Jasmine Ash “We’ll Sing Again”

"We'll Sing Again", the single is a perfect magical Disney-esque pop song full of air and melodies featuring the artist's satin soft vocals. Co-written and produced with Jasmine's husband, the song sports a huge blast of positive feelings, starting from those warm floaty synths that begin the song all the way to the banging chorus that bursts of energy.

Adri-Anne Ralph “Follow You Anywhere”

"I love to write music that makes you feel something, and I love writing songs that stick in your head! I started out in music playing piano and writing songs for myself to sing, inspired by 90’s R&B, jazz and gospel music. In my songwriting my goal is to make good music that doesn’t have to conform to trends. I’m a vocalist, first and foremost, and my favorite part of the process is the singing, of course! I try to use my voice as an instrument to convey the most emotion that I can, and to bring joy into the process of creating and performing." Adri-Anne Ralph

Maria Weissman “Kill a Ghost”

The song, "Kill a Ghost" is one of the most energetic and motivational songs I've heard coming from such a hard place. Instead of being in the grips of all terror, the artist has flipped the script around and taken on an empowering route to defeat the ghosts from the past, and she's doing it with powerful spoken-sung vocals, banging percussion and splendid harmonies loading positivity in the quest.

Disco Dreams “Cryptic [K]night”

"I honestly just wanted to make something somewhat happy and almost nostalgic here with this track. I know a lot of people are caught up in the worlds problems lately and I just wanted to make something nice and enjoyable that hopefully brings them some chill happiness in their life. I was just playing around with all my instruments one night and decided to sing over them as almost another layer of instruments. I was happy with the process and excited to release more singles after this one in the months to come as well! I think you can always expect genuine art that is somewhat adventurous at times to take the listener somewhere unexpected." Disco Dreams

A.B. Violet “Check Your Feelings”

Check Your Feelings was written as a way to check in with myself when I was feeling overwhelmed with everyday life. Literally to remind to myself to stop and take a breath, before things got too much. I know we can all feel this way sometimes. For me, as for many others, it’s an important part of mental health management and we sometimes need reminding to take a step back from the rush of everyday life and check in with ourselves- and others!" A.B. Violet

Kaiyah Mercedes “New Year’s Resolutions”

"My songs are almost always sad. I write about sadness in every way I can, from folk songs, to soft rock, to pop, and then to ballads like this one. There is so much to be said about heartbreak and mental health struggles and sadness, and I hope my songs can give other young, sad teenagers something to relate to." Kaiyah Mercedes

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