LEUER’s newfound love bliss on “I Can’t Believe I Found You”

After a hard breakup with his former partner, LEUER eventually found new love again - and the life-changing kind. In his latest single, "I Can't Believe I Found You", LEUER sings about finding someone that is exactly the right fit and everything about them brings you joy and hope for a long life together. It's the purest of feelings and one that does not come around often.

“Trust in Me” by LearningToDive: A Dark yet Optimistic Industrial Trip Hop Rock Journey into Mental Abuse

"Trust in Me" by Learningtodive delves into the haunting reality of gaslighting, a psychological manipulation tactic that systematically undermines victims' own truths. Bonez's lyrics and composition brilliantly capture the sense of isolation and anguish that accompanies such emotional abuse.

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