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FOLSOM one hell of a ride “Old Pop’s Truck”

“Pop, the friend we dedicated this song to, is a gifted tattoo master and photographer supporting the band since the beginning. He is really a big friend of ours. We did even attend his marriage with his beautiful wife Magda at the Hellfest (a big Metal festival here in France). He is a member of…

The Margaret Hooligans – “The Lost Stilt Walkers”

Meg and Mr. Strontium (The Margaret Hooligans) took a trip to New Orleans which apparently went sideways. The use of hallucinogenic substances is not confirmed. The events on the such day led to them feeling the need to convey the experience into a song. A stabbing performance. A wild and almost violent approach towards one…

9 o’clock Nasty new satirical single “Disco Investors”

“Glam rock, toxic masculinity, and an unlimited supply of sugar snacks. What could possibly go wrong? DISCO INVESTORS hits hard and makes a lurching glitter-strewn getaway with mismatched high-heeled boots and over-tight pants.” 9 o’clock Nasty

Taylor Jules’s gorgeous new single “19”

There’s an intrinsic vulnerability and honestness to Taylor Jules’s songwriting style and the most remarkable part of it is that it translates into hopefulness that you can hear and feel alongside her in “19”.

Electric High’s new banger “Seven Wonders”

“Seven Wonders” by Electric High is a track that explodes right from the start and delivers nothing but powerful licks, ground-shaking drums, and the fierce performance of both their sinners, I mean singers!

Blu Joy’s vintage new album

Blu Joy was created by high school friends Kris Wilson and Niqo Robertson after meeting in their school band. Niqo discovered Kris’s passion for songwriting and soon after, the two were writing and jamming together. They are inspired by classics from the pop and rock of the mid-20th century, while also adding some 90’s influence…

SEGANA’s new single “Fever Dreams”

“The lyrics introduce the idea of being unable to escape from a chaotic and dangerous situation, possibly because of the presence of “monsters” or dangerous individuals.” SEGANA “Fever Dreams”

Bromsen solid friendship in “We!”

So far, Bromsen has only released three singles besides We!, including “Merryman” and “The Photograph”, but they have already amassed a good amount of plays and have been well-received by independent radio stations as well as blogs and the press.

Wotts uplifting new track “Wheel”

“Wheel” by Wotts is a track about surrendering to life and to a certain extent, in other words, accepting mortality. It is an amazingly well-produced track and every single element fits perfectly into the song, keeping the ears fresh and appreciative.

The Qwarks’ insanely good new single “Brunch at the End of the World”

“The song takes off from where their last album finished; the catastrophe has happened, but when it seems there is no hope is there not something defiant, something so courageous, about the determination to brunch? Against all odds, a hardened group of survivors clink glasses, take pictures, and discuss the latest gossip around the brunch…

Trisha and Thara’s new single “Out of the Dark”

This emotional journey of a single is the latest coming from the powerful pop duo Trisha and Thara. The sisters have been making music since grade school, as well as performing at a variety of festivals and shows. Having achieved this much whilst still being in their teens, it’s clear that Trisha & Thara are…

Roxercat’s mind-blowing new video “2020”

“2020” by Roxercat is Price Jone’s personal diary of such a year. What started off great and with high hopes… well, we know the story! What’s amazing about the track is that we are able to both see and hear every “month”! That’s right, from the high-hopes of January to the slow downfall of March,…

Magnificent Axe and The Ivory “Pinball Machine”

Axe and The Ivory “The track is about those relationships that fall in between some of the more enduring ones when you find someone in the same pinball machine as you. Even if you’re not who each other is looking for, it makes you both feel ok again.”

Kimaya Diggs after dark there’s light “Quincy”

“Quincy was written and recorded during a really hard time in my life. But instead of writing sad songs (already did that on my first album!) I decided to chase the joy that I was missing in my life. I wanted songs that reflected my heartbreak but could also make you dance. I kept being…

Aggressive Soccer Moms “QUINT”

Aggressive Soccer Moms recorded a cover. A version of Yoko Ono’s “Why” “Her way of approaching music has many similarities to ASM’s way of experimenting with their music. The monotony of her song “Why” is interspersed with rock’n’roll vibes as in “Sisters, O Sisters”. If any genre boundary is identified, it must be broken.

Keelah Tay’s captivating new single “Time Zones”

While the first instinct upon seeing a fading friendship is to try and keep it going, Keelah Tay addresses the burnout of feelings that brings, and eloquently points out that it’s best to let it run its course – “let go & rest from our time zone changes”.

Wild Fire – “Just Friends”

Wild Fire have written about complicated situationships before, like in their blazing “Don’t Mess With Exes”, and once again in “Just Friends” there is an undeniable fire to their music.

Chris Caulfield’s new powerful single “Porchlight”

Written about a rough period in his own marriage of twelve years, Chris Caulfield’s lyrics talk about waiting for someone you hope it’s coming but don’t know for sure – he knows he’s done them wrong and asks for forgiveness and a new chance.

Luke Frees breaks free in “Strings”

A cool thing about “strings” is that it features Luke Frees’ brother, Garrett Frees, on tenor saxophone. Both of them play amazing solos (guitar and sax) at the epic climax of the track, simultaneously, which is by the way, the first time Luke has ever taken a guitar solo himself on one of his solo…

The Wren leaves behind the heartbreaking relationship in “December”

What is really lovely about “December” by The Wren, is the absence of choking levels of sadness or aggressiveness – it’s a story of a person who just found that the relationship they’re in is no good for them, unravels the thoughts of disappointment in poignant lyrics, accepts the losses and finds the courage to…

Unknown But Essentials! (Feb 2023)

Here you have this TOP 10 for this playlists Unknown But Essentials! February. This time reach a new record (new record 364 total tracks WOW!).

Phoebe Coco’s breathtaking “Clear Eyes”

“Clear Eyes” by Phoebe Coco is a breathtaking piece of music. Centered around a piano melody and with ever-changing layered vocal harmonies that just keep on coming, the final result is truly extraordinary.

Detention emotional & explosive “Peachy Keen”

“This song is about being in a bad place mentally, even when everything in your life is normal or going well. You start to try and justify how you’re feeling by looking for things that are going wrong, even when they aren’t. The whole song is about how it’s okay to be “not okay”, even…

Kejcz bouncy and wild “Set Me Free”

Kejcz creates bouncy and wild dance music that could move crowds. The Polish producer composes bold and powerful dancehall commanders coming with highly elevated moods.

Raleÿell is longing for a better tomorrow in “Lullaby”

Written inspired by the events that started taking place in early 2022, “Lullaby” by Raleÿell treads between the delicate balance between hopelessness that the ongoing war will ever end, and hope that the bad dream will end and the morning comes with a better future ahead.

Frank Joshua’s in love in “Bluebell Wood”

Like the loving people in his new single, Frank Joshua is keen on exploring intangible and emotional sides of life, be it the shaking foundation of a crumbling relationship held together by sheer stubbornness, and absolute loneliness experienced in the early morning silence, among others.

Jade Moss shining so bright “Don’t Come Running”

“Don’t Come Running” by Jade Moss shows us Jade experimenting a little bit outside her usual soulful-inspired sound, adding new things and shining ever so bright. The track features her trademark fiery and passionate vocals that seem to dance around the synths and horns as she sings about a love lost.

Pressure new story metal track “All The Things”

“All The Things” by Pressure begins with a very catchy vocal refrain and a sweet heavy intro section. The bridge section with its gritty vocals by Belarusian lead vocalist Olli Violet and backing by Olof Jönsson really pushes the buttons on the heaviness of the track followed by a fine guitar solo taking us to…

Lump200 exciting dance in “I am the Elephant in The Room”

Now, René AKA Lump200, and his group of talented musicians are ready to return this February 24th with their second single off of their upcoming 5th album, “Isles of You”. The track is a trippy expression of wind instruments (including tuba and bass clarinet), bright synths, and even a vibraphone.

I Am The Unicorn Head – “I Fell In Love With A Space Slug”

Yes, my dears, our favorite band I Am The Unicorn Head is back and after the release of Cosmologic Adventuring, they now return with their second single off their upcoming new album, “Unicorns in Space”! A concept album that follows the adventures of these two intrepid unicorn astronauts as they explore the galaxy.

Ollie Twohill captivating new track “Washed Away”

Overall, “Washed Away” is a powerful and moving song that showcases Ollie Twohill’s musical talents and storytelling abilities. It is a testament to the human spirit and the power of music to heal and bring people together in times of hardship.

Higgs Field’s new dope release “Us Forever”

“Us Forever” by Higgs Field is a single based on a true story. A cannibal serial killer who hunted for his “romantic” victims in order to “join” with them in the most explicit sense of the word.

Julience Finds Light Out of Darkness

In “Light out of Darkness” by Julience the lyrical context is optimistic at the root. However, the vibe and subtle lyricism carries a little bit of a somber air about it. Indeed, how would one find light out of the darkness without existing in darkness, to begin with?

Marta Per outstanding debut EP “Fragments & Fingerprints”

“This EP is a collection of pieces of my identity, both musical and otherwise. It is, not coincidentally, about having to redefine myself in a different environment and phase of life and the struggles that brings along. It’s uncomfortably transparent at times but also filled with riddles and metaphors that will make you want to…

MAL’s brilliant “Come To Light”

Come To Light by MAL is about breaking any mold set upon a person, whether self-captured or by outside forces, and breaking through, braving through, and seeing the light of one’s own beautiful individual nature.

Split Persona shines in new single “Do It Again”

With a well-polished sound and a spot-on mix, “Do It Again” by Split Persona exceeds with a sonic soundscape genuinely pleasing to the ear. Without a doubt a Rock & Roll anthem, one that sure will ignite the spirits of any Rock-loving crowd.

Occurrence new single “Universe Moves So Fast”

The nature of the upcoming occurrence album is not only experimental but according to the band a step further into introspection in which they’ve expressed being extremely proud of the record, but also “a little bit scared of it.” In the creative process, they went down a rabbit hole of exploration into dark subject matter,…

Alec Berlin upbeat new single “Beat Confabulator”

The eclectic Alec Berlin has just released a new single titled “Beat Confabulator” on 02-16-2023. It marks the tenth song in a cataloging that began with ROYBBIV back in May of 2022 in which Berlin remarkably underwent a streak of dreaming the songs and writing them from the subconscious for a month. The compilation of…

The Marsh Family warm release “My Storybook”

“My Storybook” by The Marsh Family was written for the golden wedding anniversary of their grandparents, born out of conversations about growing older, what’s important in life, and what to look back on.

mUmbo – delightful “Sky Is Blue”

mUmbo: Sky is Blue is a song about the human condition and the wider world, -a desire to escape what holds us back and to reach for a blue sky with brand new starts and perspectives.

JUNK – “They Call Me Old Man”

JUNK in their own words: “Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t always believe what you see. But what is Old anyway? What age is that? Made with the same Genre-bending Jazz Funk style that only JUNK can bring, we now present you…….They Call me Old Man.”

Ali George’s beautiful EP “Platys Yialos”

This poetically told story by Ali George enveloped in a tender acoustic atmosphere depicting brokenness, terror, and despair taking place one awful night acts as a warning of what alcohol abuse can lead to.

New Music – Chad Lewine

New Music. “Every song I compose, the lyric I write, and note I sing is with the intention of healing both the individual and the collective mainstream; to bring awareness of how music affects us on a subconscious level”, Chad himself says about his music and his art.

New Music – Dogboy

“It’s hard being casual when you share experiences that become core memories. It catches you off guard and you can find yourself feeling like you’re on a different planet or reality.” Conor Clark / Dogboy (New Music)

I Panic – “Marry You”

I Panic “Marry You” It’s about finding love and finding something new to love about this person every day like they attain all the chaos of life to make sense of small things that they do. It’s about more than the feeling of simply being in love.

Davide Anniballi calmness & optimism on “A Great Day”

In A Great Day by Davide Anniballi, the sensation we are left with is of gently taking flight, observing our surroundings before returning once again to the ground. The melodic phrase changes keys throughout the piece, which suggests that we have arrived at a new, unexplored destination from where we were.

Robin Plays Chords, Moon and Aries, Madzen, and more…

Hi, everyone, I hope you’re doing well and having a great weekend, and you’re right, this is your 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 06, in case you haven’t checked the website the “Album Of The Week” belongs to “Robin Plays Chords” with “Unmasking” a 5 track album that you should not miss. remember…

Hannah Flora a fierce new single “Hate Sex”

Coming as the newest single from the Nashville-based artist Hannah Flora, “Hate Sex” is a fierce tantrum going hard at the toxic, irreparable romantic relationship that had peeled her up and left behind sore and aching bruises.

Third Girl from the Left “Silent Sea”

The spell-casting trip-hop-esque atmosphere makes even the danger of drowning just a side-effect of the whole transcending experience, and like a moth to the light, you’re attracted to re-experience this feeling, and in the case of “Silent Sea”, use the Replay button.

Tired All The Time – “One Big File”

“The song is about the darker consequences of a world that funnels isolated people into terrible acts which serve the purpose of isolating us further.” Tired All The Time

Sadie Nix – “Oblivious”

What sticks when we listen to “Oblivious” is how raw and genuine her vocals sound; you can feel her heartbreak in every note and it’s the level of emotion that we would expect from someone years into their career.

The Margaret Hooligans’ bittersweet love song “Hey Love”

It is a bittersweet love song, exploring the death of a relationship, using the metaphor of an astronaut launching himself into space and leaving his loved ones behind as a way of talking about the distance growing between him and his lover. The Margaret Hooligans “He Love”

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