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Feyer’s outstanding EP “Bridging the Gaps”

“This EP was birthed out of the Covid-19 pandemic when everything felt so uncertain. Outwardly with the uncertainty in the world, but inwardly too, I was struggling with my own future and the future of the music world in general. So, I hunkered down in my home studio and continued making the music I felt…

Dave Belding new single “Purge And Flourish”

“I spend a lot of time at night thinking and reflecting. I have insomnia so I’ll often go outside with a nice single malt scotch and roll up some goodies in the middle of the night and hang by the fire pit and bounce around to the hot tub or whatever.” Dave Belding

Brendan Baker’s whimsical new single “Mixed Signals”

High heart rate, lyrics of sheer honesty, no time to stay still, and doing the very best ad shooing the nervousness out of the door, “Mixed Signals” by Brendan Baker is a bright pop song and arguably a perfect contender for Summer Song 2023.

LEUER’s newfound love bliss on “I Can’t Believe I Found You”

After a hard breakup with his former partner, LEUER eventually found new love again – and the life-changing kind. In his latest single, “I Can’t Believe I Found You”, LEUER sings about finding someone that is exactly the right fit and everything about them brings you joy and hope for a long life together. It’s…

Strange Souvenirs – “Coma Cluster”

“Coma Cluster” by Strange Souvenirs sounds like nothing they’ve ever put out before, definitely their weirdest and most intricate composition up to this point, and a thrilling new path for the brothers.

9 O’Clock Nasty powerful new single “Mood Is Low”

“Mood Is Low” is the 9 o’clock Nasty going back to what gave them birth. Like the prodigal son, or an excommunicated John Wick looking for solace, 9 O’Clock Nasty returns with 2 minutes of pure aggression, sweaty T-shirts, and high levels of self-induced dopamine.

Bad Ass Beauty – “Blast Off”

After her amazing last two singles Broken and 4 Horsemen, LaQuinta Prince AKA Bad Ass Beauty is making an extraordinary comeback with “Blast Off”.

ettie’s new single “Miserable Life”

“Miserable Life” is a revenge song, of sorts. You know when someone goes out of their way to make your life more difficult for whatever reason? In “Miserable Life”, ettie’s facing that exact situation and her response is to wish the exact same thing for the other person.

The Electric MZ introduces breezy new jazz single “Dawn”

Hailing from Sweden, The Electric MZ is a band exploring rhythmic jazz-rock compositions. Formed back in 2013 and releasing music since 2015, the band consists of saxophonist Stefan Wistrand, guitarist David Lindh, bassist Mattias Greén, and Johannes Rytzler and Johan Carlsson playing keys and drums respectively.

Crash World’s yearning new track “Cup of Coffee”

You can’t help but think about that first date with someone you love when you listen to it and watch the video. “Cup Of Coffe” by Crush World is the kind of song that can’t help but bring out strong emotions and feelings, leaving you with a smile on your face.

Lump200, LAUTMALR, Herald K, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 19, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give the a chance and listen to it. The album of the week is for Lump200 and “Isles Of You”…

LAUTMALR – “In Between The Noise”

In this album, “In Between The Noise” LAUTMALR presents 8 tracks of mesmerizing sonic qualities, from somber to magical, the album moves forward like a motion picture, just like a soundtrack taken out of an art film.

Beatdenker, Tom Craven, Halfpace, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 18. The album of the week is for Beatdenker a man beyond his time, an avant-garde musician in the electronic side of music, always pushing the limits further and further and I love it exactly for that, always challenging our ears and minds, also Tom Craven and Halfpace new…

See How memorable debut single “Can’t Be Me”

This may be his debut solo single, but See How isn’t a total stranger – he is the British half of electronic duo Pariis Opera House, a production team that has been releasing music for over a decade now and has been lauded for their genre-defying approach to songwriting and production. On his first solo…

Dogboy great new single “Rush”

Dogboy is a band from New York that creates emotional Indie Rock tunes, so far they’ve released three singles, “That’s What We Wanted”, “Cowboy Killer” and their most recent “Rush”, putting them in the scope of many fans of the genre across the country.

Frank Joshua’s marvelous new single “You Are All I Need”

How do you explain what’s going on inside your mind? Frank Joshua has taken on the visual of endless streets running through self-doubt and anxiety and embracing goodness, as a way to explain the inner mind. This is his fresh single “You’re All I Need”, a flowing house tune with a dreamy indie pop songwriter…

Solar Soundz, Alec Berlin, Yana, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

Hey, I’m back with 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 17 thank you for your support and for being part of this blog, the album of the week is for Solar Soundz and DJ Flipcyide and their debut album “Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them”, but not the only gem here, Alec Berlin release…

Clare Easdown’s revolutionary track “Not Ready to Die”

It is my absolute pleasure to be once again talking about the lovely and talented Australian artist Clare Easdown. This time around, she brings a brand new track titled “Not Ready to Die” and everything about this is a revolution on its own, making it sound oh-so-special from beginning to end. To kick things off,…

9 o’clock Nasty brand new single “The Gastronaut”

“The Gastronaut was recorded in a mad 9 hour dash before we had to abandon ship. There are no second chances to record a vocal when dirty river water is coming up through the floor. Our studio has now been relocated to a building and boat is awaiting a crane to recover it. Except the…

LUMP200 new dance of chaotic elements “CEX”

“Cex” by Lump200 is going to be released on the streaming platforms on April 28th, save the date, and is the third and last release of the album, as “Isles of You” will hit platforms on May 12th.

MadZen hypnotic brand-new single “Llanuras”

“A Downtempo track with lots of organic elements, and soft & lush pads that keep waving across the beat. After finishing it, it kinda made me feel like walking across beautiful plains, surrounded by huge mountains. Hence the title “Llanuras” which means plains.” Madzen

Birdeatsbaby’s obscure new single “HEX”

If you don’t know Birdeatsbaby, they are a group of multi-instrumentalists from London & Brighton who specialize in heavy and dark music. Inspired by elements of goth, metal, and even religious elements, they create uniquely macabre songs.

Bad Ass Beauty – “Broken”

LaQuinta Prince, AKA Bad Ass Beauty, is an artist from Los Angeles, USA, who has only released three singles so far, including “Broken”. She’s a powerful R&B singer, who is stretching her abilities toward Rock and even heavier genres.

Five Door Sedan’s epic new single “Not Sorry”

Fusing elements from 2000s indie rock and post-punk revival with sunnier, surf rock melodies and horns, Five Door Sedan is going all in – and it’s only their beginning! Their production is insane, and extremely well-mixed too.

JUNK Chirps Back with new single “Squakin Like a Bird!”

What makes JUNK a particularly interesting project is the overall body of work. “Squakin Like a Bird” is only the second song in their catalog to feature full-fledged lyrical verses and vocal arrangement. The first being the highly acclaimed “They Call me Old Man” released in February.

I Panic – “Forgot to Tell Me”

What I Panic seeks to convey in “Forgot to Tell Me” is not just feeling like being “the last to know” when the relationship was over, but also the regrettable realization that once again, the song is about “her”.

Culture Shock! great debut single Flashflood

“Flashfood” by Culture Shock! This is just one of the new songs they have in store for us, recording everything in their hometown of Cape Coral, Florida in a small little studio called “The Star Sound Studio”. You will listen to a crunchy sound and a powerful beat led by clean vocals and high-gained riffs.

Born Astray Return with Smashing New Single, “Not Gonna Stay”

The band released an official music video for the “Not Gonna Stay” the day before it dropped on streaming services, an important note, as Born Astray has historically made strong connections with their audience by regularly releasing personable, stimulating, high-quality, visual accompaniments with their singles. It’s an added dimension to their art that makes listening…

DCxPC New Volume 15: No Coffin

I was hooked right away. This was some killer metal but with great ardcore/punk influences. It was fast as hell, dirty as fuck, and heavier than I’d seen in a long time. Mr. P (DCxPC) on the first impression of No Coffin

M.Krebs Drops a Killer New Album “Peggy Lee”

You should listen to the whole album “Peggy Lee” by M.Krebs. It is a work of art that is an easy listen front to back. If I had to call out a couple tracks that I feel would be a great introduction to the band, their vibe, and signature sound, I would recommend

Arei Moon’s strong and empowering “Trailblazer”

Arei Moon is a young artist who works very hard to get to where she wants to be, and she most definitely is on the right path. “Trailblazer” is a song that arrived so fully formed that it’s hard to believe it doesn’t come from a bigger name. So she’s becoming a Big Name herself.…

Clinically Sane outstanding debut EP “Tales Of No One”

Tiago Freitas, the man behind Clinically Sane, is finally revealing his upcoming EP. A rush of emotions, electrifying riffs, and over-the-top vocals are what await inside “Tales Of No One”, with five tracks that tackle different subjects inspired by real-life stories.

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