"Two Magic Symphonies is our first album consisting of 8 songs plus a bonus track. We have released 6 singles already, therefore the album release brings 2 new songs (+bonus) to the listeners. A meeting point between 2 different cultures, 2 different continents. Upbeat but mellow. Nostalgic but hopeful. Arrogant but sweet. Sweet arrogance. Real but mystical. Magic reality." - Kingfisher

Great Value Jesus – Disassociation Nation

As Great Value Jesus’s unique blend of musical styles (such as indie-, alternative-, and psychedelic rock) evolves throughout Disassociation Nation along with the record's evocative lyrics, where you begin in the EP is not where you end emotionally; indeed, Disassociation Nation succeeds brilliantly in taking listeners on a compelling and engaging journey.

Broadtree “Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.”

Canadian pop-country duo Broadtree display emotional depth and creativity in their newest album, ‘Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.’.  The story of Broadtree begins when theatre performers Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty are left feeling empty after losing the ability to dedicate themselves to their passion during lockdown. With this new change in their life leaving them... Continue Reading →

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