Proklaim Comes Roaring back with “Runnin”

The track comes at you aggressively both in terms of the beat (which is fire) and vocally in terms of his style of flow. Lyrically he spits quips and puns with an air of larger-than-life confidence. In the second verse he flexes his skill, spitting rapid fire rhymes aimed at his perceived haters, to which he dubs "fakers.

Lewca – “Friday Night Rockstar”

"Friday Night Rockstar" is Lewca's new upcoming album made with long time collaborator S.O.A.P. both had a hard time thanks to Omicron, and they decided to spend their time creating a full-length album about time passing, personal doubts and demons, abuse and dreams that will never come true. Don't look so sad, the album is actually super fun!

Nadirah X “I Got You”

"I Got You started out as a poem as do most of my songs. Once I heard the track Ned Douglas sent the flow felt right and then the chorus came pretty easy. I stay very fluid when I approach a track and just allow whatever emotions to flow, flow naturally. Also, I've been working with Ned for many years and there is an amazing chemistry that takes place during the creation of our tracks." Nadirah X

For Goodness Sake, Jim Jagger

For Goodness' Sake is a kooky song about lots of nasty stuff that seems to get regularly ignored or that some people don't ever hear about because the information isn't widely publicized. I could have probably created about 100 more verses, because that's humanity for you! I don't wish to down-play a lot of great things about humanity though. Jim Jagger

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