Triple M- “What If You Fly”

"What If You Fly" creates a sonic space that transforms and grows more and more elaborate with each passing moments of the track. Starting in a minimalistic, and yet extremely atmospheric scene, the guitars establish a sweet melodic leitmotiv that repeats throughout the track, which creates a sense of nostalgia, like a lingering memory where we slowly begin to remember more details.

Michael Donoghue- Fractals

"Fractals is mainly inspired by my mini obsession with repeating patterns. I've got a journal at home where I fill in a few lines for each day of the year over a 5 year period. I'm 4 years into it, and I've found that things such as moods, feelings, and even illnesses seem to occur at around the same time every year. I found this quite fascinating and wanted to represent it in some sort of musical way." Michael Donoghue

Matyascorvinus- “Her Shadow In The Flame”

"Her Shadow In The Flame" is inspired by the witch hunts and the unjustified violence against human beings. At first, Matyascorvinus decided to make it a horror song, but later became a song of longing and sadness, about those who have disappeared due to unjust events, events that have been going on even today with the war.

De Antiquis et Novis “Alchemy”

Opening a new page, de Antiquis et Novis brings forth his love for the dancy side of electronica and introduces us to the first instalment - the new single titled "Alchemy". Featuring jabbing synths, sweet linear percussion and shimmery arps running in the background, the single builds up the feeling of late-night house parties where the intoxicating flow of music and beverages take everyone deep into the summer night.

Still Sound – “Strike The Earth PTX 7”

Let me introduce you to this brand new character! All the way from Amsterdam a new fighter appears, his name is Martijn de Groot, an Audio Engineer / Music Producer with a passion for music and retro videogames! He created Still Sound as his way to make Rock / Metal music covers of his favorite games' soundtracks, both from the SNES and modern era!


"This track is about procrastinating at work or home, when you can end up surfing the internet for hours without even noticing. This track tries to capture the psychedelic aspect of 'losing hours and hours' of time to a surplus activity, hence the title, and the trippy guitar riff that comes in. The style of the track acts as a juxtaposition to the mood of the lyrics." - Panthalassa

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