#NEWmusicAlert- Leanna Oki’s latest single

Healing must first begin with feeling the feels. Leanna Oki is niched in this particular genre of music. It's not so much about what the subject matter is, as much as it is about "you aren't in this alone." Oki's approach to artistic expression in this manner is what connects her so closely with her audience.

Evil Sweet – “Queen Victoria”

Written by Curcie and Castro, the song follows frontman O’Brien-Curcie and his infatuation with his summer fling. Based on his real-life girlfriend Victoria, the song tells the story of Scotty chasing after his childhood love who he grew up with on the north shore beaches of Long Island and getting rejected throughout adolescence before reconnecting later in life.

Britny Lobas – “Hollow”

From start to finish, the song carries us under its Bluesy wing, as Britny softly begins to tell her story. Moving forward, the frustration in the artist's voice becomes more and more apparent, until it finishes to explode in a last chorus of wailing cries, proper of a banshee. Original and familiar, this tune stands out thanks to its rock and roll eloquence, and its humane imperfections.


“You are welcome to dive into my heavy Latin grooves from rock and reggae to funk and dance. Get lost in the intersecting sounds. I wrote this new album, ‘Reflexión’ as an antidote to our recent shared experience of inconceivable isolation. The melodies will lift your internal vibration towards positive energy,” - Eljuri.

Laurelight-“Open Your Eyes”

"Open Your Eyes" is an alt pop anthem, with singalong epic chorus, funky guitars and hook synth patterns. Written a few years ago, it's a song about finding inner light in the darkest times! First time listeners, what should you expect? Open your eyes is a song for those about to groove, so fasten your seatbelt as the 30th September is getting closer! -Laurelight

Madison Davenport “Oh Shit!”

"So I became friends with someone, we had a lot of chemistry but tried to keep things “just friends”. We spent all our time together and seriously became best friends(with an underlying air of major attraction). One day I decided to go 20-30mins out of my way to get donuts for them, and on the ride to their place I looked over at those donuts and had that wonderful/terrifying realization “Oh Shit… I really really like this person.” I got the inspiration bug and started making voice notes, and by the time I reached their house I had fully written “Oh Shit!”. Madison Davenport

Aurelia “Sinister Things”

Cinematic with twirling plucks in the dark atmosphere, there's some truly moody bass, which are still no match to the emotionally heavy vocals of Aurelia. Bold and fearless in nature, her pop voice also carries operatic elements running through the song to further heighten the feelings of pain, revelation and ultimately freedom, especially in the climax of the song.

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