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Unknown But Essentials (Jan 2023)

I’m running a daily show presenting these artists (between 10 and 20 tracks each episode), so if you want to join me you can do it live or as a podcast, I’m adding the link in the posts on social media for each one of the episodes, and once you’re on my Stationhead profile you…

Agenda Ambiente – “Gone Fishing”

“This particular track is a vacation track, as it were. I went on holiday during its release period. Not that I went fishing, but close enough. It was interesting to push yourself to meet the deadline (lift off from the airport) and handle all admin of the track whilst hanging with friends. “Sorry guys, give…

Luke Targett “Fall for U”

Shimmering melodies, elevated vocals, and ecstatic synths all describe what a vibrant, colorful experience falling in love can be. At the same time, it’s a song of a beautiful memory, possibly one of the highlights in a person’s life.

Nawafinity – Breath of Life

“To my dearest listeners and first timers. This is your brother, lover and fighter Nawaf. I hope this song heals you and inspire you to be better. I weaved this song from my pains, sorrows, laughter and joy. I cried and laughed whilst recording this message. I hope you feel the same feelings I am…

Laughing In Slow Motion – “Cabin Fever”

“This song poured out of him after he made the conscious decision to fight back without trampling the rights of others and do better through it all… a decision to work hard to persevere and overcome the ensuing hardships, the fear of the unknown and just live his life free from toxic people and media…

Avis Vox – “Feel It”

Avis Vox is a Frankfurt-based artist and singer known for blending electronic and experimental music with visually stunning live performances.

Kimaya Diggs “Quincy”

“Quincy was written and recorded during a really hard time in my life. But instead of writing sad songs (already did that on my first album!) I decided to chase the joy that I was missing in my life. I wanted songs that reflected my heartbreak but could also make you dance. I kept being…

Sano Hill – “Dancer”

“Dancer” is a soft, and almost dramatic track. A beautiful arrangement of ever-increasing elements makes this track a great listening experience and one that urges our most focused attention.

Natalie Clark – “How High”

It’s truly and actually an inspirational track, it puts a smile on your face and makes you want to listen to it on repeat. The beautiful and talented Natalie Clark has outdone herself with this one, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

I Panic – “Marry You”

It’s about finding love and finding something new to love about this person every day like they attain all the chaos of life to make sense of small things that they do. It’s about more than the feeling of simply being in love.

Tillerman – “Hear Angels Cry”

“Jon & Tom are very spiritual, they have a Christian Faith, so I guess you can hear some of that influence in the lyrics, the state of the world now, what does God think of it? Hence the title ‘Hear Angels Cry’.” – Tillerman

Anam Danu “Perfect”

“The song, ‘Perfect’, has its origins in an upbringing in which the virtues of perfectionism were extolled and the trait much encouraged in young people. It is only later in life that we come to realise that it is often the imperfections – the flaws – that truly make something ‘perfect’. Perfectionism can be dangerous…

Beatdenker, JUNK, Gilan, and more…

The album of the week that belongs to Beatdenker, is something else, out of the ordinary, you might like it or not, but won’t deny that challenges your ear (and this one of the things I like it most about Beatdenker’s work), to say the least.

Kejcz “Set Me Free”

Kejcz creates bouncy and wild dance music that could move crowds. The Polish producer composes bold and powerful dancehall commanders coming with highly elevated moods.

Tyler Elden & the Night Figures – “Bruised Love”

“Bruised Love is a tale of love and loss through the eyes of two people who have been surrounded by drug abuse since childhood. The song explores chasing comfort & relief by any means necessary, and the fallout of being in a state of constant desperation.” – Tyler Elden

Luke Frees Dances with a “Moonshine Queen”

“This is a very passionate song, and it’s inspired by the feelings of anger and clarity you get after coming out of a relationship that was maybe a little unhealthy. It’s a reaffirmation of my own beliefs and my own intuition, because when you’re in a relationship like that, it’s very easy to get swallowed…

Pokkisham “Cages”

“I am also a Mum now and I never want my kids to feel limited in the way I did. I also meet so many people who have faithfully followed career paths but have given up on their passions. It’s so clear that money these days isn’t everything – everyone seems to need more to…

S J Denney – “High Flying Birds”

Each new release by S J Denney is a spiritual and emotional journey through the depths of conscience. “High Flying Birds” proves to be another step into his promising career. A meticulously crafted single filled with personality that you cannot miss when it releases on January 27!

The Dolls Are Good “126”

The Dolls Are Good is a new project of his, built onto that excitement and all in to bridge the past with whatever comes in the future. Retro futuristic by nature, The Dolls Are Good brings the best of those hypnotic sounds into the day today.

Beatdenker’s new LP “Ethic Endless Fun”

“Ethic Endless Fun” is a whole new territory for music lovers searching for something different, and not just noise music different, but an alternate and refreshing vision of the concept of rhythm.

Vince Chinaski “Eat Your Peas!”

The quivering vocals as well as the completely contradictory lyrics embedded in happy and loveful instrumentals clearly illustrate the mind of a parent.

XPQ-21 – “Temptation”

“Temptation is deeply rooted in us. As humans, we are constantly confronted with it. Some are strong enough to resist it, most are addicted to it. This track isn’t a warning, it shows us a mirror we can look into if we want to. Sooner or later we will have to face it, whether we…

JUNK – “Chromatose”

“The band JUNK plays its own original music made first to satisfy the musicians that make it. We blend styles to make us feel good when we listen to it.” Dirty D / JUNK

Laurelight – “Peaceful”

The way he sings about letting go and walking toward happiness is inspiring to anyone who hears it. It’s a very relatable song, exposing vulnerability and striving for peace in the most human way possible.

Aggressive Soccer Moms – “Darling”

After releasing their previous single That’s How I Feel, the Lo-Fi Post Punk trio from Sweden are back in the Less Than 1000 Followers blog with a brand new song that precedes their upcoming album, “Quint”.

I Am The Unicorn Head – “I Fell In Love With A Space Slug”

Yes, my dears, our favorite unicorns are back and after the release of Cosmologic Adventuring, they now return with their second single off their upcoming new album, “Unicorns in Space”! A concept album that follows the adventures of these two intrepid unicorn astronauts as they explore the galaxy.

Izzie Derry “I Don’t Know Why”

“I wrote the song when I was struggling to move past a particularly bad relationship that had ended the year before. I felt like I should have moved past it, but it had knocked my confidence so much that I found it hard to enter new relationships and trust people. I guess the song for me was basically telling the guy off…

YME – “I Rule the World”

Ymkje is definitely showing off a newfound confidence and it’s really good to see it. “I Rule the World” is a remarkable achievement, for sure.

The Daytime High – “Waterfall”

“This song is about trying to find a sense of belonging in a world filled with alienation and fear. We have become isolated using our technology and enduring a pandemic that it feels like we have wasted the beauty of being alive. It would be a shame if you are so busy trying to survive…

Mina – “The One That Got Away”

Mina does an incredible job of capturing that feeling of sadness and longing, and she does it in a way that it feels fleeting. It is painful and you have every right to feel it, but it’ll pass.

Herald K “Echo’s Song”

“Echo’s Song” is the newest addition to Herald K’s project of mythological songs that will in the end become an album called “Mythologies”.

Cry Baby Purple – “Mr. Know It All”

Mikey Deasy had already built a name for himself as a successful session musician in the Irish music scene over the past years, and now he is finally ready to shine on his own. And shine he does, “Mr. Know It All” is a crystalline piece of work that feels incredibly well thought out. And…

BRIDGES “Know Yourself”

The empowering message is packaged in a tasteful pop tune that combines the nonchalantly independent nature of cloud rap production and the intimacy of bedroom pop.

Tuulikki Bartosik, Pennan Brae, Frank Joshua, and more…

Check out the amazing albums that I have for you today, maybe you’re already aware of most of them if you’re following the blog, this week I have 7 reviewed for our fantastic team, and was hard to pick one as the “Album of the Week” between such great releases.

Scarlet Mill “Sinking Man”

“Sinking Man” is the newest song by the Dutch duo Scarlet Mill. As they have already shown with their previous singles, such as the stormy “Port Henry” and the chilling “You’re Mine”, Scarlet Mill is a captivating storyteller.

Tuulikki Bartosik “Playscapes”

“I always find something new in Playscapes for myself and often start thinking, wait, how did we do it and why does it sound like that. This is literally my playscape in music with all the different instruments and my voice used together and through with electronics. A Nordic innovative electroacoustic breeze.” Tuulikki Bartosik

Terry Blade – Ethos: Son of a Sharecropper

Ethos: Son of a Sharecropper is a personal album that explores the identity of Terry Blade. It presents us with a complex individual making us realize just how our own ethos is influenced by different factors: race, sexuality, history, culture, friends family, life events and many more.

Nick Noon – “A Jejune Affair”

All four tracks deliver a deeply personal feeling which can be easily appreciated. It’s safe to say that Noon’s lyrics come from the heart, and his voice is the conduit that delivers his touching messages.

Frank Joshua “Talk Of Things” LP

Treading between the upbeat and the beatless, the desolate and the uplifting, “Talk of Things” brings forth a glorious collection of music that transforms elusive emotions into captivating genre-crossing tunes that easily penetrate the surface for even the most reserved listeners.

Dylan Goff “Untethered (Side Two) EP”

“Thank you for listening and I hope you like my songs! You can expect lyric heavy, acoustic guitar-based music that is definitely indie-folk, but vocally I probably sound more like Matt Berninger or Eddie Vedder than the more folky artists of the genre, albeit with an Irish accent. Fans of Frightened Rabbit might also like…

Podge Lane – “Change In The Weather”

“This song is about looking for signs in silly things, which I’ve looked for a lot! Thinking back on the amount of times I’ve thought “if it’s raining out something bad is going to happen”, or if the sun was shining there was a bit of hope. We’re always fearing the worst, and this is…

Tom Craven “Let It Fall (My December)”

Anthemic and filled to the brim with optimism, this song also holds an air of bittersweet feelings left from the part struggles. Still, “Let It Fall (My December)” marches on victoriously and with unbreakable determination in search of a better tomorrow free from the influences of negative people.

Mad Painter – “Rock And Roll Samurai”

“What people should expect from our music is loud and rambunctious rock and roll, we wear our influences on our sleeves. Our records and live shows are a time capsule experience, we like to create an illusion that you’ve been transported back in time fifty years.” – Mad Painter

MadZen – “Ka Me Yo”

“This is one of my favorite tracks that I’ve released so far and one of which I’m very proud. It is also the precursor of my upcoming EP, “El Mestizo” which will be released this February 10th.” Madzen

Sam Lynch – “Halcyon Beach”

“It’s about an imaginary place in my mind. I was really stuck in the past when I was writing it, thinking of times when I was happier and younger, just messing around with my mates, without responsibilities or stress and anything like that. It’s somewhere you can see, and you feel yourself being pulled towards,…

Carley Varley – “Somehow I’m Alive”

The triumph found by Carley, especially on her two latest songs, is how she manages to find a balance between the heavier themes and production and still sound somewhat delicate and hopeful.

The Mars McClanes – “Be Still”

“The track is a haunting and introspective look at the struggles of finding inner peace within a fast-paced world… or maybe just two hungover people trying to get through the morning after a big night out.” The Mars McClanes

Romain Gutsy “Like an Uyghur in China”

Seasoned and with a deep guttural voice, the French-based artist Romain Gutsy gives voice to the Chinese minority. So, as it’s drenched in the layered emotions of mostly longing and sadness, Romain Gutsy’s new single is as true to life as it gets to be.

Occurrence – “Fudge”

The term ‘slow violence’ comes from environmental studies. It describes ecological harm that happens imperceptibly in a community; you only realize that it’s happening once it’s too late. That feels to us like an apt metaphor for the things we’re singing about on this album. Occurrence/Ken Urban

NoSpace – “idle”

It takes guts to write a song this open about personal struggles and seeing the glass half empty sometimes, and NoSpace knows how to do it masterfully.

The Hybris – “Impostor Syndrome”

“And why this name? In Greek tragedy ‘Hybris’ stood for exaggerated self-pride, arrogance, excess of ambition causing the transgressor’s ruin. The perfect headline for the age we live in.” – The Hybris

Alec Berlin’s “LaNoise”

“(“LaNoise”) … takes you on a trip in comfort and style – all without leaving the comfort of your front porch, your cold beverage, and your favorite guitar.” Alec Berlin

Ali George “Dreams Within Dreams”

There’s hope and beauty in the notes that are played, and there’s insurmountable heartache, doubt, and despair in the lyrics. Those emotions twirl around us along with the stunning guitar melodies, building an atmosphere in which the listener is completely alone.

Onbar – “Chance (feat. Orion Song)”

You can sense the conflicted feelings of opening up again while trying to go slow and avoid heartbreak – and by the end, he feels ready to take this step and go for it. It’s a complex and compelling narrative, and it shows great songwriting skills.

Bromsen – “The Photograph”

The song deals with their past youth aspirations of rock and dreams. Dreams continue to exist in the memories and desire much like faded photographs. It is a feeling that never departs, just like an old photograph.

The Lowtones -“Radio”

This is a stalemate of intrusive thoughts, and the battle against a self-critical inner narrative. From The Start – Is a song about accepting the harsh truth of becoming an out-of-favour option, seeking closure. Oliver Mavilio / The Lowtones

Michael Donoghue, Richard Tyler Epperson, LONG ISLAND, and more…

I’m positive we’re going to have a great year, really exciting times are ahead of us, so join me week in and week out to find together great gems to support and spread the word, because even when you might not know it, we need them more than we can imagine to carries us through…

Michael Donoghue & Pulses “Infant”

Home to 8 songs with total runtime of almost 42 minutes, “Infant” brings forth a blend of several different genres of electronica combined with smooth spacious soundscapes. There’s a perfect balance between the beats and the ambient bits, making “Infant” a pleasurable listening experience for all fans of electronic music. No matter whether you prefer…

Proklaim Comes Roaring back with “Runnin”

The track comes at you aggressively both in terms of the beat (which is fire) and vocally in terms of his style of flow. Lyrically he spits quips and puns with an air of larger-than-life confidence. In the second verse he flexes his skill, spitting rapid fire rhymes aimed at his perceived haters, to which…

The Freight – “See Ya”

“This is an OG Freight tune that the band has worked out since the beginning. This is a good ole’ fashioned ASS KICKER!! ” The Freight

Azileli “In This House”

Taking place in the period after a breakup, “In This House” is a ballad of a vulnerable soul searching for the beginning of a path to healing.

Spünday – While My Guitar Gently…Beeps?

Definitely something to keep an eye on this year. Every time I think of the band now moving forward, the soundbite from that latest single is something that will echo in my mind, “What law am I breaking now?” As experimental as their sound is, it is also oddly infectious.

Bloodlin3 – “Where Did All My Homies Go”

“Where Did All My Homies Go”, with softer and almost dream pop-like elements to its production. Bloodlin3 are surely laying all their cards and proving that they know exactly what they’re going for, and that they know how to get there beautifully.

Roots Asylum – “Golden Hearts”

Their storytelling abilities, as well as their masterful use of harmony and melody to establish an intimate tone, invites us to recall that one special friend that we hold dear even though time and other circumstances have distanced us…

Nieri – “In Our Eyes” (foreverandever<3 Remix)

“In Our Eyes” was already a stand-out single from upcoming Milan-born Los Angeles-based EDM artist Nieri, released last May, and it captured the feeling of a song made for the clubs but also for your bedroom amazingly. The brilliant track got a makeover, a gorgeous remix from foreverandever

Al Buchanan – “1998”

“The track is essentially a story of me moving from the south of the UK to the north as a kid and the experiences I had along the way, I love using vocal harmonies with delay guitar to get my lyrics and music across, trying to get that ‘epic sound, which you can hear especially…

9 O’Clock Nasty – “Too Cool”

“We wrote an expansive rock classic. He [Hugo GT] took our beautiful song and twisted and tortured it beyond recognition. We thank him for his service, but we would never sit next to him on a bus.” – These maniacs

Nasmore feat. Neil Taylor & La Strange – “Welcome To The Hell”

“Welcome To The Hell” is a Hard Rock track that balances beauty and pain in such a distinct manner that it forces the listener to pay attention to every detail. Counting with the collaborations of Neil Taylor (Tears for Fears, Tina Turner, Chris De Bourgh, Natalie Imbruglia, Metallica, Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, and more), and…

The Margaret Hooligans – “Doggie Pizza Crust”

“Doggie Pizza Crust” is the first single off their upcoming album, Saturday Night at Bartertown, and it is a track that asks the age-old question – should one fight a beloved pet for the last pizza crust if you’re starving? Who would win? Well, in Mr. Strontium’s experience, it wouldn’t be an easy take, that’s…

Garland Kelley – “A Mind Of Your Own”

“Thank you all so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed “A Mind of Your Own” which is about disinformation and freethought. I feel that seeking one’s true self and identity is more important than ever and will lend to elevating humankind. Stream on Spotify and watch the official music video on YouTube. Thanks again,…

DCxPC Live Vol. 14 Presents Rise Defy

“The band formed as a reaction to swelling neo-fascism that accompanied the rise of Trumpism in late 2016, with the goal of rehumanizing experience with hook-laden yet boundary blurring sounds.”

The Trusted – “Terrible Fight”

A neat composition of warm and optimistic sounds blended with what seems an overwhelming, ongoing battle. Without a doubt a pretty interesting track and yet another great release by the Southend-on-Sea natives. So, listen now!

William Hut – Don’t Give Up

Aging doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you wiser. “Don’t Give Up” is a song about living with mediocre self-esteem and everyday anxiety. William Hut on “Don’t Give Up”

Bones in Butter’s “Scenes From the Metro”

It is a sad but true tale. It is the heart-breaking story of a centennial dream, the dream of the Belgrade Metro, a project that has never been implemented. Follow us into the empty depths of Belgrade, one of Europe’s last capitals with no underground network. Milutin Krašević AKA Bones In Butter

Josh Martin – Notes From The American Rat Race

Though I have been playing music for decades I recently hit a dry spell. After getting married with a baby on the way I decided to get a corporate sales job which triggered some kind of crisis of identity. It was like by assuming this new responsible role of provider I could no longer be…

DAMIEN – “Empty”

Oozing with carefully crafted sonic layering, ´Empty’ is a club ready hit on the surface, but dives deeply into themes of existential longing and a desire to be loved within the lyrical content.

“Priceless” by Proklaim

The latest effort is a venture into a Neo-Trap vibe, but still, chill and laid-back with the hook. Lyrically, it is a projection of his aspirations and dreams, a proclamation if you will, pun totally intended.

I Panic – “(Welcome to The Night Of) Broken Promises”

“Broken Promises” tells the story of two ex-lovers, meeting one more time despite promising never to see each other again. I’m sure you know the rest! A classic adventure story presented in an uplifting manner with joyful choruses hiding the bits of regret! But it’s all good, as I Panic ends the story on a…

Snakedoctors – “Destroyed”

“Destroyed” is about how life can get very hard sometimes, and it is also the first single of Snakedoctors’ upcoming album, coming out in the first half of 2023 with more guest artists, producers, and great music.

Juliet Callahan – “Spotlight”

“Spotlight” marks the first time Juliet has done everything herself – from the lyrics and composition to the production and audio engineering, proving that she is an all-around Artist with capital A.

Richard Tyler Epperson- A Wandering Mind

The last main thing was the editing and molding of the songs. I tried to really limit any dead space within the song and have them under 4 mins if I could without losing anything. That was a tough one, but I think when listening to the album everything flows well and doesn’t drag on.…

Unknown But Essentials (Dec 2022)

Remember to follow, stream, support, share and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from those who have).

Beth Sarah – “Let Her Go”

“My forthcoming album (from which “Let Her Go” is the title track) documents this process. It starts with a song about addiction to things that aren’t healthy and goes through the story of breaking away, allowing myself to let go of the shell of who I used to be, and fighting against the anxiety that…

Qoma – “Shadows In Sway”

“This Song encapsulates all the weird and wonderful music i’ve ever grown up with, while featuring one of those very musician’s on the track, Kellii Scott. His band Failure’s influence is highly eminent in my life and this song is my tribute in return.” – Qoma

AnnaBella “Liar, Liar”

Arriving to call out all the liars who cheat on their partners, “Liar, Liar” is a wrath-filled single reminding listener that cheating is never a good thing to do. Judging by when the song is set to release, “Liar, Liar” makes for a perfect basis for new years resolutions.

Activ8te – “I Am Tracking You”

“Our protagonist, a young woman, had recently ended a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and was feeling hurt and vengeful. As she began to research the various types of spyware on the market, she stumbled upon Pegasus, a powerful and highly sophisticated tool produced by NSO Group and sold to governments around the world. This spyware…

Raynald Grenier – “Doux Instants”

“Doux Instants” revolves through different keys and tones to generate an atmospheric tension/release. In this way, Reynald Greiner presents a soothing track that easily reaches the depths of the listener’s soul, making each different person feel a distinct emotion, realize the power of music, and fall in love one more time.

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