Danny K – “Handsome & Crisp”

"I’m presenting listeners with an avant-garde experience that is both spiritually fulfilling and musically captivating. Inspired by the jazzy era of 90s Hip-Hop as well as the more industrial, experimental trap sound of the 2010s onward, Danny K seeks to push the boundaries of music even further, bending genres and breaking barriers. Furthermore, on top of the unique production, Danny offers his lyrical ballads with words that truly capture the attention of the listener." Danny K

Becca Starr “Speak No Evil”

"Overall, Speak No Evil is an exploration through the peaks and troughs of what makes me tick, makes me think and makes me suffer. It's groovy for a reason, no matter how crazy the world gets, it's still beautiful. It's still groovy. And the same should be said for every human life. Accepting the beauty and growth to be gained through adversity and pain, sometimes makes you a happier, healthier and stronger individual and ultimately, of more use and resource to others who may be suffering. Or struggling." Becca Starr

Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash- Sand and Foam: Music Inspired by Kahlil Gibran

“Taking as inspiration from the master of timeless wisdom, Khalil Gibran’s illustrious works, especially in current times, I feel that his thoughts are so very relevant. It was something we collectively wanted to execute musically. Literally as Gibran says, ‘solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches; yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the living earth.’ I am so honored to have been a part of this process.” Ayaan Ali Bangash.

Kaysien – Portals

"Collectively I feel we are being pushed and pulled in directions mostly against our will and with no true conclusion to this modern saga in sight I wrote this song to relieve a sense of stagnation, to reaffirm the fact that life is change and that our internal worlds can be much different to the grim realities of the material. It is a counterpoint to depression." - Kaysien

Ellery Twining – “The Day Jeff Buckley Died”

Using no more and no less than an acoustic guitar, drums, bass and keys, Twining creates an hypnotizing ambience. His lyrics might not come through as obvious, which is what gives this song its sense of wonder. What Twining is actually speaking about we might never know, but it does leaves it open to our own interpretation.

Ellery Twining “Weatherall”

"Weatherall" takes the listener back to a party organized in an attic, people dragging in sound equipment and putting a whole lot of effort into setting the whole thing up. The music that was played were Weatherall's records, and the atmosphere was thick with excitement and joy. Perhaps part of the excitement came from the fact they were all trespassing on a property set to be demolished...

Alli Bean- Outside Voice

"Outside Voice is about personal growth & boundary setting. It's about learning where your responsibilities lie & sitting with the understanding that not all people are our friends, even when they smile brightly & offer us our perception of love. It's about confronting who we are in the face of the way others see us & shouting loud truths while letting sleeping dogs lie." Ali Bean


There are some unique qualities to his music, which by the way carries a very analog sound. It is filled with color, interesting drum grooves, as well as catchy melodies. His upcoming single "Marry You" is a fairly optimistic track that channels all of his Manchester roots. Although there might be some sense of nostalgia to it, the single captivates with its honesty and distinctive taste.

MonkeyRat – Isolation

“One day in Reykjavík, when I started my studies University of the Arts, at the height of the pandemic back in the fall of 2020, I went for a walk in the park. Isolated and saddened that I couldn't reach my husband in the Faroe Islands, I got inspired. I could no longer contain the unbearable loneliness that I felt as I was walking back to my student flat. Words started pouring out of my head. Briskly, my pace increased, I needed to write the words down before I would forget them all! I ran and finally entered my room, started jotting all the words down - I couldn't keep up with my thoughts and kept on writing. When I was finally finished, I started to piece together my words on paper until finally the puzzle of words came together and there was my poem - Isolation. Anna Iachino

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