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I Am The Unicorn Head’s Triumphant New album “Unicorns in Space”

At long last, the highly anticipated full-length album of the acclaimed international duo I Am The Unicorn Head has arrived. “Unicorns In Space” is the fruit of all the Unicorns’ labor, an 18-track album filled with sci-fi stories, dangerous encounters, and tales of overcoming.

Gary Dranow’s “Cry Of War”: A Fiery Hard Rock Anthem with A Message

Gary Dranow, hailing from Park City, Utah, has unleashed a pulsating hard rock anthem with his brand-new track, “Cry Of War.” This single is from his upcoming double album, “Never Give Up,” and it’s an absolute banger. Out Now!!! STREAM “CRY OF WAR” ON SPOTIFY NOW! Dranow who draws inspiration from legends like Stevie Ray…

51 Miles Away powerful release “Redeem Me (finally)”

51 Miles Away is a duo from Augsburg, Germany, created by Sven Frei (songwriting and vocals) and Andy Schaper (drums, guitars, production). United by their passion for music, the duo joined forces to create music with a message that resonates with the listener.

Nasmore – “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

That’s right my friends, a rendition of Rod Stewart’s massive single will soon hit the shelves. A wonderful production by Canadian artist Nasmore, and a top-tier performance by artists Johnny and Neil Taylor.

Lonnieclaire – “Turn To Rust”

“Turn To Rust”, Lonnieclaire’s brand new single, continues the band’s legacy of DIY approach. Described also as Garage Americana, the song’s sound is an interesting mixture of Classic Rock, Grunge, and Roots Rock, filtered through the dusty charm of the Lo-Fi genre.

The Trusted New single “Marrow”

It is with great pleasure that we receive The Trusted’s new single, for we are sure that you will all love it. Beautiful chords, exciting drums, deep round bass, and sensible vocals await you, all in The Trusted’s unique style and grace.

A-Zal’s “Movie Script” is a perfect pop song

Hailing from the epicenter of New York, American singer and songwriter A-Zal hit the ground running with an extremely successful string of great pop singles. The latest of which, “Movie Script”, just recently came out and it’s charting on the USA Mediabase TOP40 Activator Charts – a very impressive feat for an independent artist that’s…

MOVMENT New Single “I Believe In Noise”

Straight from the beautiful city of Mullingar, Ireland, MOVMENT came together to celebrate the impact of sound, music, and noise on our body’s existence. They are amazed by the way these things affect our moods and even our very direction in life.

“On The Edge” by Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen has been releasing music for the last 3 years. Recorded in his basement and mixed and mastered by Uptown Productions, Cohen has expressed that he felt like he was stepping out of his shell a bit on this single regarding singing some vocals. He modestly purports that he wouldn’t consider himself a vocalist.…

Bloomfield Machine drops new full-length release “Left to Our Own Devices”

Bloomfield Machine’s “Left to Your Own Devices” is a beautiful journey that hopefully helps the listeners to make sense of the quickly changing world and find the courage and optimism to evolve along with it. It’s also a pretty awesome headphone album – there’s plenty of goodness taking place within the songs!

Jennifer Tefft’s new banger “Love and War”

“I wrote this song after a rough summer in my long distance relationship. My significant other and i live an hour away from each , have separate households, kids etc.  He is a terrible communicator and would constantly leave me hanging, waiting on him and making big decisions that affected both of our lives without…

A/V CLvB explosive single “Cellar Door”

All the way from Plymouth, USA, A/V CLvB is a unique and promising rising band with a knack for heavy riffs, dark undertones, and raw expression. Young talents come together to create a fresh sound inspired by the 00’s.

Genevieve Sovereign’s sunny lullaby “Midday Blue”

“Midday Blue” by Genevieve Sovereign bringing something new to the genre, as it does not feature the traditional distorted guitars you’d expect in a dream pop song. Instead, she focuses on ambient music, moods, and feelings that are brought to life by soft keys and clear synths.

The Heidi Incident’s incredible follow-up “If Not Now When”

If “Under the Lights” was the debut that showed us everything that The Heidi Incident can do all at once, “If Not Now, When” is the time when they hit the breaks and focus their sounds and influences into fewer elements, as a way of proving that the band can really adapt into whatever the…

MAL, BreakTime, DONEFOR, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 34, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give them a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is for MAL and their 19 tracks…

Shockpowder profound new single “Horizon”

Shockpowder continues his path of delivering profound music. His compositions try to portray the depth of the human psyche with all its emotions, good and bad. Especially the dark ones.

FAERYS outstanding debut “Nova Scotia”

FAERYS is a newly formed band from Antarctica, created by a select group of anonymous artists who aren’t planning on revealing their names to the public just now. A lot of mystery surrounds this newborn band, and all that we know about them is this single.

The Pulltops amazing new single “Wide Awake”

The Pulltops was created by eclectic record collectors Mark Pierret (Drums) and Tom Crowell (Guitar). “Wide Awake” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for those who are ready to take charge of their lives and overcome obstacles.”

Mat Hook’s cathartic comeback single “Runaway Road”

“Runaway Road” is an excellent comeback song, that takes its time to celebrate the pain and everything that came before it – because without it all, we wouldn’t have reached this far. Welcome back, Mat Hook. You can stay for as long as you like.

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