Ellsworth “Potholes”

“I wrote this song last winter on the precipice of a big transitional period in my life. I made a new friend and she told me that we as artists are required to help those that come after us, she said “we must fill the potholes in the road, so that it is a little less bumpy for the next person”, Megan Ellsworth

Pacific K “Light Variations EP”

“I often refer to my songs as being meditative. Whether is a quiet and intimate story of profound love or an overdrive guitar riff that breathes energy, or a groovy, African-inspired rhythm, I always try to bring those depths and inspiration to the listeners. So, what people can expect, and what I often invite them to do, is to let themselves flow with the music, join the journey and see where it takes them.” Kristaps Bedritis

Alex Lievanos “Never Gonna Lose Your Love”

“The song is about two long time close friends who just got out of a toxic relationship. They decide to go on a date and it turns out they have a lot more in common. The two eventually become a couple. This chill summer ballad is a rendition of what I went through myself, and I wanted to release it for anyone going through that same feeling”. Alex Lievanos

Cindy-Louise “Femme Fatale”

In the case of FEMME FATALE I wanted to write a song that spoke about the injustices many woman face. This is a song to uplift woman, to say, “don’t let society get you down, and keep going”. Overcome and be empowered, be a powerful woman, be a boss, like I know you are. Cindy-Louise

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