Aurelia “Sinister Things”

Cinematic with twirling plucks in the dark atmosphere, there's some truly moody bass, which are still no match to the emotionally heavy vocals of Aurelia. Bold and fearless in nature, her pop voice also carries operatic elements running through the song to further heighten the feelings of pain, revelation and ultimately freedom, especially in the climax of the song.

Jennifer Alvarado “Catfish”

I love fishing and have always heard how catfish can make noises to fool people into thinking it is something else. The same idea goes for a wannabe Casanova who really only cares about one night stands and adding to his pile of broken hearts. With social media, people can pretty much be anyone they want to be...whether it's real or not. Jennifer Alvardo

go4broke – “Don’t Speak”

I wrote "don't speak" during a time when I was really struggling with my anxiety. I would run myself in circles about things that weren't all that big of a deal and it just took me out of it. I felt like my anxieties were keeping me from speaking or really conveying my feelings to people around me. So I decided to write a song about it. The entire chorus was freestyled and the rest I did write before recording but the song came really quickly.

Lewca – “Friday Night Rockstar”

"Friday Night Rockstar" is Lewca's new upcoming album made with long time collaborator S.O.A.P. both had a hard time thanks to Omicron, and they decided to spend their time creating a full-length album about time passing, personal doubts and demons, abuse and dreams that will never come true. Don't look so sad, the album is actually super fun!

The Midnight Foxes – “Pepper Gate”, “Tell Tale Heart, “Running In The Rain”

It's me, your best friend MadZen, and today I am super hyped because we have three great tracks for you and, trust me, they're all bangers. Brought to us by Chester, UK Indie Rock group The Midnight Foxes, these three singles are that which you didn't know you needed. So, let's get to it!

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