Nasmore feat. Neil Taylor & La Strange – “Welcome To The Hell”

"Welcome To The Hell" is a Hard Rock track that balances beauty and pain in such a distinct manner that it forces the listener to pay attention to every detail. Counting with the collaborations of Neil Taylor (Tears for Fears, Tina Turner, Chris De Bourgh, Natalie Imbruglia, Metallica, Phil Collins, Kylie Minogue, and more), and the amazing vocals of La Strange, the single is a must-listen for any music fan.

Vince Chinaski “Eat Your Peas!”

Wash your hands! Don't run around with a fork in your mouth! Share your toys! Enough candy for today! Stop chopping your Barbie's clothes up with scissors! That's just a tiny fraction of a billion commands that may come from the mouths of parents growing deranged over the constant and creative ways their children try... Continue Reading →

Garland Kelley – “A Mind Of Your Own”

"Thank you all so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed “A Mind of Your Own” which is about disinformation and freethought. I feel that seeking one’s true self and identity is more important than ever and will lend to elevating humankind. Stream on Spotify and watch the official music video on YouTube. Thanks again, everyone!" Garland Kelley

I Panic – “(Welcome to The Night Of) Broken Promises”

"Broken Promises" tells the story of two ex-lovers, meeting one more time despite promising never to see each other again. I'm sure you know the rest! A classic adventure story presented in an uplifting manner with joyful choruses hiding the bits of regret! But it's all good, as I Panic ends the story on a good note, wanting to believe once again.

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