The Electric MZ introduces breezy new jazz single “Dawn”

Hailing from Sweden, The Electric MZ is a band exploring rhythmic jazz-rock compositions. Formed back in 2013 and releasing music since 2015, the band consists of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand, guitarist David Lindh, bassist Mattias Greén, and Johannes Rytzler and Johan Carlsson playing keys and drums respectively.

Solar Soundz & DJ Flipcyide brilliant new album “Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them”

Solar Soundz and DJ Flipcyide created this album "Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them" over the course of two years. Filled with famous movie speeches, like the one in Network (Peter Finch) which you can listen to in "Mad!" this album is a call to decency, freedom of being, and authenticity.

Anita Eccleston- Gala Gardens

I became overwhelmed by world events, the War in Ukraine is devastating, and the pandemic has taken such a toll, I needed to find a way to feel in control of something. Using creation as my vehicle, I poured myself into this in March of 2022 as a sort of side project challenge. It became so much more to me. The name and titles were drawn from my connection to my garden and the natural world. My garden has been a safe haven for me, a place for serene reflection, which this album takes to heart. Golden Hour and Gala Gardens as a whole album is soothing like a balm.


"One day my friend Nathan (Dubxilla) told me he wanted to write a song about Buddy Holly and Lubbock, TX, where we live, with the title of "Buddy Hollywood.". I thought it was a good idea, then went home to write the chorus/hook part. I recorded it and created a simple beat and space for verses, then sent it to Dubxilla. He wrote the verses the next day, then we got together and started recording in my living room, bringing in our electric guitar friends Jacob Nalle and Cameron "Cornbread" Baker. I want this song to feel like taking a vacation from right where you are!!" Chris Hudgins

Danny K – “Handsome & Crisp”

"I’m presenting listeners with an avant-garde experience that is both spiritually fulfilling and musically captivating. Inspired by the jazzy era of 90s Hip-Hop as well as the more industrial, experimental trap sound of the 2010s onward, Danny K seeks to push the boundaries of music even further, bending genres and breaking barriers. Furthermore, on top of the unique production, Danny offers his lyrical ballads with words that truly capture the attention of the listener." Danny K

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