Martina Magionami “The Virgin’s Fountain”

Piano, slow tentative percussion and round bloops fill the damp chilly atmosphere with blue hues, and emotions soar high. Unreachable memories, the omnipresent pain and emotions that remain filling up the head, "The Virgin's Fountain" is what it feels like to lose something really good and coping with the pain of grief.

Maria Lane “Haunting Me”

I was recalling a memory I had when I was recently out of a really bad break up and I was in the stage where I was ready to start a relationship with someone else and it was then that my ex started reaching out again and saying he wanted to try again, which made it hard to focus on this new love, So when I was writing the song I had this idea that it really does feel like I was being haunted by this person in that situation. It felt similarly like in a horror movie when you see someone get possessed and then that demon or spirit is controlling them and they are drawn to them, so that’s the idea." Maria Lane

go4broke – “Don’t Speak”

I wrote "don't speak" during a time when I was really struggling with my anxiety. I would run myself in circles about things that weren't all that big of a deal and it just took me out of it. I felt like my anxieties were keeping me from speaking or really conveying my feelings to people around me. So I decided to write a song about it. The entire chorus was freestyled and the rest I did write before recording but the song came really quickly.

Language Games- Vignettes for a Sad Life

These songs represent moments in my life. The key word being “MY” life. So, use these as a sort of choose your adventure or starting point for things that occur for your stories. I will outline the different themes and characters and anything else I felt while making these songs. But like I said these should be used only as an outline. Try to make your own story. In the end just feel and don’t think then your story and life comes. As a great Buddhist said here is my circle now draw your circle, now follow your own circle. -Language Games

Blue Work – “The End Of The Ride”

"The End Of The Ride" is their newest single and it holds within a hypnotizing selection of warm synth melodies, minimal rhythmical textures, and soft ethereal vocals. The mixture between chaotic and harmonious elements follows the duo's finely established line of blending light with dark sensibilities. This exposes a mature sound, embellished with fine artistry.

Holly Hebe, Ivoris & Zhuli “Supervillain”

Filled to the brim with absolute smoothness, "Supervillain" is full of joy. Giggles in the background, glowingly easy-going nature in both the lyrics and the instrumental side and shaped like a perfect indie-pop song, "Supervillain" is perfect for that little needed ego boost for listeners surrounded by such self-centered people, as well as a great tune to chillax to!

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