Carpe Diem “Pixie Dust”

Enhanced by the ghostly beautiful melodies coming from a hang drum, a wonderful instrument of healing energy, as well as the vibrant sound of flute that is arguably the instrument for fairies to play, the storyteller song encourages its listeners to never give up on your dreams, to find magic in little things in life, as well as highlighting the power of kindness.

Sophie Dorsten “Whisper in the Dark”

To further instill the toxic and dark theme of the song, Sophie created very fitting cover art for it. Drawing inspiration from old horror and mystery novel covers, the song's cover art has everything - the vulnerable me-character out in the open, the eery surroundings and most importantly, the barely visible hooded figure with undeniably malicious intents never too far away.

The Wren “please don’t joke about dying”

"I wrote this song back in the spring after a conversation with a friend of mine. I realized that this person didn't know how loved they were, and I didn't quite have the words at the moment to convey that. I went home and wrote this song the next morning. I kept it pretty simple- I felt there wasn't much more I could say than the words that first hit the page." The Wren

Nadirah X “I Got You”

"I Got You started out as a poem as do most of my songs. Once I heard the track Ned Douglas sent the flow felt right and then the chorus came pretty easy. I stay very fluid when I approach a track and just allow whatever emotions to flow, flow naturally. Also, I've been working with Ned for many years and there is an amazing chemistry that takes place during the creation of our tracks." Nadirah X

SERENA “Heartworm”

"Heartworm was born one night, at 3 am in the morning in my little bedroom in London. I had this melodic line stuck in my head. I tend to write very “wordy lyrics”, I guess you could say that it’s because I have a lot to say, but for once I wanted to have something short and concise for the chorus, to highlight the core of the song: the word Heartworm." SERENA

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