Nancy Carey Johnson introduces her heartwarming sound of honesty with debut LP “Chaos & Grace”

Nancy Carey Johnson has always had love for music, as she's been singing for most of her life and works in music-related fields as a coach and a creator. Songwriting is a relatively new addition to this multitalented artist's skills, and while she's teaching songwriting and performance technique classes among other things, she also found the opportunity to fulfill a long-standing dream.

The Marsh Family calls for peace with inspirational new song “If That Day Comes Round”.

Since the beginning of October, the news has become full of even more war themes, this time coming from the front of Palestine and Israel. In the midst of military activity and destruction, countless families of innocent people suffer. That detail is often left out from the news, but The Marsh Family wants to highlight the terror seen through the eyes of the terrified civilians just wishing to be seen as equals.

Baaj & Baaj releases an EP “You And I (Radio Edit)” full of dancy tunes and deep lyrics

Hailing from France, Baaj & Baaj makes electronic music with soulful intent in his Cognac-based personal studio. The producer driven by his strong desire to connect and heal people, loves writing music that's captivating and joy-inspiring, but also discusses serious topics from societal issues to human interactions. His new EP "You and I" is exactly all these things.

Double Triangle doubles the excitement with the double release of singles “Brenda” and “Haberdashery”!

Dedicated to their Nan Brenda, unfortunately no longer around, Double Triangle releases the single on her birthday, December 1st. The slightly wobbly, enamoring main melody and the new follow-up part are also given an additional, ethereal shimmer by singer and composer Madil Hardis, whose beautiful vocal melody pulls all the strings of the heart.

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