9 O’Clock Nasty – “Rise Up”

“The world is objectively a worse place. A scarier place. An increasingly threatening and uncomfortable place. Where are all the protest songs? Why are all the handsome and interesting looking rock stars not inciting the masses to resist? No, we don’t know either, but we have decided to do something about it. We are now officially a BOY BAND, and this is our love-pop-power-ballad of insurrection.” – Nasty

7000apart – Feel Your Feelings (Side A) EP

Mental health is important, and 7000apart know that. The duo is making music that originates in dark places, but always moving forward and hoping it will be better. Hope alone won’t cut it, you have to put in the work – and these two are doing exactly that.

DAVA’s Journey Back from Self Discovery

Our true liberation lies on the other side of our emotional pain. It is not possible to avoid it or to walk away from it. The only way is to head straight for it, embrace it fully and walk through with an open heart. I wrote this song called “Back To Myself” to remind you that we are in this all together and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

DAVA on the meaning of the new single

Shyli Madhala – “Hysteria”

“As a woman with Endometriosis, I believe that my diseased genes go all the way back to the 19th century, when women were locked up and institutionalized for being women, and further back to the days when wise women were killed for being witches. I’ve learned to internalize this pain; this song is a reminder to set myself free.” – Shyli Madhala

Bridget Kelly Quinn “Dead Flowers LP”

Life has been bringing in surprising turns and changes, particularly in the recent years. But even if the changes are for the worse, there’s comfort and solace found in between. Bridget Kelly Quinn’s debut release was co-created with guitarist and keyboardist David Lennon, comes titled “Dead Flowers” and is home to 10 songs, which all touch a theme sprouting from her personal life, as a mother, daughter, sister and a friend. Thus, the album’s 30 runtime minutes are packed with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Maybe Human Invokes “Ape Law”

“One day a voice in my head said, “You must make an album based on the original planet of the ape films” I followed that voice and worked diligently to complete the album.” Maybe Human

Luke Frees – “Most Of The Time”

“The a-side, Most Of The Time, began with the concept to write about how the worst part of breaking up is all the jokes and anecdotes you shared with someone start to fade away, and you realize pretty soon they won’t exist to anybody anymore. It’s got a haunting violin part played by my very good friend Corwin Zekley, who I’ve collaborated with a lot in the past.” – Luke Frees

Gavan Waldby “Thanks For That (Instrumental)”

Not long ago, Gavan Waldby came out with a very personal song titled “Thanks For That”, which was dedicated to the four special women in his life that have always been around having his back. Now, the artist has finished a new, instrumental version of the song.

Maria Lane “Maybe I’ll Feel Better” EP

Her debut EP is full of such life-inspired stories, making it a release to listen to for comfort whenever you’re feeling low yourself. The introspective and diary-like release has 8 songs with a total runtime of about 25 minutes.

Rebecca Sichon – “Together”

“Together is a song I originally wrote during an emotional improv session. I sang about overcoming fear, paired with the necessary reflection of my honest emotions surrounding love.” Rebecca Sichon

Signal Static – “Objects of Affection”

“We had signed on with a record label run by a well-known personality in the local music scene and things were going well until allegations began to surface about his behaviour towards young women he had been “mentoring” who made the very brave decision to go public with their experiences of grooming, relationship abuse, and sexual exploitation while involved with him.” – Signal Static

Lump200 – “Kryptomarch”

“Kryptomarch” is the first single release of their upcoming album “Isles of You”, together with the social-audio web-app islesofyou. It is a futuristic mix between electronica and organic elements, which include a heavily processed bass clarinet and vibraphone. It is very difficult to identify which is which as it is all very carefully (and heavily) shaped.

7000apart – “Stand Together”

7000apart is here to prove to us that all we really need is hope. Hope for better times can really keep us going, and as long as we’re together it is always possible. This is a very powerful song, with a great message.

Nick Noon Brings Out The Sunshine

Insomuch as the artist puts it, it is indented to “take listeners on a sonic journey that will have people appreciating life a little bit more.” And here we are uplifting my spirits going into the holiday tomorrow. You can add “Nick Noon’s Music” to my list of things I am thankful for this year.

Samantha Knight – “Dreaming”

“When listening to my music, one can expect a glimpse into the said event, feeling, or person, and get to know a little bit about it in the song.” Samantha Knight

I Am The Unicorn Head – “Cosmologic Adventuring”

“Cosmologic Adventuring” marks the Prologue of this exciting new series, and it presents our space heroes as they are launched into the sky and beyond the stars, drifting away from Earth. It’s well known that the unicorns have a strong affinity for David Bowie, and this single is not the exception, for it carries a strong influence from the Blackstar.

Colline “You Make Me Feel”

Lost in the pleasant haze of purplish pink and carried away by a million butterflies, this lively song feels infinitely young and positive with no end.

Bravo Bonez “Treason” (feat. Alba Rose)

The new single sees this prolific and busy New Zealander teaming up with a charming vocalist Alba Rose. Together they wrote the song, and Alba provided her enchanting, layered vocals that enhance the dramatic scene taking place in the single.

Sano Hill – “Feel Love”

“The lyrics are spare and direct – but hopefully clear. They are inspired by what is going on today – the upcoming season of goodwill and the journeys home that many people take to family and friends is also an inspiration – but also the many millions around the world who have been forced from their homes (particularly in Ukraine but also parts of Africa, Asia and beyond) and the need to remember them also.” – Sano Hill

Carpe Diem “Pixie Dust”

Enhanced by the ghostly beautiful melodies coming from a hang drum, a wonderful instrument of healing energy, as well as the vibrant sound of flute that is arguably the instrument for fairies to play, the storyteller song encourages its listeners to never give up on your dreams, to find magic in little things in life, as well as highlighting the power of kindness.

Evil Sweet – “Out Of Nowhere”

“Sometimes, love punches you in the gut when you least expect it. “Out of Nowhere” synthesizes a range of sounds, moods, and lyrics to capture the emotions felt when love hits you.” Evil Sweet

Rye Catchers – “Sometimes”

Behind the vibey, electropop sound lies an internal dialogue – one that wrestles with the inner and outer world, reconciling the two, and going slightly mad. I wanted the conflict to remain light-hearted and not become heavy, but I also wanted to counter-balance the summery pop feel with a struggle, and opted for an internalized wrestling match where the singer seems almost content being her own zany person, perhaps a little nostalgic, as she comes to terms with the modern world that she shuns as she dances naked in her own mind and spins old school vinyl. David McClintick Roberts

Sophie Dorsten “Whisper in the Dark”

To further instill the toxic and dark theme of the song, Sophie created very fitting cover art for it. Drawing inspiration from old horror and mystery novel covers, the song’s cover art has everything – the vulnerable me-character out in the open, the eery surroundings and most importantly, the barely visible hooded figure with undeniably malicious intents never too far away.

mUmbo – “Rollin’ Over”

“After so much darkness, fear and deep uncertainty in recent times, and despite the fact that the world is in a state of awful political megalomania and gunshot rhetoric, we just wanted to say something hopeful, something connective, something of light in the darkness. We hope we have done that both sonically and lyrically.” mUmbo

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 03 (50-41)

Important to mention that this is an exercise that I do for fun, for love to share the music that I enjoy the most during this year, to highlight this artist that deserves much more recognition that they have right now, it’s only a picture, that you and I can take a look now and then and remember some of the great moments that this bands give us during this year.

Tough on Fridays, Easy on the Ears

Already bolstering high praise and critical acclaim, this record is, in my opinion, one of the best independent records of 2022 amassing 50k streams and counting on Spotify. They snuck this one in right as we were closing out right before the holidays!

N4November – A World of So Much Hate (EP)

In his debut EP, N4November invites us all to feel the world with him. The good, the bad, the very unlikely and the somewhat possible. “I don’t know how to live in this world of so much hate”, he sings in the title track. None of us do, Alex. But we keep trying, and songs like these helps.

Quizboy – “Not Like The Others You Know”

“During this one [the EP], I’ve been sober, and I just felt like a stronger person that had finally dealt with a lot of stuff. In particular, the “regrouping” of myself mentally and physically lent a hand to diving further into more technical aspects of production, and I think the results reflect that.” – Quizboy

Lost Club – “Apathy”

“Apathy” is a rumination on the results of Western culture’s insistence on the denigration of emotions. The idea that emotions are not to be tolerated creates a resistance towards feeling, resulting in apathy. The song details the apathetic mindset, where emotions are void and discarded. I’ve often found barriers within myself that create dams towards my emotional energies. The verses describe this inability to feel, while the chorus reveals a yearning for feeling and the acceptance of everything that comes with it. -Lost Club

Anne Bennett – “Snake in Paradise”

“This person had been my best friend for years, and they hurt me so badly with their complete narcissistic tendencies. I almost ended up in a mental institution over it. Singing and recording this track helped set me free”, Anne Bennett

Gillian Stone, Catherine Elms, Lupis, and more…

Let’s move on with this Week 46 for the round up 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to. As always, my friendly reminder so you don’t forget to support these artists, please. Only the ones that you feel in your heart and soul, all of them have something to say to you, you only need to gives them the chance to do it, remember that everything counts, I’m sure they’re going to appreciate it every little thing that you can do.

Kevin Whitaker’s Fight Song

It packs a snappy snare drum, thundering bass, and raspy, chest voice chants/shouts of “Put your crown back on and Fight!” There is definitely a bit of an industrial flavor mixed into the sound.

The Wren “please don’t joke about dying”

“I wrote this song back in the spring after a conversation with a friend of mine. I realized that this person didn’t know how loved they were, and I didn’t quite have the words at the moment to convey that. I went home and wrote this song the next morning. I kept it pretty simple- I felt there wasn’t much more I could say than the words that first hit the page.” The Wren

Gillian Stone’s “Spirit Photographs”

“My music processes riding the waves of mental health, particularly as it relates to dysregulation, addiction, shame, relational trauma, and dissociation. Because of this, I speak candidly about my lived experience through my music and expressions of artistic identity as an act of de-stigmatization.” Gillian Stone

Jane N’ The Jungle – “Raw As A Jewel”

“As an artist I am always striving to write, sing and perform in my most raw authentic self. It was a fight within myself, a feeling that felt as if I wanted to crawl outside my body, and I wanted to portray that emotion in RAW AS A JEWEL.” – Jordan White (Lead singer)

Bones in Butter – “Down But Not Out”

“The song is a tale about ordinary people living, suffering and surviving in a hostile environment dominated by a malevolent, corrupt and immoral elite.” Bones In Butter

Shockpowder – “Flutter”

“Flutter is my latest attempt to capture a dream. Even just an ambience of a dream speaks so powerfully. I feel really inspired when I read about artists who captured their dreams in paintings (such as beksinski) and want Shockpowder to be the sonic version of that. This particular dream was an enormous, empty and silent valley that went for miles and miles, woods scattered throughout. The ground and the sky were dark, mostly all I could see were the shapes and the dark green and black. The only movement was butterflies roaming freely.” – Joshua Scurfield

Galactapus and “The Lustful Arts”

Galactapus is truly one of those bands that you can’t fit into a “box” or genre. The band has expressed the very intent to be “stand-alone” and “compelling” with their artistic expression.

Alec Berlin – “Patchen Avenue”

“This song is a little quieter and more reflective than the other songs that I’ve recorded lately, and I really like the contrast. It’s nice to be able to take a breath and relax a bit.” – Alec Berlin

Catherine Elms- I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It

I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It starts of as a powerful heavy rock album and transforms into something completely different, as we follow Catherine Elms’ emotional journey. She masterfully constructs a cinematic way to guide us through it in an original musical and lyrical sense. We experience anger, sadness, happiness and hope throughout is fourteen tracks, as we identify ourselves with its anecdotes and emotions.

Leo Kelly-Gee’s Ode to Odes

Headphones is a love letter to the indescribable feeling that you get when you have your favorite music playing in your ears and you can’t help but dance along and imagine you’re the main character in your own music video. But, of course, you’re never really alone when you’ve got your headphones on. Leo Kelly-Gee on the “meaning” of latest single

Axe & The Ivory – Find It

The first verse is about getting to a point where you can’t communicate or really hear one another anymore (or not like you used to) because there is so much history that overlays everything. Rosie Roberts / Axe & The Ivory

Chris Ianuzzi – “Lonesome Highway Superstar”

“My initial idea for a video was a “Road Warrior” type with a beat up car on a desert highway. After I thought about this and saw what Serkan and Ilke did with AI in making the video for March of Madness, I thought it was time to search for something different. I thought, let’s put the character in space and make the journey Cosmic. I shared my thoughts with them and off they went.”- Ianuzzi

Skar De Line’s Third Chapter

“The lyrics ask questions such as: If we do well, but no one saw what you did, did it really happen? If your life work is something that the world does not care about, what is your life worth? And are there any limits to what we can’t do to get that attention, that worth? All this comes from his mind and his internal struggle with his own nihilism, and the urge to understand himself.” Skar De Line on “No Eyes in Paradise”

Nadirah X “I Got You”

“I Got You started out as a poem as do most of my songs. Once I heard the track Ned Douglas sent the flow felt right and then the chorus came pretty easy. I stay very fluid when I approach a track and just allow whatever emotions to flow, flow naturally. Also, I’ve been working with Ned for many years and there is an amazing chemistry that takes place during the creation of our tracks.”

Nadirah X

Lupis. It’s Probably More than Fine.

“Something I’d say to first time listeners to this album try to appreciate the raw sound of the album. It was entirely intentional, and we as a band feel it represents what we actually sound like…just maybe under ideal circumstances. We put our hearts and souls into this, and we hope you can hear and feel it.” Spaz of Lupis

Clinically Sane – “Midnight Library”

“Midnight Library” is Tiago’s newest single and also the second single from the upcoming “Tales of No One” EP. Titled the same as Matt Haig’s novel, this track is actually about a true story.

Ollie Twohill “Hollow”

““Hollow” was inspired a relationship breakup, where my partner at the time decided to abruptly end it. I was completely shocked and blindsided even though it was an amicable parting of ways. Was feeling stunned and rocked at the time. Thinking back on those feelings and the situation, I decided to write a song about it and how I felt at the time. It was a hollow feeling.” Ollie Twohill

Electric Sol – “Looking For Love”

“The most amusing things have happened after the song came out. It’s been used to make lots of funny Instagram reels and TikTok videos, with people looking for love and not finding it, scrolling through Tinder, things like that. Someone also posted on Twitter that “Looking For Love” was one of their favorite new releases. The other two had titles like I Crush Your Skull and Weaponize Your Dreams, so we thought that was funny.” – Electric Sol

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 02 (75-51)

Important to mention that this is an exercise that I do for fun, for love to share the music that I enjoy the most during this year, to highlight this artist that deserves much more recognition that they have right now, it’s only a picture, that you and I can take a look now and then and remember some of the great moments that this bands give us during this year.

Aggressive Soccer Moms – “That’s How I Feel”

After the success of their previous release “It’s Not Love”, the group has now composed and recorded lots of songs. “That’s How I Feel” is their next single release preceding their upcoming (and seventh) album “Quint”, scheduled for release in February 2023.

Alas de Liona “Spirals”

The spacious and somber sound she creates is hard to pinpoint with something as basic as genres, but it definitely reaches out to the listeners whether they want to connect with the topics at hand or just enjoy the music for what it is.

I’ve Tried Sleeping, Bridget Kelly Quinn, Mayshe-Mayshe, and more…

Hey, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend and, I hope you’re ready to go with this album of the week that this week belongs to Charlie Edwards aka “I’ve Tried Sleeping” that today is releasing his self-title debut album and you can find it in your favorite streaming platform and if you feel like it can support Charlie via Bandcamp buying it.

The Dust Collectors – “Take A Dive”

The idea for “Take A Dive” was born through sea shanties of the 1920’s and their narrative approach to music and various stories of Irish immigrants that had to work for the mob to make a living.

Ilona Mahieu’s New Single, “Ribcage”

“For first-time listeners, if you love that familiar melodic rock sound but crave more drama, emotion, and beauty, then I am here to take you on a musical journey and experience the darker feminine side of the genre.” Ilona Mahieu

9 O’Clock Nasty – “Sleepy Policeman”

“Sleepy Policeman is a new start. We think we’ve shown the world we can make a garage rock anthem. Instead of giving you 16 more, we’re going to take you to some new places.” – 9 O’Clock Nasty

Songs For Sabotage – “Shadow”

It’s been a while since we heard from Songs For Sabotage but that doesn’t mean they’ve been standing still. In fact, they’ve already written new music and have been playing live this 2022. Heads up, a new album is coming up in 2023 and this time the Los Angeles duo returns with a more synth-heavy and minimalistic sound.

Joshua Martin – “High Go Down”

“My new single “High Go Down” was recorded one year ago in Southern California. The photoshoot for the cover art was shot in early October in Joshua Tree. The photo I decided to use was a behind the scenes photo taken by my sister on her iPhone. I hope the photographer who happens to be my friend isn’t too mad.” Joshua Martin

Birdeatsbaby – “Illuminate”

Lyrics present some kind of a romantic tale between two lovers, where they both seek to escape from the weight of it all. In the video you can see Fitzgerald as she performs what seems like a summoning ritual, maybe for her lover, maybe for something else…

SERENA “Heartworm”

“Heartworm was born one night, at 3 am in the morning in my little bedroom in London. I had this melodic line stuck in my head. I tend to write very “wordy lyrics”, I guess you could say that it’s because I have a lot to say, but for once I wanted to have something short and concise for the chorus, to highlight the core of the song: the word Heartworm.” SERENA

For Goodness Sake, Jim Jagger

For Goodness’ Sake is a kooky song about lots of nasty stuff that seems to get regularly ignored or that some people don’t ever hear about because the information isn’t widely publicized. I could have probably created about 100 more verses, because that’s humanity for you! I don’t wish to down-play a lot of great things about humanity though. Jim Jagger

Rob Lea – “Time Of My Life”

“This song is very personal to me. I’m one of those people that will not stop. I am determined to create a better life for myself, my kids and my family. And even through the endless struggle and rejection life throws at you, I carry on, because I know in my heart, I can die a happy man knowing I’ve give it my all. That said, as I’ve grown, I also see more and more how fleeting time is. So, I try harder and harder to give myself that time to enjoy life. But boy, am I gonna party when I can’t hack it anymore.” – Rob Lea

Genevieve Sovereign feat. Ben Tenison “Vibration Angle”

Depths of intricate lyrical meaning, emerging from carefully woven musical tapestries through each release. With “Vibration Angle” only the beginning, work unfolding from this collaboration will surely enrich the electronic dance music space in profound ways.

Factheory – “Got You (OK Lion! Remix)”

It is a track for all you children of the night who want to go back to that beloved sound of Industrial and Goth Rock. The dark overtones create a composition that can be easily appreciated, and which could set up the mood for any alternative bar. Factheory also happens to alternate between French and English verses, adding more interest to their lyrics.

Eric Cohen A.M.E.N.

Cohen, who grew up in a household of addiction and poverty, has made it a personal mission to vocalize his story through art and lyrical poetry and inspire others to overcome their personal struggles just as he has.

Onism E “It’s Not Over”

Onism E seeks to help out the people stuck with this obscure sorrow by bringing the life experiences in awesome song-shaped parcels. Previously the project had released “Lin Manuel”, a single dealing with insecurities and society’s default of envy and hatred, and such life-inspired stories continue to shape their music along with countless musical inspirations.

MOTE – “Hello Divine”

“Hello Divine is a good representation of what the audience can expect from me now and forever. I’m always searching for new perspectives and ideas. That’s what the song is about too, trying to get something you are desperate for. I’m trying to understand myself, the world, and trying to become a better person through the process. They can also expect me to blur the lines of dark dance music with rock n roll, and sexuality with spirituality.” – MOTE

Petra Jasmiina “Naïve”

Her music is a class of its own, pulling the best from folky imagery the endless creativity of electronica and the potent energy of brilliant pop singers. A dash of magic later, you get beautiful imaginative music full of wonder and soul.

littleuniverses – “Sword”

On this track littleuniverses explores the notions of love and longing, writing about someone who idealizes the digital, online version of the person while still yearning for the real one, like a twisted take on Dorian Gray or something we’d read about in a Neil Gaiman short story.

Jeremy M “Gone Forever”

“Due to the illness, I had developed, I missed the university application deadline so after my final year of school was over, I took a gap year. Unfortunately, I was too sick to do anything exciting, but as a reward for putting up with it all, my dad got me a laptop and for the first time I was able to experiment with the production of some of the songs I had been writing.” Jeremy M

Deleo – “You Feel”

This is the second single from the album “The Best is Yet to Be”, following “Satellite,” released in June. The album is set to be released January 27, 2023. Musicians Emilie Clément, Denis Navarro, Felicien Bousquet and Benjamin Marmier further the story from “Satellite” in “You Feel,” deliberately linking the two most “pop” singles of the album, in an assumed way.

Karma Brigade “Alive”

Sometimes “now” sticks out like a sore thumb. We have this tendency to only notice it when things don’t suit us. Only as annoyance, anger, frustration, all these things occur. But how many wonderful “now’s” do we gloss over and let pass by leading up to those moments of conflict or constraint? That is the very essence of this single, which is the first to be released from an up-and-coming album entitled, “These Are the Good Old Days.”

Top 100 Songs 2022 Part 01 (100-76)

Important to mention that this is an exercise that I do for fun, for love to share the music that I enjoy the most during this year, to highlight this artist that deserves much more recognition that they have right now, in no more than a picture, that you and I can take a look now and then and remember some of the great moments that this bands give us during this year.

Moon and Aries, Stars Align for “Episode 2”

“Break the Matrix” is a conceptual trilogy, each consisting of three tracks. In episode one, there were themes of “invasion” and anticipation for something (“Closer and Closer”). In this new episode, only two of the three tracks currently have accompanying music videos available to carry forward the visual part of the saga.

Abby London “Off The Grid”

In the world that’s always connected and online, most people barely remember the time when the only phones were landline ones. It was a lovely time when you were not expected to be around to answer at all times, and somehow it was so liberating.

Wotts – “Something”

“We didn’t want to become a band that just made 80s music, but we liked the idea of grabbing timeless sounds from that era and combining it with more contemporary production […] We might make pop style music, but we don’t limit our songs to ‘traditional pop’ structures. If we can surprise people in our music, that’s exciting.” – Wotts

Anita Eccleston- Gala Gardens

I became overwhelmed by world events, the War in Ukraine is devastating, and the pandemic has taken such a toll, I needed to find a way to feel in control of something. Using creation as my vehicle, I poured myself into this in March of 2022 as a sort of side project challenge. It became so much more to me. The name and titles were drawn from my connection to my garden and the natural world. My garden has been a safe haven for me, a place for serene reflection, which this album takes to heart. Golden Hour and Gala Gardens as a whole album is soothing like a balm.

Ordinary // Colours – Frustration has never sounded so sweet

It’s a song that was inspired by my own personal and friend’s experiences in dealing with workplace frustrations and was written as a therapeutic exercise for myself to attempt to channel the emotions into something that would be more constructively creative. It also coincidentally comes at a time when we are looking more critically at constructing healthier work/life balances and not having to tie the identity of ourselves to our occupations. Ordinary // Colours

Betty Reed’s Deep Take on the Shallow End

“When depression sets in, it’s not like I’m in the deep end of a pool struggling to not drown. It’s more like this feeling that I’m floundering in the shallow end and there is an easy way to rescue myself. I merely have to stand up. But it’s hard to do even that when your brain is malfunctioning.” Betty Reed

Clara Hannigan’s “Human Heart”

I noticed about “Human Heart” is that she is not speaking from the first person in this one. She is singing as a narrator in third person, yet she still delivers a very emotional performance vocally. That concept (the storyteller type) is a Folk music approach. Interesting.

BAAJ & BAAJ- “Sweet Earth”

“Sweet Earth” is a deep dive into adversity. How can we handle it in today’s divided context? Baaj & Baaj constructs an atmosphere through his harmonic experimentation that invites us into this state deep reflection. As he builds up his ideas of how to live in the world, the harmonies and melodies seem to grow more and more complex as he transmits a heavy emotion of solidarity.

De antiquis et novis – “Time Is Running Out”

“Time Is Running Out” begins with a couple of reverb-drenched piano stabs, quickly followed by a steady Techno kick and chiming, digital Hi-Hats. As the song progresses, the jumping bass begins to unfold slowly but surely, and a female vocal appears to warn us that, in fact, time is running out!

Ten Eighty Trees – “Wear Me Down”

“The track shines a spotlight on the pressure we put on ourselves to be more than we currently are and the stifling exposure to content that makes us feel this way. It causes so much unnecessary anxiety and yet we all seem addicted to feeding the industries that cause us to compare ourselves with airbrushed versions of reality, me included.” – Ten Eighty Trees

HWDU – “Better You Than Me” EP

Second track “Better You Than Me” is yet another fierce track of epic proportions that slams at us with a powerful vibrating sonic structure. Maybe it’s just me, but this track reminds me of some good ol’ 90’s / 00’s Rock.

No Dream – “Blacked Out”

This track focuses on the things humans hide behind for happiness — what they perceive as happiness. When all they are looking to do is mask emotions behind wealth, little pills, shiny objects and kardashinaistic gossip. What is left when you take all that way? A personality? A Black hole? Real optimistic stuff. Nicholas Jackson aka No Dream

Martina Magionami “The Virgin’s Fountain”

Piano, slow tentative percussion and round bloops fill the damp chilly atmosphere with blue hues, and emotions soar high. Unreachable memories, the omnipresent pain and emotions that remain filling up the head, “The Virgin’s Fountain” is what it feels like to lose something really good and coping with the pain of grief.

Romain Gutsy’s Girl from Kerry

It’s a song that takes on the approach of one of those storyteller-type of folk songs. Alas, this is Romain we’re talking about here! So, he adds his own unique personal touch on it by telling a sad story, but in absence of any sadness.

Everything But The Everything – “Never Said”

I originally wanted Sophia to sing on song 9, which became “In Love Again” but she wasn’t really vibing with the track. She wasn’t the only one. I had asked other vocalist/singers to take on certain track and all of them seem to be uninspired. So I suggested a song swap and it worked! Sophia quickly dug the driving bassline. The song was a skeleton at the moment but I knew it was going to come together and I think she felt the same. Internally, what I referred to as song 13, became “Never Said” with Sophia Prise leading the charge.”- Izzy

Unkown But Essentials (Oct 2022)

Each moth I’ve been putting new marks for this playlist, this time 304 tracks total, and here are the TOP 10 tracks for the past October, feel free to dig the whole playlist, because I only highlight 10 but I bet you’ll find a lot more to enjoy here.

Meet Jaxyn Lethe

“The day I wrote the song, I was going through a tough breakup, was taking a break from school, and my best friend and I had just gotten into an argument. I felt like all outlets of social connection that I had were gone, and I truly didn’t know what to do.” Jaxyn Lethe

“Sacramental Anger” by Pressure Kicks off Halloween

In “Sacramental Anger,” the story is about a solitary witch who can bend anyone to her will. She lures into the depths of a mystical forest with a gentle lullaby. It’s a hypnosis that the band poses the listener with the question: “Will you be able to resist her spell?”

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