V-Train “Sunset on the BLVD”

"Basically long story short, Sunset on the BLVD is meant to be a happy and calm song to balance out the majority of sad songs I've created. I want people who are listening to this song to imagine themselves on a beach or any quiet area watching the sun set as a way to relieve stress and anxiety they've felt. Kind of like meditation in a sense. Hope this is what you are looking for. Have a great day my friend." V-Train


"It was Saturday. I sat down and started making the beat. The main idea was to make a soulful hip-hop track. So, I have started with vocals, laid them down together to make that particular vibe. It already sounded interesting to me. Then, I made the beat around it. I added a strings line. Yeah, it was essential for me because I'm in love with strings." - Lucas Burn

Carlo Errin “honeymoon”

Headlining a project focused on growth and acceptance, honeymoon is the perfect first look into what "the butterfly boy" will sound and feel like: facing someone you've got shared history with who's fully moved on and even found love might bring forth any sort of negative reaction, yet Errin can only find happiness for the other person instead of prioritizing the bitterness and melancholy he's feeling at the moment.

Unfollow Me – “Disappear”

We have tons of processes when it comes to making our music and "Disappear" is the result of two friends who've been making music for over a decade. We know each other so well musically and we always push each other to have fun with our sound. We are also each other's biggest fans so it was easy to create "Disappear". Unfollow Me

PFLAMES – “High Anxiety”

"The song came together pretty quickly one night. I had a lot of pent up emotions, things on my chest that I couldn't seem to be able to express when talking to people and once I sat down to write it just flowed like a stream of consciousness. It’s one of those times I can’t even remember writing it or even having to think about it, it just flowed. " PFlames

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