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Gentry Blue – “Collide”

Gentry Blue is a band from Nashville, TN, USA formed in 2018 by electric violinist and vocalist, Lydia Gentry-DeBonis, guitarist Brendan Gentry-DeBonis, and bassist Sean Jannay. With an eclectic range of influences to build their sound, from Rush and Jefferson Airplane to Fleetwood Mac, their evolving sound can be described as violin gothic rock with…

Orwello reveals sultry new single “Golden Gate”

“Golden Gate” is a love story at its basis dedicated to the one Orwello loves the most. It’s not quite the usual kind of it though – this single is built from the myriad of feelings love ignites within, and it shows in the absolutely lush blend of sound.

When.In.Maine brand new single “C Song (Late Night In Maine)”

After a successful string of releases, the Polish duo is now back with even more music. “C Song (Late Night in Maine) stands out more than its predecessors simply for the reason that it comes with some beautiful guest vocals by Danish singer Annerup.

Trypan’s give chase on new track “Cosmic Pursuit”.

Trypan had already given us the experimental side with heavy metal riffs and pounding electronics; and even though all of that is still present here, there is a certain pop sensibility to “Cosmic Pursuit” that feels fresh and interesting.

Baaj & Baaj releases an EP “You And I (Radio Edit)” full of dancy tunes and deep lyrics

Hailing from France, Baaj & Baaj makes electronic music with soulful intent in his Cognac-based personal studio. The producer driven by his strong desire to connect and heal people, loves writing music that’s captivating and joy-inspiring, but also discusses serious topics from societal issues to human interactions. His new EP “You and I” is exactly…

Ivan Beecroft Rides the “Carousel” into a New Year

Melbourne, Australia rocker Ivan Beecroft will be emerging from the unique space he has been carving out for himself within independent music industry via a new single that is to be released to streaming services in January of 2024. The song is titled, “Carousel,” and it is actually available to check out early on Bandcamp…

Double Triangle doubles the excitement with the double release of singles “Brenda” and “Haberdashery”!

Dedicated to their Nan Brenda, unfortunately no longer around, Double Triangle releases the single on her birthday, December 1st. The slightly wobbly, enamoring main melody and the new follow-up part are also given an additional, ethereal shimmer by singer and composer Madil Hardis, whose beautiful vocal melody pulls all the strings of the heart.

Tom Minor’s clever new single “Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?”

Tom Minor keeps preparing himself, single after single, for the release of his upcoming full-length debut album, Eleven Easy Pieces on Anger & Disappointment, and “Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years” promises a high dose of Bluesy riffs, semi-poignant melodies and a boisterous deadpan vocal swagger.

Packetloss – “Modern Day Meltdown”

After releasing their previous EP, Disconnected, Packetloss continues their creative efforts in this new and exciting song four-stack. Written and recorded remotely in its entirety, the EP captures Jamie Tees (Vocalist & Lead Guitarist), Geetar Jack – (Rhythm Guitar & Bass), and Steve Buckley (Drums / Mixing & Master) as they go back and forth…

The Margaret Hooligans “Alley Cat Stomp”

The Margaret Hooligans always shines through their poignant lyricism and satisfying riffs, but this time they really stepped up in this single. “Alley Cat Stomp” presents both a tribute to Stevie Van Zandt, one of rock n’ roll’s great guitarists and garage rock radio DJs…

When.In.Maine – “Proved Me Wrong”

When.In.Maine continues their string of releases and this time it returns with “Proved Me Wrong” a more emotive track than its predecessors. The Polish band has mixed piano sensibilities with overall Hard Rock in this new single.

Luke Tangerine – “Abandoned Cyberworld”

Luke Tangerine keeps delighting his audience with freshly cooked singles. After releasing I Adore You and Midlife Crisis.Again, the German producer is now presenting an uplifting track filled with spatial synths and cosmic melodies.

Arrows Of The Sun’s beautiful new single “The Labyrinth”

Arrows of The Sun have just delighted us with their brand new single. After releasing Sick in the Heart, the British songwriters now return with a song that feels welcoming, like a father who receives us with open arms after a long time away, having gone through a lot of perils and overcome a number…

Martin Graff presents his new delicate piano piece “Window Rain”

Arlington-VA-based pianist-composer Martin Graff has an everlasting connection with his instrument, the piano. “Window Rain” is the latest to come from this link of creative passion, and it stands as a strong testament to how Graff’s skills are amplified tenfold by sheer passion and love.

When.In.Maine – “Stained”

Two former members of the now disbanded Rock band, Snakedoctors, got together and When.In.Maine was born. After debuting with Stole My Memories, Polish musicians, Wojciech and Jerry, are back on the saddle and ready for another single release “Stained”.

Vogue Villains – “Pretty Gorgeous”

Vogue Villains have achieved genuine connections with their fans over the years, and today the Vancouver-based band took a risk and presented themselves in their most vulnerable version ever. “Pretty Gorgeous”…

Everpresent – “Seduce Me”

Everpresent was created by Matthew Cahoon, who after a four-year hiatus is now back in the saddle and ready for more music. The project is a mix of Goth Rock and Dark-Wave, adding some Industrial and Pop influences.

Ben Drysdale encouraging new “If I Don’t Lie Down”

Australian singer/songwriter, Ben Drysdale, brings a delightful foot stomper in “If I Don’t Lie Down”. A beautiful, folk-oriented composition made with acoustic melodies and big stereo vocals, made to encourage the listeners to pursue their goals with vigor and passion. PRE-SAVE NOW! Due Out Dec 15! ORDER “IF I DON’T LIE DOWN” ON BANDCAMP NOW!…

9 O’Clock Nasty – “Unkle Natur”

Nature sure seems to want us all dead these days. But is this really a surprise? I don’t think so. What’s really a surprise is the fact that 9 o’clock Nasty has returned, and with a brilliant genre mash-up that promises an exciting new addition to the Nasty resumé.

Behold the Mighty “Wingspan” of Hana Piranha

It instantly became one of my favorite releases of the year. An album 3 years in the making, “Wingspan” by Hana Piranha is the follow-up album to 2020’s fantastic “Wednesday’s Child,” a testament to the notion that good things come for those who wait.

Balloon Shed – “Hate Song”

Rowan Davies, AKA Balloon Shed, is a Bristol (UK) singer/songwriter who for 20 years abandoned music making. Dusting off his old guitar in 2022, the musician soon found again enjoyment in the songwriting and recording process, releasing his first single “Prick”, on streaming services, later followed by the single “Frank Says”. Now, Balloon Shed is…

Luke Tangerine & Carlos Ucedda’s whimsical collaboration “I Adore You”

We recently covered both of their newest solo singles, “Midlife Crisis.Again” by Luke Tangerine and “Animal Sauna” by Carlos Ucedda, so it’s an absolute pleasure to be talking about their latest collaboration. “I Adore You” is a truly outstanding amalgamation of the stronger parts of each of the artists combined into one incredible single.

The Pulltops release an uplifting love song “Make Me Smile”

Milwaukee-based band The Pulltops consists of two friends, guitarist Tom Crowell and drummer Mark Pierret, who found each other through their common love for collecting vinyl. The two avid record collectors love the empowering energy rock, pop, and catchy hooks provide and integrate all that in their own songwriting while also bringing in the more…

Outerloop – “Huracán”

Outerloop was created in 2019 by powerhouse vocalist, Taisha Estrada and guitarist Don Potter. Known for their high-energy live shows, the band has already released an EP and an LP, with their song “Just Behave” winning the 2023 Wammie (Washington D.C. area music award) for ‘best hard rock/punk song’.

Mums Favourite – “Loveboat”

Mums Favourite is an Indie-Rock band from Adelaide, Australia, who add a pretty dose of vintage blues to their songs. Led by Sash, the lead singer, the quintet of young musicians craft easy melodies that feel warm to the ear, presented with a unique and nostalgic vibe.

Gary Dranow – “Shimmering”

Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions surprise us with their fourth single up to date. Taken from their upcoming album “Never Give Up”, this track stands out for its vulnerability and emotive lyrics.

H. Kink, NRY, Sacha Mullin, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 44, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give them a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is for H. Kink and their album…

Juracán – “Ya Te Olvidé”

Juracán is a Dominican music producer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. With soft and intimate vocals, he has delivered a chill single crafted with the utmost elegance and finesse.

The Trusted new single “Burning The Night”

The Trusted always manages to delight us with every song they release. The young musicians bring a sound quality to the table that very few bands share, adding that to their top-notch Pop-like compositions these guys really stand out in their genre.

Pent Up! Explosive “Pepper”

Pent Up! songs often center around visceral feelings. Loss, love, regret, uncertainty, and acceptance all show up as driving themes in their lyrics and their music. This time, the American band makes an electrifying comeback that will shake your very foundations and take you on a reckless drive!

MadZen – “De La Mar”

“De La Mar”, by Madzen will be released by the Mexican label, Ixitia Records, in an EP format that includes two remixes of two great Mexican producers, White Flamingo, and Púrpura.

Chandra – Smile (No Fox Gibbon)

Chandra aims to lighten up our moods with this single. A song written from personal experience, where the weight of life sometimes feels heavier than it should be.

Jane N’ The Jungle – “Cut Me Open”

Jane N’ The Jungle continues to manifest extremely powerful tracks with outstanding vocals and thick guitar riffs. Metal and Rock blend together in a perfect mix of hooky melodies and thumping rhythms.

John Byrne – “The Bold And The Blasphemous”

John Byrne is a musician from the United Kingdom who has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old. Influenced by the sound of artists like Frank Zappa, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and even Animals As Leaders, his playing style is oriented towards virtuosity and evocative arrangements.

Wild Fire’s emotional country pop ballad “Bubble”

Ever since forming officially in 2016, the sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig AKA Wild Fire have been exploring their pop rock to their maximum capacity, expanding upon their sound and arrangements in a very dynamic and organic way. “Bubble”, their latest, sounds like a new chapter on said journey.

Spooktacular new tracks from JuiceThaBlackBeethoven

JuiceThaBlackBeethoven has always had a knack for crafting melodies. One of his most notable highlights was being a songwriter/composer for the Gloria Gaynor song “Strive.” His primary goals these days are to achieve accolades in composing music for film and television. His latest, “Dancin’ with Dracula” is a tune that fits the bill for those…

RUIZ! – “Stupid Old Git”

RUIZ! has been releasing singles since 2020 when the pandemic hit, and this new single is his 10th release up to date! Together with the British label Only Fruit Recordings, the Sheffield-based artist is now ready to continue where he left up, and no less than with a super fun Psychedelic Rock track.

Luke Tangerine’s deeply evocative new single “Midlife Crisis.Again”

Luke Tangerine has been known for his ability with the guitar, and most recently for his prowess as a composer and sound designer for various cinematic ventures. Today, the German artist sets the controls for the heart of our ears and presents a delightful tune that is as cosmic as it is deeply evocative.

Chris Jacobson’s thrilling debut “Face In The Mirror”

Chris Jacobson has played music all his life. Playing guitar in bands since he was a teenager, the artist has seen a good amount of live shows, while also writing and recording music of his own. It wasn’t until the coronavirus lockdown that he decided to finally do something with all of his material.

The Margaret Hooligans new single “Revenge Of The ScarJo”

The Margaret Hooligans’ new single, the tables are turned. This time, the ladies are power-drunk, and the men are helpless victims! Featuring Meg’s iconic ukulele riffs and Mr. Strontium’s Punk / rock-inspired drums, the track takes a humorous approach toward one of society’s most primal and absurdly ongoing battles.

Steve Young – “Looks Like You”

Steve Young is known to be a soulful and emotional performer on stage, and with “Looks Like You”, he achieves to captures that very essence. Let his voice and guitar skills delight you, as you ride out on a journey of your own.

A/V CLvB debut EP “Dumbwaiters To Die For”

Plymouth Alt-Rock band, A/V CLvB, shares their fantastic debut EP “Dumbwaiters To Die For”. A collection of six emotionally raw tracks with Emo and Indie qualities inspired by the 00s. For fans of My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins. Out now! ORDER “DUMBWAITERS TO DIE FOR” ON BANDCAMP NOW! A/V CLvB is a young band…

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