Romain Gutsy – “If You Don’t Mind”

With the groove of a wayfarer, the track moves forward like a chariot over a wavy road. Making use of a clawhammer banjo and an aerial and stellar production, Gutsy charms his way through his deep raspy voice and clever lyricism.

Pressure “Change Me”

“How can you tell a story about life if you haven’t dared to live life to its fullest! Pressure is all about every story, every moment, every Pressure!” Pressure

Laredo’s Bag – “Last Night”

“hmm…. I’m too old to play games with all of this, so I’ll begin by saying that as a seventy-year-old I’m enjoying challenging myself in countless respects by ATTEMPTING to write and produce (solo and with the most basic of “desk” studios) quality songs — despite my severely limited musical/technical proficiencies”. Laredo’s Bag

Constanza Herrero “Crossing Words”

“I hope to offer comfort to anyone who is experiencing an extended dark time after their breakup. I want them to know they are not alone but above all I want them to know that there is hope. You can heal.” Constanza Herrero

Robbie Rapids’ Jasmine Girl

“She’d come back to the house in secret when I was at work for a few weeks to do laundry etc. while getting resettled.  This song is my perspective and written during this difficult time of my life.  The song was never fully finished until the pandemic gave me lots of time to work on original songs and really start digging through old memories.” Robbie Rapids

9 O’Clock Nasty – “By All Means Necessary”

You just gotta love this Garage Rock raccoons: Their hilarious sense of humor and plain talent; their own, unique approach to making music; the clear and solid friendship they have with each other; their excellent music videos made with almost zero budget. You’ve got to admit, their DIY approach to everything they do has clearly worked very good for them, creating for them a solid identity both on social media and their community.

Amateur Ornithologist – “Building the Bird”

This is a great Pop extravaganza album filled with lots of Psychedelic overtones. “Building The Bird” is an album about coming to terms with who you are, delivered with a beautiful cosmic landscape and a retro-feel. PRE-ORDER NOW! (RD Streaming platforms Oct 21st) What’s going on, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back. It’s your boy, MadZen,… Continue Reading →

Kaisa Rya “Rough”

“I still remember the first time I worked on “Rough”. I was on the train to Munich for an acting job and I thought of my boyfriend and how nice it would be to be together now and that it doesn’t matter how – as long as I feel his touch. Kaysa Rya


“’Faded, Not Jaded’ is about everyone having a different version of you in their head. That version might change, but you’ll never be able to control or understand it. It makes you question lots of things,” says guitarist and lyricist Evan Cox (15).

Vince Chinaski – “Opportunities”

“Opportunities” presents a soundscape that paints a picture of the sea. Its harmonies create a sense of distance, of what is to come from the future. Over the sea of harmonies, the melody rocks upwards and downwards, as if carried by the waves: Soothing, but with a sense of danger always present underneath.

Only Bodies – “Only Bodies” EP

“Hey there! Thanks for checking out Only Bodies. We hope you’ll go on a journey with our self-titled EP as it explores the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love. Our music aims to balance sincerity and honesty with thoughtfulness and tact. Also, to make you wiggle your booty.” – Only Bodies

V/Terpan- Sun

I believe it is my most mature work so far both lyrically and musically and the one that is the closest to my personal music taste. It was mixed by Massimo Paramour whom I trusted for all my music so far. Those who haven’t listened to my music can always expect a mixture of genres. V/Terpan

#NEWmusicAlert- Leanna Oki’s latest single

Healing must first begin with feeling the feels. Leanna Oki is niched in this particular genre of music. It’s not so much about what the subject matter is, as much as it is about “you aren’t in this alone.” Oki’s approach to artistic expression in this manner is what connects her so closely with her audience.

Evil Sweet – “Queen Victoria”

Written by Curcie and Castro, the song follows frontman O’Brien-Curcie and his infatuation with his summer fling. Based on his real-life girlfriend Victoria, the song tells the story of Scotty chasing after his childhood love who he grew up with on the north shore beaches of Long Island and getting rejected throughout adolescence before reconnecting later in life.

Britny Lobas – “Hollow”

From start to finish, the song carries us under its Bluesy wing, as Britny softly begins to tell her story. Moving forward, the frustration in the artist’s voice becomes more and more apparent, until it finishes to explode in a last chorus of wailing cries, proper of a banshee. Original and familiar, this tune stands out thanks to its rock and roll eloquence, and its humane imperfections.


This song is about a positive vibration that we should all lock into and enjoy the happiness that life brings without the stress of the system. People should look forward to hearing more happy songs with smooth soulful vibes intended to lift spirits and hearts.” Neepz

Kit Citrine “Midnight Masquerade”

Kit Citrine’s new album “Midnight Masquerade” is an autobiographical release looking into the artist’s life events from the past 2 years. Home to 15 songs and running for 45 minutes, the album covers a variety of highly relevant themes.

The Baker’s Basement “Wild Wild Sheep”

Expect each song to be pretty different. We view each one as its own personality, and we nurture them as such. Every creative decision is all about what will help a given song find its full potential and life. Some are extremely minimal, with just a couple voices and a guitar. Some are a lot more active and in your face, involving more rapid fire lyricism, driving electric guitar and drums – programed textures and percussive effects. And although some of our tunes are purely instrumental, we absolutely love words. To us, words are paint. They allow a listener to touch and feel and see. They are often illustrative and we try to pick out words that make what we’re singing about tangible and conversational. Adam Grindler / The Baker’s Basement

Ann Beretta – “DCxPC Live Presents: Ann Beretta Live, Like A Riot! Live From The Broadberry (Acoustic)”

But for real guys, this album is an absolute delight through and through and it deserves every stream and every share, and every purchase! In case you need one more reason to buy the album: The vinyl is pink and the covers were individually screen printed by Ann Beretta’s singer/guitarist, Rob Huddleston, so no two covers are identical.


“You are welcome to dive into my heavy Latin grooves from rock and reggae to funk and dance.
Get lost in the intersecting sounds. I wrote this new album, ‘Reflexión’ as an antidote to our
recent shared experience of inconceivable isolation. The melodies will lift your internal vibration
towards positive energy,” – Eljuri.

Aza Brown – “Sticky Situations”

A psychedelic-tinged track that presents a beautiful landscape of warm melodies provided by an upright piano, subby bass, and a wonderful bed of strings. Reversed violins add a lot of movement to the table, while the swinging drums and groovy percussion set the foundation for its otherworldly march.

Sano Hill – “Sing Out Loud”

“It’s a song I wrote during the pandemic and speaks to concerns I suspect were shared by many musicians, and people in general as we returned to normal life after a period of enforced restrictions, rules, etc. The song is about letting go and beginning again and having the confidence to ‘Sing Out Loud’.” – Sano Hill

Laurelight-“Open Your Eyes”

“Open Your Eyes” is an alt pop anthem, with singalong epic chorus, funky guitars and hook synth patterns. Written a few years ago, it’s a song about finding inner light in the darkest times! First time listeners, what should you expect? Open your eyes is a song for those about to groove, so fasten your seatbelt as the 30th September is getting closer! -Laurelight

Unknown But Essentials! (Sep 2022)

Another great month no doubt about it, really crazy this playlist is becoming, 250 tracks so far, and you bet this number is going to be higher at the end of tomorrow, but I can’t wait more so here are the TOP 10 tracks this month.

Junkyard Romantics – “Mona Lisa”

“The feelings of insecurity and anxiety are explored in the verses, while the chorus celebrates the joyous truth that real beauty is found in knowing the one you love better than anybody else does.” Junkyard Romantis

Madison Davenport “Oh Shit!”

“So I became friends with someone, we had a lot of chemistry but tried to keep things “just friends”. We spent all our time together and seriously became best friends(with an underlying air of major attraction). One day I decided to go 20-30mins out of my way to get donuts for them, and on the ride to their place I looked over at those donuts and had that wonderful/terrifying realization “Oh Shit… I really really like this person.” I got the inspiration bug and started making voice notes, and by the time I reached their house I had fully written “Oh Shit!”. Madison Davenport

The Connecting Dots “Treasures in the Valley”

Each of the 10 songs have their own part in the whole picture, and none of them copy from one another. Thus, the listener gets to hear long dreamy guitar instrumentals along with Helena’s sweet voice, synth-driven ethereal soundscapes, cozy yet mysterious movie-esque tunes and rocking songs full of driving energy.

Sam Feinstein- “Chasing the Bull”

“I work in tech (audio-software) in Silicon Valley. As a result, I meet a lot of “Crypto Bros” that are willing to invest in anything from Floki-Inu to Squid-Coin, and will pitch these “opportunities” to anyone willing to listen. I’ve always had morbid fascination with cults and pyramid-schemes, so these pitches sounded very familiar to me. “Chasing the Bull” is more or less a compilation of every crypto-coin, NFT or investing course someone pitched to me.” Sam Feinstein

Clinically Sane – “Eternal Recurrence”

“This particular song is about derealization: a mental state where you feel detached from reality. This song was my way to cope with my personal episode of derealization and how I dealt with it. It’s about questioning your own sanity and keeping it all to yourself because of the fear of not being understood. It’s something very close to me, as it still happens here and there and that I had to learn to live with. In the end, I hope that with this song I can show that with professional help, we can learn how to live with our mental issues.” – Tiago Freitas

Aurelia “Sinister Things”

“Aurelia is about introspection, but also celebration! I think that, because I’ve made some really dark music, that my persona is rather morose, and that the songs aren’t meant to be listened to in times of joy.” Aurelia

Blue Lush – “Save Me”

“I wrote this track when I was healing from a breakup. When you’re young and in love, it’s easy to fantasize and idealize a relationship. You think you’re gonna be with that person forever and that they’re gonna “save you.” In reality, you make your own rules. Nobody is in charge of your life like you are. Writing this song was reminding myself of this concept!” – Blue Lush


“I started making music during the lockdown period here in the US. I have always loved music and at the time I was hosting my own radio show on the Stationhead app. An internet radio app where anyone could host their own show and play whatever they want. I still have shows there. As a fan of EDM music, I was excited when I learned the legendary festival “Tomorrowland” was going to be virtual that Summer (20202). I got the idea of making my own music having played around with samples before. And so began my love of making electronic music.” – Scott Foster


“As silly as it sounds, this song is actually based on a true story. For some reason there have been more boys that fit this description around me than you’d guess, but if you know me, you know that none of them have been romantic relationships with me. But this universal idea of “the type” (whether we have one or not) was so fascinating that I knew I had to write a totally sassy pop banger about it. Type is a light and funny take on staying true to yourself, what you like, and being confident about it along the way.” Ainsley Costello

Blueprint Tokyo “Say Anything”

Throughout “Say Anything,” there is a unique and wonderful synergy between the impassioned vocals and the melodic and textural aspects of the instrumental work, bringing about a mood that is steeped in reflection yet compellingly evocative. 

Strangely MORE THAN Alright: “Not The End” by Strangely Alright

What’s also of interest about this single, is that it is the second of a four-song arc that began this year with the single, “Life in 3.” I thought that was a pretty cool idea. We are all familiar with concept albums, but I don’t believe I have ever seen a band apply a “concept” to a string of singles.

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – “Opposite Poles”

“I wish I could tell you what this song is really about but I haven’t got a clue – I only have theories. Michael wrote the words and sang them (in his “vocal booth” which resembles a homemade sarcophagus but is actually quite comfortable). I did not ask nor did he offer the true meaning of the lyrics and that is always good enough for me”. Lee Leffler

Yoyo Nagase- “i don’t care.”

The listener should expect to be transported across genres from indie pop, to bedroom pop, to alternative with a beautiful layering of saxophone and ukelele at the end. Hopefully, the listener will be able to feel relaxed and leave behind the stresses of everyday life. -Yoyo Nagase

The Brouhaha – “The Brouhaha”

“Four of the most wretched, smug and off-putting people you’d ever be sorry to see. These vulgar and vile vermin got together and had the audacity to start a band – bunch of lowlife wasters. They think they’re really good but of course they would. Nobody else should like The Brouhaha but check ’em out and see for yourself.” The Brouhaha

Big in Borneo – “Sertraline”

“Never be scared to ask for help, and don’t be scared to open up. That’s what I want people to take from this EP” – Big in Borneo

Jennifer Alvarado “Catfish”

I love fishing and have always heard how catfish can make noises to fool people into thinking it is something else. The same idea goes for a wannabe Casanova who really only cares about one night stands and adding to his pile of broken hearts. With social media, people can pretty much be anyone they want to be…whether it’s real or not. Jennifer Alvardo

Triple M- “What If You Fly”

“What If You Fly” creates a sonic space that transforms and grows more and more elaborate with each passing moments of the track. Starting in a minimalistic, and yet extremely atmospheric scene, the guitars establish a sweet melodic leitmotiv that repeats throughout the track, which creates a sense of nostalgia, like a lingering memory where we slowly begin to remember more details.

Chris Mason – “Justify”

“First time listeners can expect great melodies. It’s what my songs and lyrics are initially born from. It may be a slower song, it may be a higher energy track with a faster tempo, but melody will always be at the heart of them all.” – Chris Mason

Michael Donoghue- Fractals

“Fractals is mainly inspired by my mini obsession with repeating patterns. I’ve got a journal at home where I fill in a few lines for each day of the year over a 5 year period. I’m 4 years into it, and I’ve found that things such as moods, feelings, and even illnesses seem to occur at around the same time every year. I found this quite fascinating and wanted to represent it in some sort of musical way.” Michael Donoghue

Patient Lounge “Hard Truth”

“Hard Truth,” portrays a conversation with a younger version of yourself, telling them not to give up on their dreams—a statement that many listeners will surely relate to. “We have to many friends who have given up on their dreams early and work jobs they fucking hate. This song is telling our inner child not to give up and not to follow in the footsteps of our mates that are miserable 5 days a week,” says  Zach Eather (vocals).

go4broke – “Don’t Speak”

I wrote “don’t speak” during a time when I was really struggling with my anxiety. I would run myself in circles about things that weren’t all that big of a deal and it just took me out of it. I felt like my anxieties were keeping me from speaking or really conveying my feelings to people around me. So I decided to write a song about it. The entire chorus was freestyled and the rest I did write before recording but the song came really quickly.

Paraphon “Anecdotes of Wired Minds”

“We‘ve recorded the album over the last year in our home studio. We‘ve done everything completely diy from songwriting and production to the design of the artwork and all the music videos for the singles. On the release day we’ll have a release show for the record in our hometown St. Gallen.”

Lewca – “Friday Night Rockstar”

“Friday Night Rockstar” is Lewca’s new upcoming album made with long time collaborator S.O.A.P. both had a hard time thanks to Omicron, and they decided to spend their time creating a full-length album about time passing, personal doubts and demons, abuse and dreams that will never come true. Don’t look so sad, the album is actually super fun!

Matyascorvinus- “Her Shadow In The Flame”

“Her Shadow In The Flame” is inspired by the witch hunts and the unjustified violence against human beings. At first, Matyascorvinus decided to make it a horror song, but later became a song of longing and sadness, about those who have disappeared due to unjust events, events that have been going on even today with the war.

An Awkward Social – “Once It’s Over”

“Once It’s Over is probably the song that took me the longest to complete so far. I’ve been dealing with some anxiety issues and writing this has been a form of therapy for me to try and understand what was going on with me. The idea is that the vocals is what is going through my mind, while the uplifting bass and chorus is the happy image I portray.” – Franco

Indoor Friends – “Are You Sorry Yet?”

“This song is about moving on but still wanting to see the person who hurt you doing a little worse than you are. We wrote it while reflecting on past relationships and wondering if the people would ever feel sorry for their part in the relationship falling apart.” – Indoor Friends

Danny K – “Handsome & Crisp”

“I’m presenting listeners with an avant-garde experience that is both spiritually fulfilling and musically captivating. Inspired by the jazzy era of 90s Hip-Hop as well as the more industrial, experimental trap sound of the 2010s onward, Danny K seeks to push the boundaries of music even further, bending genres and breaking barriers. Furthermore, on top of the unique production, Danny offers his lyrical ballads with words that truly capture the attention of the listener.” Danny K

Yana “Funeral of Life”

“Funeral of Life” is the third and final single coming from Yana this year. This and the previous two songs will be part of Yana’s upcoming debut album called “Journey of the Soul”, set to release soon.

BEES! – “Bees in Space”

This is an amazing Chip Tune Rock experience filled with hyped rhythms, exciting 8-bit melodies, and lots of dry humor. “Bees In Space” brings new life to the retro arcade world, delivering big explosions of gritty riffs and maniac drum playing. LISTEN NOW! How’s it going ladies and gentlemen? It’s me, MadZen, and today we… Continue Reading →

Jodré “Conversations”

Enter the bliss of Jodré’s newest single “Conversations”. This Portuguese singer-songwriter hails from the UK where he lives, and his music is pure soulful r&b vibes, inspired by both the modern hits, the alternative and the classics.

Motihari Brigade – “Algorithm & Blues”

The album’s cover art features red wine spilling from a shattered glass of elegant stemware, symbolizing the decadent party that is now winding down while a new generation seeks its place in a diminished world. Matahari Brigade

Silas Armstrong – “Silver”

“Silver is a song about my mother. She is the silver lining I refer to in the lyrics. I wrote the song as a gift for her after she was getting jealous I’d written so many songs about my father (which is most of my debut EP ‘So Much For Love’). My mum and dad were in a band together in the 80s, a lot of my inspiration comes from them.” – Armstrong

Chris Caulfield – “Walls Come Down”

“I can remember my wife repeatedly commenting how this wasn’t real, this wasn’t me, nothing was making sense, and in retrospect I of course agree, and it’s part of what made this such an awful stretch, that feeling of not being able to really connect with where you were mentally, emotionally in a moment,” Chris Caulfield

Sharl “City Lights”

There are deep looks into the upsides and failures of relationships and dating, thoughtful and rebellious songs about societal problems experienced as a woman, as well as stories stemming from her experiences connected to her past record label deal, and many more.

Angelina Luzi “Let It Go”

“Let it Go was written when I was confronted with a moment of transition, it really signifies time for change, by means of walking away from painful past experiences and a silence endured through all these experiences which froze me from being able to express my feelings through music.” Angelina Luzi

James Alynes- “JIM BEAM”

While being seemingly minimalistic, “JIM BEAM” is a complex track. It constructs an atmospheric emotion of helplessness that is transmitted unto us with its harmonies, which transform with each passing moment of the track, uncovering their intensity. James Alynes masterfully delivers with his intense vocals. He also manages to introduce wordplay that gives the complexity of the music to the lyrics, and gives them a hint of metaphoric weight.

Alba James, Sharl, Aniqa Dear, and more…

I’m always promoting Bandcamp (no, Bandcamp is not paying me for this) I’m only looking for you as an artist to have the best tools that you can have to get known and pay for their art (and you know what this is well deserved and as fair as you can get), and as a music fan this is one of the strongest ways you ca support an artist, so don’t forget to take a look and if you find something that you love and are able to support and damn sure the artist is going to appreciate you.

PolSky – “Halcyon Daze”

“Halcyon Daze” is PolSky’s newest and second single release preceding their upcoming debut LP, which is said to be a collection of Indie, Pop, and Rock sensibilities influenced by corporate zombies, elderly love affairs, brain function, mid-noughties video game addiction and the human obsession with shouting louder than everyone else. Such album is currently slated for Spring 2023.

Virginia Marcs – “This Time”

” ‘This Time’ could have stayed in that dark space easily, but then I was like: No, this is not where I am anymore, this emotional space of despair and resentment. I’m ready to move forward. I wanna take it back. So, the song is very snarky and irreverent. It’s got one eyebrow raised the whole time; it’s got its sassy pants on. Then it’s triumphant, like … this is it, this is my time, my body, my heart, my life. And nothing anyone can do or say can take that away from me!” -Virginia Marcs

Jackson Watson – “Feels Like Yesterday”

“Thank you for giving me a chance and I hope you resonate with this song. It means a lot to me, and I hope for anyone that went through something similar can find peace within this track. And for my music in general, you can always expect a natural look into life through the lens of someone so young yet quite experienced more than you’d think.” Jackson Watson

Chip Pirrs “Tønder”

“Tønder is a town in southern Denmark. People in Europe specifically in Germany and surrounding countries go there to get married. Think kind of like Las Vegas but with less pizazz. It can be an adventure to travel there and when you get there you have to set up “residency” in the town before you can marry. So, it’s a town full of stories of love and loss.” Chip Pirrs

The Infinity Process – “Dystopia”

“Sometimes it’s hard to just function and find any happiness when you are constantly stressing and thinking about any difficult things you’re dealing with emotionally or physically. The world is a mess, and it’s easy to get caught up in all of the anger, fear, and sadness. Once in a while, you need to let go and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Stare into the sky and drift away for a bit. Reset your body. Just be free.” – Kimberly Tingley / The Infinity Process


“Betamax VS VHS” is one hell of a track that works as a satire about the excessive, non-sensical opinions going around all over the internet. A soaring single filled with fat, fuzzy guitars and aggressive drum playing, garnished with energetic chants, screams, shouts and all of that. Nothing feeble about it!

Galactic Fuzz “Transparent”

“The name of the band comes from my fascination with science fiction works by the likes of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Frederik Pohl, and some of our sounds and lyrics influenced by that, even if not apparent at the surface”. Javier Guell / Galactic Fuzz

Mike Stoyanov “Everything You Ever Wanted”

“The story behind the song is about chasing your dreams and never giving up on them because the only way not to realise a dream is to abandon it. And yes sometimes it’s hard and you want to give up but if you really love something if this is really everything you ever wanted you keep going man and never give up.” Mike Stoyanov

Monroe Moon- “Glad To Exist”

“Glad To Exist” plays with the musical layers to create an ever-expansive soundscape. Monroe Moon’s creates an atmosphere in which we soon find ourselves immersed in. We feel as if we were in a busy street with each instrument representing everyone walking through it. We smoothly flow through the wave of people, finding a new emotion on each face, on each note and chord.

The UNCRTN – “Forget About Me”

“It’s basically a song about getting away from stuff that brings you down and tries to change who you are as a person. A reflective moment in life when you realize you have stopped connecting with the group of people/friends you have grown up with. That you want no part of the same ideals, thoughts or viewpoints that people close to you have. So you just have to get away from all that toxicity, whether it’s physically or metaphorically.” – The UNCRTN.

Lonnieclaire – “Flock o’ Fakes”

“Flock o’ Fakes” is an original fusion of grunge and rock but also power pop. A slightly disharmonic, vastly original tune that brings together lofi textures with a familiar sound.

Mark Wink “In a Dream”

Mark Wink’s newest release takes us to the world of future populated by humanoid bots. As they do their daily work duties with precision, the robots don’t seem to have a soul anymore. Or do they?


This track has one of the coolest intros ever. “Birdman” is a Delta Blues inspired track that mixes reality with fiction. Laidback drums and soulful chants make of this single a wonderful debut for this London duo. LISTEN NOW! Hello my friends! And welcome back to your favorite music blog. I’m MadZen and today we… Continue Reading →

Benedicta Syran “Let Me Be”

As the name suggests, “Let Me Be” is a brave-chested song that seeks to push aside all those that try to steer it off the path and bend to their will.

Conner Eko – I Didn’t See You At All (Live Acoustic)

” ‘I Didn’t See You At All’ is about some of this and is also an apology for not being present, not “seeing” her for such a long time, and for not being the partner that I needed to be. It’s about new beginnings, honesty, vulnerability, and humility. It’s also about the start of forgiving myself and knowing that you cannot truly love someone else until you love and forgive yourself.” Conner Eko

ZADAR “Halos On The Moon”

“Halos On The Moon” is introduced by brightly echoing notes from an effects-laden guitar, bringing about a melancholic, dreamlike atmosphere from its outset. Isa Nielson’s hypnotic vocal melodies soon join in along with steady post-punk-inspired rhythms from the bass and drum machine, adding quite well to the track’s somber chord progression.

Alba James- Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls by Alba James is a short EP with a wide arrange of ideas and emotions. An exploration of intimacy, depression and derealization with a touch of experimentation. Alba James creates a special soundscape that explores, making us think of a physical manifestation of the emotions she explores in the album that takes the shape of a bedroom in our minds, a flow of consciousness rarely seen in music.

Moon and Aries “Break The Matrix (Episode One)”

The duo’s new plan is about as otherworldly – seeking to overcome the Old World, Moon and Aries is set to bring forth the New World, and the first part to come from the process of building that is their new EP “Break The Matrix (Episode One)”.

Kills Across the River, RAMEY, The Forces, and more…

Hey, I hope you’re doing great and having a fun weekend my dear friends, you guess right, this is your favorite music blog Less Than 1,000 Followers or LT1KF if you prefer, you know our thing is support unknown and mostly brand new talent, the best that I can find week in and week out, and this is Week 36 for the round up 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to this week. I have some really cool stories to share with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Herald K “Wandering Aengus”

“Others have interpreted this quite famous poem before, I try my best to create my own unique version of it, and probably my greatest source of inspiration is the not-so-well-known recording of William Butler Yeats reciting it himself (which I stumbled over in a Dublin exhibition once).” Herald K

Rob Lea – “Freak”

“As for the song the chorus came first for me. I liked it because it was one of those simple lyrical hooks that can mean many things to many people. For me it was about fighting that voice inside yourself that says you need to change for people to like you. For me, embracing everything that makes you a “Freak” can lift the weight of social expectations and allow you to live your life, unapologetically.” Rob Lea

The Margaret Hooligans – “Feedback”

“Feedback in music is when a mic pics up a distorted signal from an amp and creates a terrible noise that makes you cover your ears as a reflex, so it has a dual meaning for us there as well, because when I see too many comments on a FB post about something controversial, I can’t let myself read that because I don’t want to be poisoned by it.” Meg / The Margaret Hooligans

Eve Whelan “Wasted Youth”

Eve’s newest single was born last year, when she left home to begin college. Getting further and further depressed by being far from home and outside of the city, as well as covid restrictions that minimized all social events to a zero, the then-17-year-old woman felt like she’s unable to experience things as a youthful person away from home. So, she wrote “Wasted Youth” as a way to express all those frustrating thoughts.

Charlotte Hall “This Love”

“This Love” leaves behind all heavy feelings and dives into sunny soft guitar-driven melodies. It’s an indie pop-folk song full of love and appreciation, a story of a supportive partner through the eyes of the artist and the dreams they wish to take on together.

S J Denney- “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?”

S J Denney brings forward a feeling of hopeful nostalgia with his music featuring baritone electric guitar, piano and an awesome muted trumpet solo. This assures that, no matter what you like “I Don’t Know If Thhis Changes Things?” has something that you will love. Its atmosphere transmits us a feeling of bittersweetness engulfs us.

Griffen Handshake – “All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors”

“All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors” is an energetic fusion of Punk and Alt Rock. Exciting, highly distorted riffs, powerful drums and a tight bass act as the foundation of this high-speed, Punk Rock track. Brave vocals deliver a strong message, intended for those who act over-qualified and put others down
for what they want to do in life. Same old story: “Oh, you wanna be a musician? Great! Have you considered studying for a real career also?” and all that BS.

Randy Beth “Kaleidoscope”

“Kaleidoscope is a hopeful pop / r&b track that sets the scene of a first date. it opens with the sounds of light giggles and exciting energy. throughout the track you can feel the hesitancy from a person who has spent a long time hiding from her own light, only to find it reflected through the eyes of someone else.”
Randy Beth

Fendahlene “Get Over It” (Kevin Shirley mix)

The initial idea for this track came from a lyricist we have worked with from time to time over the years, Clare Catt. She sent us a story which knocked our socks off, it felt right in line with the themes of the album we were then planning to record, the album that would become High and Low and Back Again. Ashley Hurts / Fendahlene

To Hell With Tradition – Blurred

“For as long as I can remember, there has been this universal force about certain music coming, for example, from the speakers of my parents‘ yellow, old BMW whenever we took a ride and listened to random mixtapes. A force that – if only for a moment, for the duration of a couple of bars – made me feel a soothing oneness with the entire universe and yet a bittersweet ancient longing born out of the knowledge about the general volatileness of this sensation,” Achim Hofmeyer AKA THWT


“We are being treated like fools, the cost of living is becoming unbelievable, and unpayable by the majority of people, whilst the rich, and in power get richer… I know this has been going on around the world for decades now. We need a change. A revolution? Stay safe, keep on keeping on!” Ruiz!

Near Death Experience (NDX) – “Living”

Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s vocals shine with graceful highs and lows and layered do-wop harmonies while Bill ‘The Professor’ Mar-ten hits the keys of an encircling organ. Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover on bass and Alan ‘The Milkman’ Perkins on drums and percussion rack up their accolades with a playful beat and skillful harmony.

Dionne Sturdy-Clow “No Way”

“Well, bad break up arguments with no resolution and poor mental health!….wit no prospect of comfort I made my own and stayed under the duvet…..I think if you’re lucky enough to own a bed, you have probably done something similar!….” Dionne Stury-Clow

Clyde Syde – “Love Hate”

“All my life I have watched close family and friends in and out of toxic love hate relationships, one minute they’re madly in love doing crazy weird things for each other and the next minute they hate each others guts. I was really inspired to try to write a song that had all the elements of those feelings and situations.” – Clyde Syde

Xoe-B “Valentine (You Can’t Have Me)”

“I started writing Valentine (You Can’t Have Me) around Christmas time after the big family get together, was being pestered about “have you got a boyfriend yet” and “you need to hurry up get married and have kids, no one is getting any younger” and honestly, it’s THE MOST FRUSTRATING conversation ever! I’ve been hurt a few too many times and needed time to heal but no one seems to understand that so I put all my frustrations into this track.” Xoe-B

The Vonics, Novak, Denials, and more…

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