Kaysien – Portals

“Collectively I feel we are being pushed and pulled in directions mostly against our will and with no true conclusion to this modern saga in sight I wrote this song to relieve a sense of stagnation, to reaffirm the fact that life is change and that our internal worlds can be much different to the grim realities of the material. It is a counterpoint to depression.” – Kaysien

A.B. Violet “Check Your Feelings”

Check Your Feelings was written as a way to check in with myself when I was feeling overwhelmed with everyday life. Literally to remind to myself to stop and take a breath, before things got too much. I know we can all feel this way sometimes. For me, as for many others, it’s an important part of mental health management and we sometimes need reminding to take a step back from the rush of everyday life and check in with ourselves- and others!” A.B. Violet

Kaiyah Mercedes “New Year’s Resolutions”

“My songs are almost always sad. I write about sadness in every way I can, from folk songs, to soft rock, to pop, and then to ballads like this one. There is so much to be said about heartbreak and mental health struggles and sadness, and I hope my songs can give other young, sad teenagers something to relate to.” Kaiyah Mercedes

Red Skies Mourning- Red Skies Mourning

After the release of various singles during the year, Red Skies Mourning has released his eponymous debut album. Red Skies Mourning features all of his previous singles alongside three new brand new tracks full of synth pop atmospheric soundscapes that evolve and transform from track to track, with a powerful sound that swiftly lifts up the listener of the ground and makes them fly away to distant places.

Faae “Summer Song”

“I wrote ‘summer song’ while driving from Florida to Wyoming last summer. It’s an honest reaction and subsequent dissociative folk/jazz/prog track about feeling disconnected from the world around you as things completely out of your control are changing the places you used to know. It’s primarily focused on climate change.” Faae


“A long creative process has seen us change our approach to songwriting and what boundaries we could push compared to our previous efforts. It became quite clear that we didn’t want to write standard structured songs all of the time and instead explore some different ground. We feel that not only have we managed to include our style of music within the record, but that we have evolved it.” – BlimeyOhRiley


Beginning with a sinister intro of distorted guitars and hellish synths that give you the chills, the track immediately lays the foundations of the chaos that’s about to come. Mishkin opens the first verse with her melodious, yet menacing voice, later joined by Hana in the chorus. The instrumentation gives the sensation of being in a dark opera, that slowly builds up into an explosion of drums, guitars and screaming vocals.

James & Paul- Tabula Rasa

A few of the songs on this album are reworking from tracks that didn’t make it on the first album. Skyscraper Highs for example was a slow ballad that we speeded up to the much rockier version. As regards our songs generally we have enough ideas for another 2 albums and have plans to start recording our third album soon. We are also constantly writing new material. This is a bit frustrating as we would be in the studio all the time if we had the time and money to do this. We will continue to record songs with different musical styles and make more videos when we get time. -James & Paul

Ellery Twining – “The Day Jeff Buckley Died”

Using no more and no less than an acoustic guitar, drums, bass and keys, Twining creates an hypnotizing ambience. His lyrics might not come through as obvious, which is what gives this song its sense of wonder. What Twining is actually speaking about we might never know, but it does leaves it open to our own interpretation.


Unpredictably and excitement are key factors in Suzitoy’s compositions, that’s why just when you think you’ve heard it all from “Pro League”, an unexpected and sudden breakdown happens right after the last chorus. Powerful and ambitious, the outro catches us by surprise with frantic drums and snappy guitar riffs. Welcome to the towers!

Extreme Tropical Heat: “Fire” by Hannah Dorman

Last year I said 2022 is going to be music, music, music, and so far it definitely has been, just no one’s hearing any of it yet! I feel like I’m making up for lost time! Keep an eye out for some collaborations too, something I’ve never done with original music, but I’m so excited for the second half of the year and what’s to come! Hannah Dorman

Unknown But Essentials! (June 2022)

Hey, how are you, my friends? I’m so excited about the bands that I’m going to share with you, with tracks released this June, that by the way, was a monster month for this playlist, over 120 tracks added in your UNKOWN BUT ESSENTILS! As always I’m only going to mention 10 standouts, but you can go through all the playlist and enjoy these gems.  

Perfect Beautiful Hotness: “Must Be Nice” by Molly Baker

“I wrote this song about people that come off perfect, and how it “Must Be Nice” to just let things be, and not doubt yourself. It’s a really personal song, and I wanted to capture specific details from my life while also making it relatable to everyone.” Molly Baker

Rena Hart “Ride or Die”

“The opening lyric to Ride or Die is a perfect representation of what I was feeling. “I found myself on a highway heading south when I should have been going the other way.” I literally wrote that line while commuting to my job. I had been working a 9 – 5 and had completed neglected this other part of me. The artist in me was trapped, abandoned, sad and angry. I knew I had to turn things around and focus on music and I was lucky to have someone by my side to encourage me to live in my power.” Rena Hart

Smoke Spider “Desolation”

“Desolation” Lyrically, the track explores the theme of finding an exit when your whole being is screaming for relief and redemption, and you’re looking for that wormhole in reality’s web through where you’ll get to that “somewhere else-place” where the pain that’s keeping you on your toes will die down and let you put your naked feet on the ground.

Voodoo Bloo – “The Blessed Ghost”

“For all intents and purposes, I am The Blessed Ghost, or more importantly was The Blessed Ghost, a true mirror image of not only everything I disliked about myself, but a guide as to how I can better myself every day of my life, for as long as I can hear this album, I will be glad in knowing that I have come so far and done so much.” Rory / Voodoo Bloo


“This EP, Heart in a Notebook was a crowdfunded album recorded at PlaidDog Recording in Boston, MA and is a handful of tunes that represent the versatility of my Songwriting. Down to the River is an origin song that tells about where I came from and who I am and how I deal with life. The single and title of the EP, Heart in a Notebook, is a first person perspective of my journey through heartbreak, breakup, and the struggle to move on. “

Kyle Huskey “Villain”

“Back in March I decided to check myself into a residential rehab facility. I decided before they picked me up that I would leave my guitar at home. Focus on my recovery. Oddly enough, just a few days before I got there someone had donated a guitar to the facility. Villain was the first song I wrote on that cheap guitar. Day 3 of rehab alone at 4AM in the cafeteria. I had so much shame & guilt. I felt completely worthless & terrified. And then all of sudden I had Villain.” Kyle Huskey


“As this song was written in one of my dreams. I dreamt it then woke up and recorded a demo. It was all there music and lyrics. The first and only song ever to come to me that way. The song is about someone that is very persuasive. being able to talk you into doing crazy things”. Prove You Wrong

Sizzling Hot Summer: “One Plus One” by Alex Kate

“I asked Heather to describe her childhood summers and she explained that she would spend them at a Lake near her house in Toronto. There she met her first crush and described the way that they felt like the only people in the world. It was like one plus one, the only maths equation you need when you are in love.” Alex Kate

Hyooman, Kingfisher, Mr Sunshine, and more…

Wow!!! New Music Friday is here and I’m so excited and stoked for the albums that I’m going to share with you all. Thank you for being here and for your support to all these artists that we bring to you the sooner we can so you can enjoy them as much as I do, and this is the 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to.

Never Bite Your Tongue: Honestly, by Mazyn

“This track is my clean slate to myself as I finally feel completely honest and transparent in the art I’m choosing to show the world. Through it, I fully accept who I am as a person, and I know I’ll always have these battles within myself but I can only move on when I fully accept who I really am. I hope this track helps anyone out there dealing with the same issues, whether it being identity issues, mental health, or any sort of chaos the mind can bring. For without self-acceptance, one can’t achieve their true full potential.” Mazyn

Hyooman – “Pilot”

“This album is our “pilot” so to speak – since this is our debut album. Pilot covers a variety of themes we experience in modern day: frustrations with social media, existential dread, finding yourself in an age of mass information and algorithms, capitalism, introspection, and nostalgia.” – HYOOMAN

Vince Chinaski “Unconditional Love”

“I lived across three countries for a long time, juggling multiple languages and cultures and riding on a wild long-distance relationship. I was bewildered most of the time, constantly going to and coming back to a place I didn’t fully belong to. I often felt misplaced and detached, always having to catch up with something. In that period I learnt a lot about my strengths and shortcomings. Eventually I embraced the situation and eased up on trying to do the right thing all the time, essentially becoming a better man by giving up on being flawless, even if that seemed a contradiction. I think that’s the core of what the song is about: accepting your own failings and being the best self you can be.” Vince Chinaski

Martina “Cloud Nine”

“My main creative intention with this body of work is to relate, to resonate and to connect with people that went through the same feeling and emotion! I would like to be the soundtrack of my audiences life, that they can always count on my music if they’re going through a similar experience!” Martina


“Two Magic Symphonies is our first album consisting of 8 songs plus a bonus track. We have released 6 singles already, therefore the album release brings 2 new songs (+bonus) to the listeners. A meeting point between 2 different cultures, 2 different continents. Upbeat but mellow. Nostalgic but hopeful. Arrogant but sweet. Sweet arrogance. Real but mystical. Magic reality.” – Kingfisher

Herald K “Arethusa”

“The story is about a nymph. One day she takes a bath in a river. What she doesn’t know is that this river is also a god. This rivergod is taken with a passion for Arethusa, and she has to try her best to escape him. Eventually she manages to do so, by transforming her own body into an underground stream that sprouts out in Syracusa, Sicily”. Herald K

Something Better: “Everlasting” by Maya Salafia?

“I want people to hear, feel and experience the real, authentic me, and I hope that comes through in my music. I love to use imagery to tell a story in my songs, and to share my true self and a piece of my heart and mind with my audience. Also, even though I am only sixteen, which some might consider young, I strive to be taken seriously as a prolific songwriter and performer”. Maya Salafia

Red Eye Orchestra “Dirty Old Dawg”

Red Eye Orchestra wanted their upcoming record to sound as vintage and analog as possible, while retaining a clean modern mix; and their single “Dirty Old Dawg” attains this goal with its clear yet rugged sound. It’s also quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Red Eye Orchestra’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of jam bands and pop/rock alike.

Nobody’s Wolf Child- “Green Fires”

The most interesting projects nowadays are those who are not afraid of trying something completly new, and one of those is definitely Nobody’s Wolf Child. Her proposal lies on creating an audiovisual spectacle between video and music, in a way that they enhance each other in a very special way, all while maintaining an overarching… Continue Reading →

7000apart “No is a Nice Word”

The mastermind behind this single is an international duo called 7000apart. Combining freshest pop sounds akin to Billie Eilish with the blooming pop music era of 2000s, the duo creates some enormously catchy tunes with a distinct feeling of a pop hit that was released a while ago, but still feels so good to this day.


Making use of all of his music production knowledge, DJ Moderno is able to create uplifting atmospheres that invite us to dance in ecstasy and shout along the vocoded vocals. In contrast with this, the single’s lyrics are all but joyful. They speak about a toxic relationship, and a night out when a lot of bad things start to happen.


“I was scrolling through Tumblr and I scrolled past this photo of a guy singing on stage, with the caption “thought I was yours”, or something like that, and I imagined what his lyrics would sound like sung out loud. And from then on, I’ve never stopped writing.” – N4November


“This music came from a period of isolation and it evokes emotions, like angst and loneliness, that a lot of people identify with right now. These songs are energetic with catchy hooks and unexpected twists & turns; they were written with a pop mentality, but they feel like rock n’ roll.”‘ – Cooper Castelle

Indigo Out- “Just What It Is”

“The lyrics are mostly about my inability to enjoy the present moment because I’m always trying to fix something or be productive, and how I’ve learned to accept things as the way they are; but I also left the lyrics a bit open for interpretation, as I like people to come up with different meanings on each listen”. -Indigo Out

Snakedoctors – Four And A Half

Both the new wave/dark wave/post-punk inspired Side A and grunge inspired Side B of Four And A Half once again showcase Snakedoctors’ penchant for crafting memorable and enjoyable indie tracks. And at the same time that Snakedoctors evoke such eclectic musical styles through their impressive songwriting, their output remains nonetheless unique, bringing a fresh perspective to listeners.

Ophelia’s Eye – Hopeless World

Hopeless World is quite an impressive debut album for Ophelia’s Eye; even as they tackle serious lyrical themes, their music remains consistently engaging and enjoyable from the beginning of the album to its end. The band’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship once again shine on their debut album, bringing a uniquely heavy and melodic sound that fans of subgenres such as death metal and metalcore alike will undoubtedly be glad to discover.

Presley Duyck – “My Someone”

“So the song acknowledges that someone can disappoint you or make you upset with their decisions, but you absolutely still love them. And you continue to hope they are safe. The song is about love and longing. Hope and fear! I was thinking of what it must feel like when your spouse signs up for the military and must go off to war… how hard that must be for the person waiting at home for their someone.” Presley Duyck

Hell on Earth: “Hollow” by Harpa

“Hollow” is about the cost of loving with your entire being… the anguish of feeling yourself falling again, knowing the price you will have to pay, and being helpless, unable to stop yourself.It’s about a vicious cycle of pouring yourself into someone, leaving yourself empty, and somehow finding the will to do it all over again.

Salt House Lavish “Staring Off Into Space”

Chef by profession, it’s probably not even surprising to learn Andrew created this tasteful single in his kitchen, in the middle of mics and wires. The artist has definitely got a knack on how to put together very different pieces, offering an evolving beat-driven experience that please those craving for something new and daring, and surrounding it all with the pleasantly mystical floating feeling highlighted with beautiful little arps.

Route 500 – “Not Today”

Growing ever more, the song builds up with a slow crescendo that pushes and pulls us like an emotional tidal wave, a ravaging force reminding us just how much we can actually feel. As soon as the song ends, we are left with this weird sensation of peace, and a strange sense of wonder between mixed feelings.

Lockdown Co. – End of Chapter

End of Chapter abounds with a vast array of musical influences, showcasing Lockdown Co.’s penchant for crafting brilliant instrumental music that is highly enjoyable and engaging. While drawing from genres such as progressive metal and hard rock, End of Chapter nonetheless finds its strengths in sounding completely original, as this impressive up-and-coming duo bring exciting new sounds to fans of many different musical styles.

B of Briz – “What Would Buffy Do?”

‘What Would Buffy Do?’ is about how understanding the contours of someone else’s life, understanding their struggle to live a good life, can be really useful, even if that person is fictional! It’s particularly about how these ‘exemplars’ are important when the stories of people in your group- in this case women – are not told very widely. B of Briz

Ellery Twining “Weatherall”

“Weatherall” takes the listener back to a party organized in an attic, people dragging in sound equipment and putting a whole lot of effort into setting the whole thing up. The music that was played were Weatherall’s records, and the atmosphere was thick with excitement and joy. Perhaps part of the excitement came from the fact they were all trespassing on a property set to be demolished…

C-Beem – Tales From Tono

‘Tales From Tono’ came to me as a kind of projection from my previous EP ‘C-Beem And The Winter Thickets’. I wanted to capture a magical, folkish feel to a new project but in a different context and with a different sound. I live in an island country full of myth and legend, and I wondered what equivalents there might be in Japan, because it’s been said that Japan is like the British Isles of the East – a parallel country which has always fascinated me, though I’ve never been there. C-Beem


“Business Casual was written right after we finished and released their full length “idk where u go, just stay here”. I was feeling pretty burnt out from constantly working between my day job and the record. This song is the result of the first couple times I picked up my guitar and played for fun after all that, falling back in love with the craft for the reasons I originally did as a kid.” Grown Bones


This single was specifically born after the artist attended a party last summer. I didn’t really like the host but I decided to go because my friends were there and I didn’t want to miss out, a_shes comments. He ended up becoming a passive observer as the party developed during the night, and that’s when he realized how important partying is as a young adult trying to find their place in the world.

Hallbeck “Dagarna Med Dig”

“Well, three years ago I found the love of my life. After a long time recovering after a relationship that ended in complete disaster and a very serious attempt on my life. Years of therapy and self doubt I am at a very good place in my life now. In my other band Charkoal we write rockier stuff in a sort of Foo Fighters vein, but I felt I needed to express this song in Swedish, as it would feel a bit ridiculous to write it in English, and i wanted a more singer/songwriter approach to it. I think originally I intended it as a one off thing, but now I have received so much love that I will continue recording some more songs in Swedish.” Hallbeck

Evening Is Youth – “I’m Glad I Left”

“I’m Glad I Left” comes with a lot of joyful melodies and explosive choruses, a pristine blend between Indie Rock and subtle nuances of electronica that finish to give that final push to the track. A brilliant composition and a sublime recording makes of this single a must hear banger that can be appreciated by anyone.

De Antiquis Et Novis, Sergio Napletano, Lapels, and more…

I just can’t believe it, but seem like that in our category Upcoming Music once again as previous week we have 17 tracks/albums/eps on pre-save or pre-order, that’s weird don’t you thing, only yesterday we have the release of 9 albums getting out of that category, but the important thing is that you can still enjoying helping these artists with their pre-saves, thank you so much for your support, keep doing it, please, and keep enjoying with us the emotion of known what’s coming soon.


“I’m pulling from a wide variety of music in terms of inspiration, so keeping it simple is actually harder than it seems. It’s genuinely hard for me to write songs that I can’t find myself playing over and over again with the same passion I had the first few times I wrote and played it. So over complicating things only makes that worse in the long run. I like keeping songs to small enough doses of the memories and feelings that come as fast as they go”. Sergio Napoletano

Jordan Jones “Flawless”

“I want this song to be light and fun. My first single was a true story song about my previous relationship ending and now this song is about being full circle…. back in love and in the moment. It was inspired by what I like to do on Sundays. Chillin, listening to music, being in the moment with my person. I keep myself pretty busy but to me Sundays are about taking my time and forgetting about all the bullshit we have to deal with through out the week. I’m obviously a big music fan, when find new music I love I listen to it on repeat… I want to meet that idea with staying in bed with my better half.” Jordan Jones

The Lunar Keys – “Oxygen Type”

“This track is the first of a busier release schedule this year with more Gigs and more Lunar Stuff happening. It’s also the first track where we’ve all been the big London Studio studio as a complete band together recording it as live as possible to capture the energy. It’s out June 10th (on all platforms) followed by three more tracks.” – The Last Keys

The Nation Mourns- “Laura”

With only his guitar and his expressive voice, O’Shea’s song is directed to a person named Laura. He sings about finally letting her hidden aspects and personality come to light, about embracing and loving herself for whom she truly is. But, who is Laura? Laura is a metaphor of that vulnerable person that we are afraid to show to others.

Jim Jagger – “Memories of Spring”

“I’ve been through depression in the past and I could feel Emma’s pain for Jenn in that situation. So I asked for a few details about Jenn. She is an avid gardener with productive green fingers, has 3 kids, and is a poet herself and regular attendee at a poetry club. So I started writing and the melody came like a flood, the lyrics flowed out alongside the music. This was one of those songs that you don’t feel you wrote yourself (I was an empty vessel receiving water). You can see how the lyrics flow out from those key elements of her life. I feel the song is not only about her, but restorative for her in a gentle unobtrusive way, to help her find a way back”. Jim Jagger

Aldís Fjóla – “Burn”

“This song is written by me and Stefan Örn Gunnlaugsson and the lyrics are by me. Burn helped me find my way and the lyrics reflect that. I am basically talking to myself about daring to live my life like I want to, no matter what the society, people around me and the culture tells me to do. We don’t all have to work for others, break our backs in a “normal” job, if you find the job that you are happy in, that is the right one.” – Aldís Fjóla

Welcome to the jungle: “Games” by Sharl  

Are you totally exhausted from the mind games and the endless bravado of dating? Then Sharl‘s bright, hyperpop single, bursting with the energy of Nintendo tones, is perfect for you. Sharl, the hot music goddess from Melbourne, Australia, has released “Games” globally. Make no mistake, the Australian singer-songwriter is a fantastic force of nature in… Continue Reading →

Jacob Rountree, Alli Bean, Pressure, and more…

Every single week I felt like is going to be harder to have better albums next one and yet here we’re again feeling the same way, and now it’s even greater since we had the first fourth albums of this article in pre-save weeks before the release Jacob Rountree, Alli Bean, Pressure, and Havoc Osiris. I want to say thanks to these artists that trusted in our work, really appreciate it and thank you as well for supporting them, much love to you, my friends.

Havoc Osiris “Evolutions”

“I always felt like some, we get so consumed with everything that we haven’t done, to the point that we prevent ourselves from appreciating the ways we actually have grown as people—evolved, if you will. I’ve done that countless times actually, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2021 that I really started to reflect on my own personal growth. That introspection actually served as the conceptual foundation of what would be “Evolutions”, and it actually complimented my style very well. Havoc Osiris

Electric High – Walls Fall Down

Walls Fall Down is a very impressive EP, highlighting not only the brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship of Electric High, but also their incredible musical versatility. While Electric High’s sound is generally rooted in hard rock influences, each track on Walls Fall Down succeeds in exploring a unique sound that reveals the wide scope of their music inspirations, demonstrating the band’s penchant for crafting amazing rock songs that continue to break new ground.

Disco Dreams “Cryptic [K]night”

“I honestly just wanted to make something somewhat happy and almost nostalgic here with this track. I know a lot of people are caught up in the worlds problems lately and I just wanted to make something nice and enjoyable that hopefully brings them some chill happiness in their life. I was just playing around with all my instruments one night and decided to sing over them as almost another layer of instruments. I was happy with the process and excited to release more singles after this one in the months to come as well! I think you can always expect genuine art that is somewhat adventurous at times to take the listener somewhere unexpected.” Disco Dreams

Suzitoy – “Lizzy”

“Lizzy” is the British trio latest track, available for streaming in June 3, and it carries all of that Punk attitude mixed with some elements of Rock. A heavy banger that perfectly fits into any category of the Punk genre, and delivers a high dose of power with its electrifying riffs while speaking about desires, jilted love and being the underdog.


“We all long for love that is unconditional, a state of being all our own. We strive to understand who we are, the face behind the masquerade we’ve always shown. We long to be ourselves but being wanted is a stronger drug. We pretend in order to be liked, tucked into our façade so snug. There comes a time we must awaken and shake off the dust. It’s time we listened to our spirit, IN A DARK HEART WE TRUST.” – Pressure

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