Trisha and Thara’s new single “Out of the Dark”

This emotional journey of a single is the latest coming from the powerful pop duo Trisha and Thara. The sisters have been making music since grade school, as well as performing at a variety of festivals and shows. Having achieved this much whilst still being in their teens, it's clear that Trisha & Thara are up to some big things in the future.

Kimaya Diggs after dark there’s light “Quincy”

"Quincy was written and recorded during a really hard time in my life. But instead of writing sad songs (already did that on my first album!) I decided to chase the joy that I was missing in my life. I wanted songs that reflected my heartbreak but could also make you dance. I kept being drawn back to Corinne Bailey Rae and Amel Larrieux because they both capture bittersweetness in a way that brings sunshine." Kimaya Diggs

Salt House Lavish brings out groovy basslines in “Don’t Lie To Me”

"It felt so inspiring that the rest of the song followed in less than an hour, once he found the perfect vocals to go with the bass. "Don't Lie To Me" was born as a blast of inspiration and that feeling has translated into a great song to get down to and forget all the problems for a while." Salt House Lavish

The Wren leaves behind the heartbreaking relationship in “December”

What is really lovely about "December" by The Wren, is the absence of choking levels of sadness or aggressiveness - it's a story of a person who just found that the relationship they're in is no good for them, unravels the thoughts of disappointment in poignant lyrics, accepts the losses and finds the courage to move on.

Arianna Brizzi explores growing up to independence in her honest new single”Bambina”

Sung in her mother tongue, Italian, "Bambina" by Arianna Brizzi is a dead honest yet strikingly warm window into the world of a young girl longing to be free as she struggles to find the strength to stand up against all troubles. It's a beautiful power ballad full of love for the past self.

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