The Nation Mourns- “Laura”

With only his guitar and his expressive voice, O’Shea’s song is directed to a person named Laura. He sings about finally letting her hidden aspects and personality come to light, about embracing and loving herself for whom she truly is. But, who is Laura? Laura is a metaphor of that vulnerable person that we are afraid to show to others.

Grant Borland “Fragments EP”

“I was really inspired by composers such as Nils Frahm and Hania Rani. Both composers give so much life to the piano, and it’s taught me to listen to piano music much differently. I think some of that influence can be heard on some tracks on this EP, but it’s also very much authentic to my own sound too. I have a background in writing cinematic music for advertisements, trailers, commercials, etc…., so I think there is that undertone that probably separates my work from others. While this album feels experimental, I’ve been told my close friends and family that it also sounds like something that could be part of a movie score as well.” Grant Borland

The Infinity Process -“Losing Reality”

For the concept of “Losing Reality” we wanted to continue the storyline from our last single, “Sinister”, and write something from the prospective of the antagonists in that song. With this track, we take you into the mind of the people who live to brainwash and control others, and love to watch the world burn.

Michael Donoghue “Calm Palm EP”

“Last year I hit a bit of a creative wall where I was struggling to find inspiration and fresh ideas. There are some palm trees at the bottom of my garden that I see everyday, so I sat in my studio space one morning and decided to just start composing a track about the palm trees. Calm Palm is the result, and a purple patch of creativity followed suit. Michael Donoghue

Silverlux “Born to Chase the Sun”

“We’re heavy on the retro vibe. Although I have a modern computer-based studio, I don’t really use any sounds that weren’t around in the 70s and we try to reflect that with our visual aesthetic too. It’s not a conscious choice, it’s just what moves me. The lyrics will generally have a story, but they’re not the focus of the song, as it’s more about the sound and creating a vibe.” Clive Mead/Silverlux

Roisin O’Hagan “Road From Nevada”

Dreamy guitar sounds and smooth percussion invite into a soulful celebration of life, love for exploration and experiences, and love for the person she has grown to become. Her beautiful vocals soar high like an eagle, and the lyrics are tipped full of little references, tipping hat to the artists whose music had inspired her music the most, as well as giving a nod to phrase “sometimes dreams do come true”.

Shyli Madhala “Rainbows & Sunshine”

“My upcoming single ‘Rainbows & Sunshine’ is about our life online. How unreal and confusing it can be, how lonely it can make us. It’s a reminder to myself and whoever wants to remember with me, that our hearts want to be loved for the messed up human beings that we are, that we need a real connection between us to be healthy, not just a WIFI connection.”.


“Two Magic Symphonies is our first album consisting of 8 songs plus a bonus track. We have released 6 singles already, therefore the album release brings 2 new songs (+bonus) to the listeners. A meeting point between 2 different cultures, 2 different continents. Upbeat but mellow. Nostalgic but hopeful. Arrogant but sweet. Sweet arrogance. Real but mystical. Magic reality.” – Kingfisher

Great Value Jesus “Blush / Gen Z the Great Society”

“On the surface Blush is a song about love, once dug a little deeper it is about novelty love. This song echoes the pressures of what our society dictates what the narrative of love is. Through melodic hooks and vivid metaphors, Blush tells the chaotic story of Hallmark love. I’d call it a reflection of the plastic love our society indulges in. Gen Z the Great Society is about the zeitgeist that is generation z.


“Purple Dress is about a mysterious dark woman, a kind of chameleon. She doesn’t care what people say or think. She waits for the right moment to set herself free and to become who she really is, whatever it costs. The rhythm of this track reminds one of a tango in order to underline the fierce sensuality and the strength of the character. Also, purple is one of my favorite color so that’s why it came first to my mind when I wrote this song.” – Tatiana / Divine Decadence

Holly Wild “Thrill of It”

“Thrill of it is about the chemistry that you feel with someone that you shouldn’t, but there is an addictive electrification that you get when you are with them, and you can’t stay away. You know you should, but you don’t. It’s a type of torture, a self punishment that you put yourself through when you are with them because you know you can’t be with them, but the pain feels so good that you don’t turn away.” Holly Wild

Alli Bean- Outside Voice

“Outside Voice is about personal growth & boundary setting. It’s about learning where your responsibilities lie & sitting with the understanding that not all people are our friends, even when they smile brightly & offer us our perception of love. It’s about confronting who we are in the face of the way others see us & shouting loud truths while letting sleeping dogs lie.” Ali Bean

Hyooman – “Pilot”

“This album is our “pilot” so to speak – since this is our debut album. Pilot covers a variety of themes we experience in modern day: frustrations with social media, existential dread, finding yourself in an age of mass information and algorithms, capitalism, introspection, and nostalgia.” – HYOOMAN


“Purple” might become your favorite color after listening to this track. With a chilled landscape and reverberating guitars, this track is perfectly suited for a long-ride or an inner-experience while meditating. It has both electronic sounds as well as analog, a mix of wobbling synths with real instruments.


“We all long for love that is unconditional, a state of being all our own. We strive to understand who we are, the face behind the masquerade we’ve always shown. We long to be ourselves but being wanted is a stronger drug. We pretend in order to be liked, tucked into our façade so snug. There comes a time we must awaken and shake off the dust. It’s time we listened to our spirit, IN A DARK HEART WE TRUST.” – Pressure

Mass Experience “Rise Up”

““Rise Up” is top-notch and sits proudly as a very good example of electronic music that has been produced by someone who understands their craft. This probably comes down to Little and Poulton’s longevity in the Australian music scene but listening to “Rise Up” feels so satisfying with its homage to nostalgia and its ability to take electronic and organic elements to create a track that feels fresh.”

Matthew Lian Nicholson, S J Denney, Samseb Kierkegaard,and more…

I’m really thrilled to present you these great albums, so enjoy it and don’t forget to spread the word, we all have friends, or that social media group where you can always apport these artists,  it’s that simple and so much important, they also deserve to be introduced to all these unknown artists, otherwise they’re going to be missing some great stuff that can’t find as easily out there as you can do here.

Jonathan Harrington “Get Away”

I simply hope that people can enjoy listening to my songs. I have high aspirations for my music: that it helps people feel seen, heard and understood, and that it inspires people to reflect on their relationships and priorities. But more than anything, I want it to be something beautiful in their lives – even if it’s no more than a pleasant song in the background of their days. Jonathan Harrington

Tasha Blackmore “Brown Eyes”

“I wrote Brown Eyes around 9 years ago and I’m really excited to finally release it! Brown Eyes is a song about falling for someone you know deep down is bad for you. You already know the second you set eyes on them, it’s going to end with your heart broken and their heart just fine, yet you can’t turn away from them. Tasha Blackmore

DCxPC LIVE Vol. 6 PRESENTS – Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room (Original EP)

With the usual quality of the DCxPC Live recordings, here comes another fierce and powerful Live EP. Two bands, five tracks, a lot of Punk. Featuring high-gained guitars, metallic basses, nasty drums and gritty vocals, this EP continues the legacy of the Orlando-based label DCxPC.

S J Denney- 4 Reasons to Fly

The EP was recorded in the cabin at the end of my garden. Due to other commitments, most parts were done in the early hours of the morning. My approach to making music changed significantly before this record, with a focus of including a wide variety of world instruments. The EP is my first to feature a horn section, string section, harp and duduk (an Armenian woodwind instrument). – S J Denney


“Thematically, the lyrics draw their inspiration from Haruki Murakami’s brilliant novel 1q84. The twin moons that characterize the parallel universe in the story gave the song its name and inspired us to produce an alternate (or parallel) version of the track.” – My Friend The Chimpanzee

ettie “Until I Met U”

“As a queer artist it is important to me to sing my narratives of love and put them out there. When I was growing up I didn’t have the type of love I wanted playing on the radio, and I struggled to find artists I could look up to for it. I want to help other queer people feel seen and know that not only is it normal, but that our love should be celebrated.” ettie


There are some unique qualities to his music, which by the way carries a very analog sound. It is filled with color, interesting drum grooves, as well as catchy melodies. His upcoming single “Marry You” is a fairly optimistic track that channels all of his Manchester roots. Although there might be some sense of nostalgia to it, the single captivates with its honesty and distinctive taste.

Ben Teeney – “Perfect Stranger – Gretzky’s Advice”

“I developed a crush on one of my best friends after a mushroom trip, decided to ask them out via writing a song but between the production of the song taking a long time and mine and their schedule not syncing up, my friend actually ended up getting into a relationship before I could share the song with them- which the aftermath is covered on the b-side, “Gretzky’s Advice”. Obviously that outcome sucked for me, but at the end of the day, I’m thrilled that they’re happy and found love.” – Ben Teeney

Suzitoy – “Lizzy”

“Lizzy” is the British trio latest track, available for streaming in June 3, and it carries all of that Punk attitude mixed with some elements of Rock. A heavy banger that perfectly fits into any category of the Punk genre, and delivers a high dose of power with its electrifying riffs while speaking about desires, jilted love and being the underdog.

Jack the Owl “Calling”

“I wrote it last year in lock down when I was waiting for other people their approval and I was done with it. At some point I just thought I’m gonna do whatever I want instead of what other people expect. So I decided to write a song about it. I recorded it by myself in my home studio, the guitar part in the intro was the first thing I came up with after that the whole song gradually came together” Jack the Owl

Seven Days Rest “Traitor”

“Traitor, in its core is a visceral song about being betrayed. The beautiful thing about it, is that it can be applied to any situation that involves some form of betrayal. The birth of the song came from when almost every member of the band went through one or more forms of betrayal in the span of like a week. And from the pain and frustration came the idea of traitor. We had been really working towards trying to reinvent our sound as a band, and this was the perfect moment. So we took the song and ran with it. Trying to put as much emotion as we could into it.” Seven Days Rest


‘Lush (Reimagined)’ is a reminder that songs are merely snapshots of where a band is on any given day, that you shouldn’t draw a line under them and consider them having found their final form and that the best songs are those that evolve along with the band itself. – Tough on Fridays

The Mars McClanes – “The Worriers”

“My grandmother lived to be 99, so I spent most of my teenage Sunday afternoons at an assisted living facility listening to an elderly gang obsess over their life’s regrets,” Chapman recalls. “It wasn’t their mistakes—what ate them were the chances they failed to take. ‘The Worriers’ is our cautionary song for the cautious.”

Arlando Mba “Sweet Child Of Mine”

This is a very emotional ballad that will, no-doubt, touch the souls of all those of us who have lost their beloved. Most likely it will also offer solace to those for whom it’s their deepest fear. And as words often get in the way of explaining the feelings, it’s always better to seek solace from something as heavily relatable as this single and let the feelings flow.

Salt House Lavish “Staring Off Into Space”

Chef by profession, it’s probably not even surprising to learn Andrew created this tasteful single in his kitchen, in the middle of mics and wires. The artist has definitely got a knack on how to put together very different pieces, offering an evolving beat-driven experience that please those craving for something new and daring, and surrounding it all with the pleasantly mystical floating feeling highlighted with beautiful little arps.

Parallel, Pablo Suárez, Ophelia’s Eye, and more…

Welcome dear friends, what a great week of new music we have, right? We presented a lot of upcoming music yet to be released, I’m really happy to be able to provide you with these fantastic tracks that you can listen to them really soon, and we have a lot more coming this week, some really cool, outstanding and marvelous albums, EPs, and singles that you don’t want to miss out.

Guilherme “Persephone and The Ghost Brother”

An eye-opening listen designed to let you experience the world seen through the eyes of a person fighting with mental issues. The album won’t be available on streaming services. Instead, you’re free to check it out on his Bandcamp. There will also be a limited run of vinyl of this album with a total of 200 copies. That will be released in May this year and is currently available for preorder.

Under Delusion “Runaway”

The song touches on a very deep spot about the world and its social perception of it. It opens our eyes back from the pink situation that is trying to sell us everywhere and puts forward the real things which are much less beautiful and superficial. I feel like the song literally gives us a place to escape to.


“Everyone loves a good villain song, no matter how evil they might be, but we wanted to write a catchy song that everyone can sing along to and love. It was written almost a year ago exactly by our guitarist, Brendan DeBonis for a lyric writing class and is inspired by a true story (unfortunately, regarding the circumstance of the story).” – Gentry Blue

Natalie Rogers – Full Body

“Full Body” is my first self-produced track. Five years ago if you knew me as a musician, I was barely able to play any instruments. Now I’m pretty fluent with piano, bass, and drums which allowed me to produce this song. I worked on it all through quarantine and I’m super excited to share it with everyone!” Natalie Rogers

The River “Tick Tock”

“This song is about pushing through the doubts created by my own mind as well as the doubts other people have expressed to me. It’s a reminder that my reality is that of my own creation. The idea of time is something I think about a lot and I always feel like I am running out. I feel guilty about the time I’ve lost to distractions and bumps in the road. But really the only thing I think we as humans have is time. It’s not scarce, it’s the only thing we all collectively have the most of.” The River


Their latest single “Wasting Away” is a wild collection of pumped-up drums, striking bass, melodic guitar riffs and high-reaching vocals. It is a stand against the ordinary, an anthem to individuality and self-appreciation. It is the artistic fight against all that has been programmed into us, to follow and obey, to be one more in the ever turning wheel of corporate bullshit.

Son.person “Loved U More”

“A powerful, strong-minded statement from a boy who wants nothing more than peace. Loved You More is an ode to those who are tired of trying to be enough. This message of honesty and torn emotion, mixed with colorful sampling and roaring guitar loops, is definitely one of the more disheartening Son.person tracks. Take a listen for yourself and see whether this one’ll leave you crying in the club.” Son.person


So our booked week was used to complete “Deviation” and to record another album. This upcoming album, “All You Need”, which will be released on May 26th.
The first song we recorded was “It’s Not Love”. And the dark feel and dramatic sound colored the rest of the recordings. Aggressive Soccer Moms

Aza Brown “Afterthought”

YOU CAN HAVE A FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!! In mesmerizing Latin melody, guitar with an addictive sound, synths, a psychedelic atmosphere, and such a special rhythm that just makes you move. Perhaps the greatest feature of the song, apart from the lyrics, is the sound. A vintage retro sound that I have not heard for a long time, an amazing production that fills my ears and body with delicious music from such talented people.

Daniel McDonagh- “Country Turning”

Being alone in a wilderness also worked as a religious/spiritual metaphor for exploring faith, the dark night of the soul in mystical terms, and then seeing the world anew. The country turning alludes to change. Whatever that is in an earthly sense (who knows?) but also in a spiritual sense. Daniel McDonagh

Andrew Michael Meador- “Just Too Late”

“I loved composing this song, wrote all the parts, and played everything except the saxophone. The lyrics were the most important facet to me because I wanted to say what was on my mind and I was able to process a lot of what I have been experiencing lately as a citizen of the United States. I feel that if people are truly able to band together, then we could begin to resolve the discrepancies that plague the human experience; but, as it is, we are left craving justice in a cafeteria with a broken oven.” Andrew Michael Meador

Parallel – Parallel (Original EP)

Parallel’s self-titled EP is quite an impressive debut release, and a compellingly engaging listen throughout; at the same time that the songs on the EP convey the wistful feelings of isolation that listeners will surely relate to, their powerfully dreamy atmospheres also bring about a relaxing sense of tranquility. Highly recommended. 

Near Death Experience “Underground”

NDX have returned with a new single, “Underground,” which takes listeners on a grooving rock’n’soul adventure into an uber-cool subterranean place where “the beats get hot when the sun goes down.” As the band describes the new single, it brings to us a new musical genre: “subterranean swing!”

The Lunar Keys – “Oxygen Type”

“This track is the first of a busier release schedule this year with more Gigs and more Lunar Stuff happening. It’s also the first track where we’ve all been the big London Studio studio as a complete band together recording it as live as possible to capture the energy. It’s out June 10th (on all platforms) followed by three more tracks.” – The Last Keys

GrayBeat – “Levitron (ft. Wayne Sayres)”

I had this song sitting around. It reminded me of the feeling of being in a tractor beam, levitating weightless. I knew it had sort of a synthwave sound to it, and it had a downtempo retro feel as well. I thought it would be a good fit, so I composed about eight layers of saxophone using midi saxophones in Ableton Live, and I sent the performances over to Wayne for him to play and record using his alto and tenor saxophones. Unfortunately, there was a delay related to saxophone repairs that came up, but in the end, everything worked out perfect timing wise. -GrayBeat

Greg Bounce, The Magic Epic, Inconnia, and more…

Hello May and you all, thank you so much for being here, another week is gone, but we have more cool stuff for you, dreamy soundscapes, epicness all around one these albums, a couple of fantastic female albums that I’m sure you’re going to be delighted, synthwawe, folk, jazz and more, so I’m sure you are going to find in these 9 albums/EPs something right for you.

Jake Inzerra “Elevator”

“The song ‘Elevator’ is a metaphor. Real, hard talk behind a beat you can dance to. There are days when I feel like I am trapped in an elevator. I am helpless as I go up and down in this claustrophobic box that I can’t leave. Whether I’m on cloud nine or hit rock bottom, I sometimes feel like a slave to my own emotions. And I think that is something a lot of people can relate to. My music is a gateway into the inner workings of my thoughts, and sometimes the best thing to do is to face these wild emotions, sit in them, learn from them, and ultimately purge them.” Jake Inzerra

Under Neptune – “Throw All Away”

Being deep inside an emotional turmoil is a situation difficult to escape from. But today’s featured single is about successfully going against all odds and finding the light in what seems to be a never-ending tunnel. “Throw All Away” (pre-save now available) is a hard rock track by Under Neptune that does not shy away from throwing hard punches straight to your gut.

Snakedoctors “Friday Night”

The second verse then sees buzzing, retro-sounding synths enter the mix, their melodies and textures bringing to mind old-school electronic bands like Kraftwerk; while additional layers of synths later join in, harmonizing quite well with each other and building further on the track’s retro electronic vibe.

The Magic Epic “36”

“36” is a stunner of a debut album coming with 10 songs full of heartfelt feelings – it even “Starts with a Feeling”, and the whole journey lasts for 36 minutes. Loaded with epic blasts of guitar riffs, soul-transcending vocal performances and warm, sometimes echoing soundscapes, the album makes a perfect companion to take to your own journeys.

Lost Like Lions “Medicate” (feat. AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer)

“‘Medicate’ is a song about being young, making mistakes, and embracing them. It’s definitely a song of nostalgia, and the days of your only worry in the world being ‘What friend group am I hanging out with tonight? And what will I be drinking for the night?’”. Lost Like Lions

Red Skies Mourning- “Where You Been?”

The backstory is not knowing that you’re hurting someone due to your own internal issues(low self esteem, self doubt, thinking that person is out of your league, you don’t deserve them and other struggles…). Only realizing what you’ve done after that person opens up about not feeling important or worthy and they eventually leave, hurt. After realizing all this, you’re hurting a lot as emotions slowly come back… search within yourself to find yourself, understand and love yourself so that you are also mindful of others’ feelings. Also becoming more emotionally available. -Red Skies Mourning

The Chamberlains – “Last Night in Norwich”

“Last Night in Norwich originated some time back as a (failed) poem I wrote in a Blue Mountains motel room, in the dark hours of one morning after watching a particularly morbid documentary. I had this crappy, 30-odd-second guitar idea I had recorded separately, and while messing around later on in my home ‘studio’, I discovered this musically suited the tone of the lyrics rather nicely. Voila – a Frankenstein’s monster.” – Mike Stephens

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