Double Triangle doubles the excitement with the double release of singles “Brenda” and “Haberdashery”!

Dedicated to their Nan Brenda, unfortunately no longer around, Double Triangle releases the single on her birthday, December 1st. The slightly wobbly, enamoring main melody and the new follow-up part are also given an additional, ethereal shimmer by singer and composer Madil Hardis, whose beautiful vocal melody pulls all the strings of the heart.

Luke Tangerine & Carlos Ucedda’s whimsical collaboration “I Adore You”

We recently covered both of their newest solo singles, "Midlife Crisis.Again" by Luke Tangerine and "Animal Sauna" by Carlos Ucedda, so it's an absolute pleasure to be talking about their latest collaboration. "I Adore You" is a truly outstanding amalgamation of the stronger parts of each of the artists combined into one incredible single.

Carpe Diem releases introspective, dreamy beautiful single “A Fork in a Road”

The path of Life, unlike usual daily paths like the road to work or the store, has no clear destination despite what people like to think. The journey, however, is sprinkled with choices to make and bumps to overcome. Carpe Diem embarks on the journey with hazy, laid-back, and atmospheric slow indie rock sound.

Frank Joshua presents a brand new & magical remix for “If I” created by Side Liner

Side Liner aka Nick Miamis is a producer and remix artist, who recently held a competition for songwriters offering their songs to be remixed. Frank Joshua was among the submissions with "If I", a song from his 2021 album "Sense Life", and that turned out to be a winner

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