Major Bummer!- “On the Moon”

“On the Moon” focuses specifically on relationships. Using the metaphor of space, Major Bummer sings about those relationships that do not really work out. Instead of resentment, “On the Moon”‘s message is one of moving on: “It’s far away, I know/ but at least it’s not with you”. It is about enjoying ourselves without being tied to our past.

Ali Manges “Tangerine Love”

“I think they can expect extremely personal lyrics with a warm easygoing vibe. My songs are basically just a timeline of my very real, raw emotions. As for what’s next, I’m working on putting out the next single, (which is kind of a sister to Tangerine Love.) But also, I have a self-written album that I am hoping to put out at some point. I described my album concept in my journal once as “Bleeding coming of age smashed with honey folk and sentimentality.” So, that is the vibe I am hoping to achieve.”

Pleeay “Call”

“Call,” illustrates the journey to find one’s true self in a world that profits off of people’s insecurities. The track speaks from the perspective of the outsider, the weirdo, the atypical, to remind us all that when we make changes to satisfy society, we sacrifice our true selves.

Nouel “Milky Way”

In February, Nouel released her debut single “Milky Way”, which does follow the singer’s description – the softness in her whole sound is hard to miss. The dreamy guitars and piano notes painting the atmosphere in warm tones have a slight lo-fi quality to them, as does the percussion. And when we get to the best part of the song – her caressing voice, it’s safe to say this song will find its way into your chill evenings.

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