Salt House Lavish “Staring Off Into Space”

Chef by profession, it's probably not even surprising to learn Andrew created this tasteful single in his kitchen, in the middle of mics and wires. The artist has definitely got a knack on how to put together very different pieces, offering an evolving beat-driven experience that please those craving for something new and daring, and surrounding it all with the pleasantly mystical floating feeling highlighted with beautiful little arps.

Ellery Twining “Weatherall”

"Weatherall" takes the listener back to a party organized in an attic, people dragging in sound equipment and putting a whole lot of effort into setting the whole thing up. The music that was played were Weatherall's records, and the atmosphere was thick with excitement and joy. Perhaps part of the excitement came from the fact they were all trespassing on a property set to be demolished...

Hallbeck “Dagarna Med Dig”

"Well, three years ago I found the love of my life. After a long time recovering after a relationship that ended in complete disaster and a very serious attempt on my life. Years of therapy and self doubt I am at a very good place in my life now. In my other band Charkoal we write rockier stuff in a sort of Foo Fighters vein, but I felt I needed to express this song in Swedish, as it would feel a bit ridiculous to write it in English, and i wanted a more singer/songwriter approach to it. I think originally I intended it as a one off thing, but now I have received so much love that I will continue recording some more songs in Swedish." Hallbeck

Jordan Jones “Flawless”

"I want this song to be light and fun. My first single was a true story song about my previous relationship ending and now this song is about being full circle…. back in love and in the moment. It was inspired by what I like to do on Sundays. Chillin, listening to music, being in the moment with my person. I keep myself pretty busy but to me Sundays are about taking my time and forgetting about all the bullshit we have to deal with through out the week. I’m obviously a big music fan, when find new music I love I listen to it on repeat… I want to meet that idea with staying in bed with my better half." Jordan Jones

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