mUmbo shares “Red Balloons” of hope and faith to help us float above the struggles and despair

The ethereal dreamy "Red Balloons" is the 7th single coming from London-based alt-rock-pop group mUmbo. It's yet another release coming from the band's period of high creativity since 2022 and this time the band feels they've got the closest to achieving their own signature sound.

Frank Joshua presents a brand new & magical remix for “If I” created by Side Liner

Side Liner aka Nick Miamis is a producer and remix artist, who recently held a competition for songwriters offering their songs to be remixed. Frank Joshua was among the submissions with "If I", a song from his 2021 album "Sense Life", and that turned out to be a winner

Irina Imme takes a deep look into survival and depression in rocking single “Globe”

"Globe" stands as a deep blue rock song observing life with a deep-cut unfillable void inside. Irina Imme's lyrics and vocals give a painfully clear vision of what it's like to live in an emotionless state, a deep depression with self-disappointment being the only thing left to feel.

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