KAROSHI – “Fun4evry1” & “Pinhead”

“The ironic thing about FUN4EVRY1 is that the song is about how genres and labels reduce the value of music, reducing who may listen to it and the opportunity for it to be shared. If music was just “music” then it could be for everybody, where these days many people won’t listen to a song if they think they don’t like that particular genre, so I included my child on the recording sharing the message because it really is that simple. The weirdest thing is that we don’t know what genre the song actually fits into!” – Karoshi

Neave Marr “Lie To Me”

Neave has spoken on how being an artist is her biggest dream and goal, stating that “there is nothing else I can see myself doing in life, [so] I’m going to work as hard as I need for this dream to become a reality”. Now in the process of achieving what she’s set out to do, the up and coming star is determined to keep going at her current pace and giving better quality with every new release, making her an artist worth keeping an eye on.  Neave Marr

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