Blake’s interesting fourth album “Plainsongs” is a modern 60s dream

"I wanted to record this L.P. on tape without endless overdubs, like the recordings of the sixties, hence the double meaning in the title, ‘Plainsongs’. The aim was to capture the energy of the songs that I had been performing live with my band before we came into the studio. Musically and lyrically, the songs reflect the influences of the pre-digital era, too", Blake says about the process of making the record.

The Sacrificing Hands weave the magical filaments of past and present in “Ghosts on Wigan Lane”

At its core "Ghosts on Wigan Lane" by The Sacrificing Hands is an experimental release uniting folk and elements of the occult. It's also entirely instrumental by choice to allow listeners to fill in the spaces with their own experiences, instead of being led on by what the lyrics would say.

Beatdenker pushes further in all things rhythmic in new release “I Like It But I Do It”

The album, "I like It But I Do It" by Beatdenker which is actually one 20-minute-long track running in a continuous flow through various stages, mirrors the busy world within us that constantly generates new thoughts and ideas, and at the same time, it visualizes the potential hidden within that just needs to be made use of.

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