Havoc Osiris “Imbalance”

"to everyone that's new to me and to my sound, I want you to know that it's okay to let my sounds take you away from any real-world stress that you're dealing with, and into the type of beautiful yet chaotic worlds that you might only see in movies, TV, or video games, even if it's only for just a few minutes. Sometimes, the endless reaches of our imagination help us deal with reality a lot better than some of what actually exists in reality." Havoc Osiris

Allie Alvarado “Strong”

"The Strong EP came about during a tough time in my life. I think we can all agree that the last few years haven’t been easy for anyone. I started recording this music alongside a lot of loss and change and working on these songs became a safe place to process how I was feeling. Emotions can have so many hues so I just followed my intuition and tried to translate those colors into sounds and harmonies. In response, these songs emerged as delicate and moody soundscapes built on top of meditative tempos and led by introspective melodies and lyrics. Each song is a love song but maybe not in the traditional sense of romantic love. It’s more about the power of love and how it can help us heal." Allie Alvarado

A Starving Viking “The Milksop EP”

"These 3 songs were written/recorded in a sort of hut in my garage that I built out of plywood and U-Haul moving blankets. It was a few months into the pandemic/lock down and everything was just weird. I was working from home and a bit stir crazy and these songs came about from some negative self-talk. I figured a good way to get out of my own head was to write songs about those internal conversations. Make them public, and move on." A Starving Viking

Daverage J. Normal “Indestructible”

"I mostly used the Novation Bass Station 2 in the creation of this track. The introduction is comprised of 3 sampled arp patterns (there might be a fourth in there). They provide the platform for the melody line. The main rolling bass line in body of the song is also the Bass Station, as is the 3 chord pattern you hear through out. Serum adds a layer of support to the bass, by sounding like an electric guitar string be. ( I think so anyway). The glitchy pieces are random chopped samples that I though sounded cool. When I got to the last section, i just wanted to go heavy, or go home" Daverage J. Normal

Jonathan Grow “Le Vol”

I walked her out to her car, carrying the last of her boxes. As we stood there saying goodbye, we all suddenly realized that she wasn't coming back home this time. My daughter was leaving home. Tears. In that flurry of 10 minutes, my world as her father changed. She drove away and my wife and I stood there, absorbing the weight of it all. Her older sister, living in Georgetown. Now her as well. As I walked back into the house, thinking of our grown girls, a tune turned over and over in my head. Jonathan Grow

John Leslie Hulcombe “Sanctuary”

"My music has evolved rapidly since releasing my first single two years ago. From the folk country ballad "Town of Love" and the rocking "Born of the Fire" & pop rock "Love Found a Way" through to the dreamy psychedelic "Sanctuary". This evolution has been inspired by my sense of spiritually and the responsibility I feel to produce music that hopefully inspires and propagates love". John Leslie Hulcombe

V-Train “Sunset on the BLVD”

"Basically long story short, Sunset on the BLVD is meant to be a happy and calm song to balance out the majority of sad songs I've created. I want people who are listening to this song to imagine themselves on a beach or any quiet area watching the sun set as a way to relieve stress and anxiety they've felt. Kind of like meditation in a sense. Hope this is what you are looking for. Have a great day my friend." V-Train

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