“Basically, when I met Strontium, we were just friends but I liked him instantly. I was with another fella at the time, but I wanted to impress Strontium and I found out he liked The Who. So I bought a compilation CD of theirs to listen to and then eventually started seeking out full albums. When I was no longer with the other guy, I sent Strontium love notes with obscure Who lyrics to woo him.” Meg


“Over The Rainbow” was written in loving memory of Under Delusion’s friend and talented musician Maxx Verkhovski. Maxx worked with them in a studio when they recorded demos of Fairy, Pain and other songs of their debut album. “We had a great conversation about music, artists and music-making just a day before he passed away”, the band explains.

Chapell “Gold”

“Chapell’s music tries to explore the real world. How many of us look back in a combination of admiration and envy at the king and the queen of our high school prom? For some people, the prom was the high point of their lives. For most of us, that period was a never ending scene of awkward interactions.” Alan Chapell

tdotostudios “AFUA”

“I wanted to spearheading a new sound called Afro-Lofi, combining the vintage and granular atmosphere of Lofi music with infectious afrobeat rhythms to create a pleasurable listening experience.” Theo Davis


“I remember, I had these beautiful peaceful shots of Arkansas in front of me. It was a stressful time, and I came up the concept of a character who wanted to escape to a place like Arkansas after being betrayed and let down by the powers that be.” The Trusted

Frank Joshua Cry Blue (Azido 88 Remix)

The two are known and fascinating enigmas in the world of modern music. No one has seen the face of Frank who always comes out looking like a man with a fish head and also Azido 88 is an enigma himself. So what happens when two art puzzles meet you ask?

The Disarmed – “What We Leave” Album

“What we leave is an album about growth, self worth, effort and resilience. It tries to open the listener up to be mindful of their impact on the world and the people around them while also living a life that they can truly be proud of without worrying as much about what others think of them.” The Disarmed

Still Sound – “Strike The Earth PTX 7”

Let me introduce you to this brand new character! All the way from Amsterdam a new fighter appears, his name is Martijn de Groot, an Audio Engineer / Music Producer with a passion for music and retro videogames! He created Still Sound as his way to make Rock / Metal music covers of his favorite games’ soundtracks, both from the SNES and modern era!

Ollie Twohill Neverland

“Neverland” is dedicated to all those marginalized creative & non creative cool people out there who get a hard time most days. So for all you “outcasts” out there this this song is for you!” Ollie Twohill

Gavan Waldby- “Thanks For That”

“Thanks For That” features four main sections dedicated for each of the important women in Waldby’s life. Each section features subtle yet effective transformations in harmony, instrumentation and melody depending of each one of them.

Nick Kizirnis – “Way To Me”

“While I’ve been playing music for many years, it was only recently that I really focused on writing songs that would really mean something to me and hopefully be ones that listeners could relate to. Although I write a lot of songs about heartbreaks and broken relationships, I actually try to see the ultimate positive outcomes in those experiences – what can we learn and how can we grow? I’ve had many people come up to me and tell me their own interpretation of my songs based on their experiences, and that has been a real honor and privilege. I hope you’ll hear something that resonates with you as well, and even if it’s something sad or painful that something good had come out of it.” – Nick Kizirnis

Sam Feinstein- “Chasing the Bull”

“I work in tech (audio-software) in Silicon Valley. As a result, I meet a lot of “Crypto Bros” that are willing to invest in anything from Floki-Inu to Squid-Coin, and will pitch these “opportunities” to anyone willing to listen. I’ve always had morbid fascination with cults and pyramid-schemes, so these pitches sounded very familiar to me. “Chasing the Bull” is more or less a compilation of every crypto-coin, NFT or investing course someone pitched to me.” Sam Feinstein

Paul Crupi – “Lemonade”

“This year was challenging for me with everything from the pandemic, to having my first child, to also eventually leaving a job I disliked. A lot of pressure was on me but it also reminded me that life is good and I am grateful for the things I do have. I used to write about heartbreak and loss but after the birth of my daughter my perspective has changed and now I really see how valuable and short life is. It has changed my music to more optimistic and has made things more catchy and upbeat.” – Paul Crupi

De Antiquis et Novis “Alchemy”

Opening a new page, de Antiquis et Novis brings forth his love for the dancy side of electronica and introduces us to the first instalment – the new single titled “Alchemy”. Featuring jabbing synths, sweet linear percussion and shimmery arps running in the background, the single builds up the feeling of late-night house parties where the intoxicating flow of music and beverages take everyone deep into the summer night.

Harlow’s Monkeys- “Pleasure”

“Pleasure” by Harlow’s Monkeys is a track that tells a story in a way only the band knows how to do. An addictive track about wanting more and more, without knowing when to stop.

Kit Citrine “Hollow”

“In addition to writing the song overnight after getting back into town from her dad’s funeral, Kit took a different approach to writing this song than any of the other songs on her debut album. She had no hard plan in mind for lyrics, or even an overall concept, except that she wanted to create something that sounded the way she felt inside in that moment. It was a way of acknowledging her pain, processing it, and channeling it into music.” Kit Citrine

Richard Tyler Epperson- A Wandering Mind

The last main thing was the editing and molding of the songs. I tried to really limit any dead space within the song and have them under 4 mins if I could without losing anything. That was a tough one, but I think when listening to the album everything flows well and doesn’t drag on. I’m very pound of the collection of songs, I think each is unique while the album still maintains that cohesive sound. Richard Tyler Epperson

Abby London “Hysteria”

There’s an element of circus play in the song with the funky pitched kazoos, marching percussion and short simple notes, and as it contrasts itself with the echoing gloomy choruses, the silliness of this whole orchestrated mass hysteria is shown with brutal clarity. Encouraging thinking for yourself and being critical of the information flying in, “Hysteria” inspires to keep a sane mind and not go with the flow of the panicked.


“This track is about procrastinating at work or home, when you can end up surfing the internet for hours without even noticing. This track tries to capture the psychedelic aspect of ‘losing hours and hours’ of time to a surplus activity, hence the title, and the trippy guitar riff that comes in. The style of the track acts as a juxtaposition to the mood of the lyrics.” – Panthalassa

Lauryn Marie “Happy Songs”

“When you listen to my music, you should expect lots of harmonies, a mix of genres, and lyrics that will make you feel things.” Lauryn Marie

Moses Mikheyev – “Black Sky, White Moon”

“I wrote the song for a Spanish girl I fell in love with back in Seattle in 2018. One night we were out and about, and we ended up in a darkly lit parking lot. It was getting late and cold, so I started my car to warm it up. Left my iPhone in the car as well. I was supposed to just kiss her Goodnight, you know, and, instead, we ended up making it for a few hours. I thought she was pure magic. So under that black sky and white moon, I thought I could love her for a hundred years. A year later, after she had left me, I wrote the song in memory of that very moment. It was beautiful, even magical, and I wanted to celebrate my love for her. I guess I’m romantic like that.” – Moses Mikheyev

Rye Catchers “UFO”

“My goal is to always offer something unique but also sonically enjoyable. I try to put a slight twist to the lyrics and avoid the mundane. I am also guilty of skipping from one genre to another without apology. I make music that interests me so, while not every tune I produce will be for everyone, I try to offer something for everyone.” David McClintick Roberts / Rye Catchers

Fertility House- Dust

Each track is specific to different feelings that one feels during a relationship. Starts out fun and eager, but then there’s a failure during the relationship. That leads to feelings like loneliness, sorrow, anger, “what ifs”, all sorts of things come to mind, and each track explores one of these feelings while telling the story of the relationship. When writing the music, it was really important that each track captured the feeling of the lyrics and story. We were very deliberate for each track to have it’s own “style” by borrowing ideas from different genres but wanted to ensure that every song still sounded like us at the same time. That was a fun approach to songwriting, and we’re really proud with how it turned out. -Fertility House

Bridget Kelly Quinn “Please Stay”

“The song “Please Stay” was written with someone in mind who is struggling and I’m telling them its ok and I see you and hear you even when your silent. We all need someone to talk to and I want people to know that your not alone.” Bridget Kelly Queen

Justpeoplewatching- “The King of Nothing”

“The King of Nothing” musical structure follows closely with its lyrics. As Ferreira sings about this mythical king that decided to hide away, the music appears to enclose us in with its harmony and a lonely guitar, constructing a sense of intimacy with the character: we feel as if we are with him, accompanying him in his loneliness. But then…

Northern Sky – “Summer Feeling”

There’s not much mystery to the meaning behind “Summer Feeling”, I know you’ve figured it out by now. But it’s the musicianship and retro vibe what gives this song its soulful value. A tight, funky groove is delivered by the drums and bass, clean and echoing guitars vibrate with simple and effective chord progressions.


“It is about the relationship between earth, wind, and water, and all of the deep resonance that we as humans can feel when humbled by their enormity, often putting perspective into our own place in the world, when our daft egos can convince us otherwise.” – Flatfoot Sam

i, sosa “Spinnin”

“i, sosa it’s a phoneticization of my middle name Aisosa. It’s Yoruba and it means no one is above God. Keeping it lowercase is a reminder for being humble.” i, sosa

AA-Legrand “Pacific EP”

AA-Legrand. This name carries two meanings: the letter A marks the beginnings with its placement as the first letter in the Latin Alphabet, and Legrand is the Big Unknown into which we all move in forward. The alias bridges indie folk sounds with soft downtempo electronic influences, forming music where the likes of Bon Iver go hand-in-hand with Apparat and James Blake.


“When I was writing this song, I had in my mind the image of someone setting off from home, with just what they could carry on their back, leaving their loved one behind. A sadness in parting, but a necessity to follow a calling. Like a pilgrimage. There is uncertainty about the future. Of course – who knows what the future will hold? Will we see each other again? I hope so.” Dialogic

Pace of Mind “Shoom”

“The track is resonating with me personally even though I didn’t wrote the lyrics. I’m into meditation and I’ve been doing it for like last 15 years or so. Always trying to keep my mind clean and create more headspace.” Ilya AKA Pace Of Mind


Hannah is ready to let us hear what she’s been crafting in “222”. Let me tell you guys, it’s pretty catchy and explosive, really well produced, and with lots and lots of melodies that will stick into your heads.


After surviving a near heart failure, this UK artist realized that there are moments in life when you’ve got to stay strong in the face of adversity, and not only for just ourselves. “Warriors” is his new single with an inspiring message, which he delivers with vibrant audacity and evolving sound.

Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash- Sand and Foam: Music Inspired by Kahlil Gibran

“Taking as inspiration from the master of timeless wisdom, Khalil Gibran’s illustrious works, especially in current times, I feel that his thoughts are so very relevant. It was something we collectively wanted to execute musically. Literally as Gibran says, ‘solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches; yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the living earth.’ I am so honored to have been a part of this process.” Ayaan Ali Bangash.

LxstBxy – “Good Memories / Bad People”

Overall the EP is a very chilled musical experience, even if the themes are a little heavy! But LxstBxy did a pretty good work balancing out his emotions with the music. And he also mixed the tracks himself, which, you know, is always a plus! He also added some cool sound FXs to the beginning and end of each track, which add a lot of content, and glue the EP as a whole.

E.W. Harris “Hammerhands”

There is eloquence and tenderness in how this artist handles emotions that form the basis of his songs, and coupled with absolutely splendid instrumentation and his wonderful voice, the songs become captivating and nuanceful stories with a timeless feel embedded within.

Jennifer Alvarado – “Songbird: Part One” EP

We begin with a track that some of you might already know: Rock This Way, and we continue with Alvarado’s hit song, “Curious”. Both tracks are a great introduction to Jennifer’s music, and the perfect appetisers for what’s to come. Smooth sounds with a loose groove that create the sensation of journey, joining Jennifer in her path to healing.

Hailing Ishimura “We Did It To Survive”

“Hailing Ishimura exists to tell a story. The part of the story that ‘We Did It To Survive’ exists in finds our adventurers at their lowest point. The music very much informs that with the dark tones and heavy riffs,” Hailing Ishimura

Agenda 109 “Off Limits”

Agenda 109’s single “Off Limits” is from the album Frustrated. It’s an angry rock song leaning towards punk in its attitude, and is about unattainable love—but not necessarily about unrequited love. “Let the music eat up your negative energy!” Peter says about the single.

Stuart Pearson – “Devil Whammy”

“I wrote it at 5 AM and wasn’t quite aware of my surroundings yet! “Devil Whammy” is the second official release from the next Dark Americana album (“Where Are You?” was the first one).” Stuar Pearson

Unknown But Essentials! (July 2022)

Remember to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from those who have).

Ayaam Ali Bangash, Jackson Vincent, Dark Soul Safari, and more…

Week 30 already, welcome back friends to your 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to this week. I hope you’re doing well and having a great weekend, thank you for been here, I have really cool stuff for you all from all over the world and I’m sure you’re going to find music here that is going to give you a lot to feel, remember to share it with the ones you care the most.

Jane N’ The Jungle – “Metal Ghost”

“Metal Ghost is about following your muse and falling in love with the unknown. It’s about being lost and not wanting to be found. It’s a metallic attitude with an open heart. The Metal Ghost is in all of us, waiting to be set free.” Jane N’ The Jungle

Dark Soul Safari – “Running With Scissors” EP

As Adriaan puts it, Dark Soul Safari explores themes of individuals – and humanity itself – on the edge of breakdown. From failed politicians, to global warming, the themes in this EP are an expression of catastrophe somehow neutralized by the soothing musical elements of the tracks. Brilliant!


“We had a lot of fun making this song. It probably shows. We’re passionate about kindness, respect and inclusion. We also like a hard, fast two-minute garage rock anthem that brings the chorus in before you’ve woken up to exactly what’s about to happen. We’re happy to have brought both together.” – 9 O’Clock Nasty

Maria Weissman “Cool Girl”

“”Cool Girl” is about wanting to avoid deeply feeling pain, sadness, loss, and rejection. In the song and accompanying music video I imagine what it would be like to simply not feel. To ice out the world, and live in an aloof one instead. Musically, I tried out a few different arrangements of it, but ultimately it felt most authentic having a stripped down arrangement of just me singing and playing acoustic guitar.” Maria Weissman

The Freight “Overrated”

The song begins with a distorted guitar riff punctuated by bright piano notes and compelling rhythms from the drums and bass, its melodies immediately catchy and intuitive to the listener while at the same time impressively capturing the bittersweet emotion conveyed through its lyrics.

Drew Knight “Stars”

“This collaboration is really kind of an interesting story. Bradley Denniston actually produced The Lego Movie Soundtrack and has a pretty big list of credits. I was trying to self-produce music during the pandemic and started following his tutorial videos. He had just released a new song called “The Afterall” which really had a cool synthwave-type vibe so I reached out to just tell him I liked the track and thanked him for the tutorials he had been posting. We started working together pretty shortly after, and “Stars” was actually started in one of the Radium Records song creation challenges and ended up being our first collaboration.” Drew Knight

Joe Wilkinson “Let Me Know”

I remember music has been a passion of mine, but I am now in the fortunate position to be able to make a full living from my music, mainly through playing live shows. My new single ‘Let Me Know’ is releasing on the 29th July and I’m really excited for it! Joe Wilkinson


“We felt funky and we felt inspired by the wonderful ways in which consumer lifestyles are now sold to us every second of every day. What a time to be alive! We were compelled to engage with this issue through the medium of funky psychedelic rock. We did not have a choice in the matter, something was calling us” – The Qwarks


“Expect to be taken on a sonic journey with “El Peyote” Experience the rush from high energy tracks like “Foot to the Floor” burning down the desert highway then unwind with mellow psychedelic jams like “Celestial Illusions” a song inspired by watching the sun set over the scrublands in Oaxaca.” El Peyote

Vomit Baby – “Eleven”

“Eleven” is about proving people wrong who tell you that you can’t do something and aims to stand up for the creatives that culture and society rely on with a message to keep on running, searching, seeking – the best is yet to come.” – Vomit Baby

Sano Hill – CircleWalk

This song is about expression, about breaking the silence. It features a full band sound, driving chorus and memorable final refrain. It was recorded at Dublin’s legendary Windmill Lane Studios with award-winning producer Larry Hogan.

S J Denney- “A Silent Scream”

“A Silent Scream” shows the character of someone that from the outside seems to be happy and worry free, but in reality is using their smile as a mask to hide their depression. S J Denney paints these complex feelings with confessional style lyrics…

Jackson Vincent “Normal Tension” EP

“Normal Tension is the result of two real-world relationships ending simultaneously. As I watched two of my closest friends begin to slip away from my life, this record began to form. Normal Tension serves as a continuation of the story presented in my last EP, Foxtrot. While Foxtrot discussed the hardships of love and ended with a sense of hope for the future, Normal Tension details the beginning of life after love was lost. Loosely based on events in my personal life, the world of the narrator of these two EPs became an outlet for me to escape reality for a moment in time.” Jackson Vincent

The Pontiacs “Ghost Town”

“Most of the music was written first by our bass player and then presented to the band which then a complete collaboration started and the song started to take more shape and a life of its own and each member was able to put their prints on it.” The Pontiacs

Venustra – “Hopping The Train”

“An orphaned teen in a gritty early century-Esque timeline, comes into possession of an amulet that casts the desires of its holder. In this case, to take revenge on a sadistic headmaster of the orphanage that threw him out and caused a close friend of his to die because of food poisoning. These friends were supposed to run away to join the traveling circus that was set up miles out from town. But after this tragedy, ends up taking possession of their life forces with this amulet and burning the orphanage. (This is where ‘Hopping The Train’ comes into play)” Venustra

The Confederation “Tailspin”

There’s a taste of soul and soft rock lined in along with the funky melodies and ecstatic guitar riffs, and the whole compote builds up a wonderful good feeling that magically brings a smile on your face and brushes away the worries.

Chelsea Valentine “Wire”

“I like to write about all things love and relationships. While this track is 80s pop goodness, I like to experiment with different sounds. I think I always want to keep my listeners guessing as to what I might do next. And that’s what I love about music! You can listen to and love all different types of music, artist and sounds. Music can be whatever you need or what it to be.” Chelsea Valentine

Allee & Pom Poms – “Boots” ft Liv Slingerland

“I started writing this song in the summer of 2021 as things were re-opening and also still burning down. I was in a mood to SHOP and I hit up my friend, PomPoms and was like “I think this track has a you vibe, what do you think???” – Allee

Flemish in the North “Snow Crocs”

“Snow Crocs,” is a catchy indie rock tune, whose name was inspired by an idea that Everett jokingly came up with while he and Chris were hiking in the trails of Calais, Vermont. Everett pondered about there being some offshoot breed of crocodiles that lived and survived in the snowy trails of the Northeast; it’d be particularly frightening as they’d be burrowed in the snow, awaiting their chance to attack hikers along the trail. And thus, when they started toying with the catchy riff that the song is based around, “Snow Crocs” was born!


“Let Me Out” was born out of frontman Joe paying a visit to his hometown in the North East of England. He immediately felt like an outsider in the very place that saw him grow. Can you imagine? Joe says that it reminded him of an old version of himself, realizing the impact a place can have on a person. This very feeling and realization pushed Joe into writing a track that showed appreciation for such town.

To Hell With Tradition “The Baton”

“What I would like first time listeners to know is that there is indeed a sweet spot between mainstream and indie, that I – along with many other artists – cover with my music. Profound and deep lyrics, yet wrapped in captivating tunes. Too unconventional to be mainstream, yet too catchy to be indie.” Achim Hofmeyer AKA To Hell With Tradition

Ainsley Costello “Someone’s Someone”

“For women, putting ourselves first has been a generations long problem. Sure, it’s improved, but I still think society has a strong tendency of shaming young girls into thinking that the best thing they can be is someone’s girlfriend or significant other. I know the struggle, people always want to know if I have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But why is that?” Ainsley Costello

I Am The Unicorn Head, Michael Kiel Cash, gldn, and more…

I’ll keep insisting to check out our category “Upcoming Music” not only you’re going to be ahead of the new music that is coming but you can be part of the impulse that some of this artist are living, thanks for considering my request my friends, believe me that we’ll win with your support.

Michael Kiel Cash- Shores of Mercy

“Dear one! I have no answer, but I believe in your listening. Forget
these little pieces, you are the song! You know where to drop the needle; the record of the heart is turning.” Michael Kiel Cash

Cynthia Angelica “Grace”

“An unknown fact about ‘Grace’ is that it started as a breakup song, which is hard to believe when you listen to the final track. Early in the creative process, I was inspired to rewrite the lyrics, and the song in its current form was born – almost as if it were waiting to find itself. No shade on breakup songs (I have some of my own), but I cannot imagine what would have been missed if I had not been willing to let the song lead and trust the process.” Cynthia Angelica


“I will talk about my experience as latinx, non-binary, neurodivergent human in my 20’s it ain’t easy but it’s sure as hell fun. You can also expect songs that will make you sing, cry, laugh, and fall in love with yourself.” – Xavier Bernazard

Kyle Huskey “Villain”

“Back in March I decided to check myself into a residential rehab facility. I decided before they picked me up that I would leave my guitar at home. Focus on my recovery. Oddly enough, just a few days before I got there someone had donated a guitar to the facility. Villain was the first song I wrote on that cheap guitar. Day 3 of rehab alone at 4AM in the cafeteria. I had so much shame & guilt. I felt completely worthless & terrified. And then all of sudden I had Villain.” Kyle Huskey

Connor Terrones – “Drown”

“It’s about begging for help when life gets overwhelming and offering help in return. It is a plea for some sort of assistance in this life and is rooted in feelings of uncertainty, fear, and desperation.” Connor Terrones

Skar de Line “New Silhouettes”

“New Silhouettes” presents with a huge burst of renewing energy, a reinvigorating pop tune full of sparkling synths and a wild beat. It’s the second chapter of Skar de Line’s autobiographical story, and it dances through the world like a person fully in control of their life and leaving behind all that’s wearing them down.


“New Utopia” It is an absolutely brilliant track, atmospheric, evolving, and with a certain mysticism behind it. Almost with a trip-hop attitude, this song feels fresh, original, and very addictive.

Nicholas Langdon – “Show Me What You Live For”

“It was written in the aftermath of a really difficult period of my life, where I’d lost a lot of faith in the world around me and I’d either lost or felt I was losing a lot of the close relationships in my life.” Nicholas Langdon


“Los Inconformes say hi to all and are really grateful for the opportunity to share our music with you as well. We are from Puerto Rico. And love to mix ska with other different types of music. Hope you enjoy our song “RRRatas” and our album “IV”. You can listen to our music in all major streaming platforms (ex:, Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, etc.), and you can also check out our social media pages in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Hope to have the chance to play live for all of you. Big hug!” Los Inconformes


“Our music comes from a place of wanting to tell stories through the medium of song. Things that we have experienced, and bring them to you so that you might find something that you resonate with and maybe it brings to life what you have been through and feel.” – ANVR


I wanna make special mention of opening/closing tracks “Future Dinosaurs” and “Future Dinosaurs (reprise)”, as their acoustic style and short duration very much remind me of Pink Floyd’s album “Animals”, and I believe that to be a very nice touch. Also, honorable mention to the track “I Fear God (is leaving tonight)”, as its tribal drums-extravaganza mixed with female chants also brings me back to Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon”! Madzen

Becca Starr “Speak No Evil”

“Overall, Speak No Evil is an exploration through the peaks and troughs of what makes me tick, makes me think and makes me suffer. It’s groovy for a reason, no matter how crazy the world gets, it’s still beautiful. It’s still groovy. And the same should be said for every human life. Accepting the beauty and growth to be gained through adversity and pain, sometimes makes you a happier, healthier and stronger individual and ultimately, of more use and resource to others who may be suffering. Or struggling.” Becca Starr

Izamanya – Next

We’re glad to announce that Luzern, Switzerland-based rock band Izamanya have released a new EP, entitled Next.  Izamanya is fronted by Iza Loosli, the lead singer whose expressive female voice gives the band a distinctive sound. Iza has also been the lead singer, songwriter, and producer in different bands as well, including other rock and… Continue Reading →


Apparently, Krystal is William’s created character who struggles to survive against “The Big Ones”, and not falling into the eternal void. Ok, I’m interested! This is also all an echo of I Have Four Names’ survival in the brutal world of independent music.

Jasmine Ash “We’ll Sing Again”

“We’ll Sing Again”, the single is a perfect magical Disney-esque pop song full of air and melodies featuring the artist’s satin soft vocals. Co-written and produced with Jasmine’s husband, the song sports a huge blast of positive feelings, starting from those warm floaty synths that begin the song all the way to the banging chorus that bursts of energy.

Voodoo Bloo, Dime Store Hustlers, Izamanya, and more…

Welcome back to 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to this week. I’m so excited to have you here, I need to say it otherwise I going to explode THANK YOU!!! What for? For being here to start, for your support to this blog, to the artists that I present week in and week out, I know this because some of you let me know that you really enjoy the blog (that’s fantastic), that you’re finding some great artists here and that really makes me happy.

Rosin O’Hagan- “Wild & Free”

“I wrote ‘Wild & Free’ with the aim of capturing the feelings and fears that come in the early stages of newfound romance, and the moment that you ultimately make the decision to dive into the deep end. When you find yourself in the wake of something new, but others have opinions on it, you have to make a choice; to let other people’s outside noise hold you back from something that could be amazing, or to put yourself first and go for it”. Roisin O’Hagan

Dime Store Hustlers – “Ground & Pound” (EP)

“If you like high-power Rock & Roll that jumps from your speakers, then Dime Store Hustlers is for you. Heavy riffs, cranked guitars, pounding rhythm section, fist-pumping good-times that are best enjoyed at maximum volume”. Dime Store Hustlers


Lyrics talk about thunderstorms, both emotional and natural. It is a wild sprint of earth-binding elements that shake us from our very roots. A genius musical translation about how thought and emotion overdrive can make anyone feel. It’s gonna rain!


“I contemplated for a while whether I should even release this song at all because of the bittersweet feelings it now triggers but it felt like a shame to sit on it as I’ve always liked how the music turned out.” – Zadar

mUmbo – “Don’t Even Mind The Rain”

Emma’s vocals are soft, almost whispered in the verses, and with a graceful glide in the choruses that elevates the listener to a blissful state of appreciation. Lyrics explore the themes of hope, love, and regret, bringing up what mUmbo describes as a quiet optimism and a bright sadness.

Adri-Anne Ralph “Follow You Anywhere”

“I love to write music that makes you feel something, and I love writing songs that stick in your head! I started out in music playing piano and writing songs for myself to sing, inspired by 90’s R&B, jazz and gospel music. In my songwriting my goal is to make good music that doesn’t have to conform to trends. I’m a vocalist, first and foremost, and my favorite part of the process is the singing, of course! I try to use my voice as an instrument to convey the most emotion that I can, and to bring joy into the process of creating and performing.” Adri-Anne Ralph


This single was specifically born after the artist attended a party last summer. I didn’t really like the host but I decided to go because my friends were there and I didn’t want to miss out, a_shes comments. He ended up becoming a passive observer as the party developed during the night, and that’s when he realized how important partying is as a young adult trying to find their place in the world.


‘Pro League’, originally a ‘We Buy Gold’ song about greed, gambling, and football. Suzitoy’s forth instalment brings a robust delivery of a punk poets perspective on winning, losing, and falling out with your mates. Suzitoy

Voodoo Bloo – “The Blessed Ghost”

“For all intents and purposes, I am The Blessed Ghost, or more importantly was The Blessed Ghost, a true mirror image of not only everything I disliked about myself, but a guide as to how I can better myself every day of my life, for as long as I can hear this album, I will be glad in knowing that I have come so far and done so much.” Rory / Voodoo Bloo


The have been called the freakbeat beatniks of the 4th dimension, aka Cornwall. These unhinged beasts have a very visceral sound, and an eager approach towards anarcho-prog-punk, so you can expect things to get a bit loud.

Tamara Jenna – “Esmeralda”

Tamara Jenna is a Birmingham born Alternative R&B/Rap artist who likes to address issues like mental health, love, and loss; as she did in her debut album ‘Pleasure From Pain”. Now, the singer is back with a brand new track that offers a POV from Victor Hugo’s character, the Hunchback, speaking of how the beautiful Esmeralda made him feel when he was used to being abused and feared.

J. Dewveall – “Trouble & Truth”

Sometimes the world gives no easy answers. What should we do if we can’t find the difference from right from wrong, heroes from villains, love from hate? “Trouble & Truth” by American soul singer J. Dewveall represents his own personal thoughts and struggles around these issues. While a melancholic at first, this new track takes an optimistic turn as Dewveall finds a comfortable distance in the nuance of life itself.

Abandon the Fall “Devours You”

“Devours You” is a back-and-forth conversation with someone who is going down a dark path in life. In assessing the situation and trusting his own judgment, the vocalist knows all too well that offering any help or involvement will only result in him being consumed as well.

Weed N’ Stiff – “Ron” (Album)

Weed N’ Stiff’s sound is very retro-based. I’m talking about big 80’s drums, cool & crunchy guitar riffs, solid bass, and of course, bright synth leads. An interesting fact about Weed N Stiff’s lyrics is that Jim makes up everything on the spot, the only track Jim actually wrote lyrics for is “Roll With The”, other than that, pure improvisation man!

The Mars McClanes “Day Is Done”

“We wrote this song under the influence of a Jackopierce concert we went to the night before, so the original demo was just a big stack of acoustic guitars,” recalls guitarist Russ. “The version we recorded at Southern Comfort hits harder and draws more comparisons to OneRepublic and The Fray.” The Mars McClanes

HOT INFLUENCE: Butterfly Brains by Cecil eX

I got the beat in a pack of like 8 or 9 from Blindforlove, one of my favorite indie producers. I initially gravitated to it because of that twinkly guitar loop. I absolutely love Math Rock and Midwest Emo. Best Buds from Mom Jeans. is one of my favorite albums of all time.

JYLHÄ- “Queen Bee”

JYLHÄ means wild in the context of nature. It is the artistic name of 15 year old talent Liina-Maija Jylhä, based on Petäjävesi, Finland. Her music are pop tracks with elements of folk inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Joni Mitchell.

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