abruptly end it. I was completely shocked and blindsided even though it was an amicable parting of ways. Was feeling stunned and rocked at the time. Thinking back on those feelings and the situation, I decided to write a song about it and how I felt at the time. It was a hollow feeling." Ollie Twohill

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