Filiah “For Someone”

The album's atmospheric and endearing sound was born in lockdown, when Filiah recorded its songs in her living room. Alone, accompanied only by mundane things like the creaky parquet and gas heater, the 7 songs are united by their story, which stems from a toxic relationship the artist's past. "For Someone" is a concept album telling a tale of a spirited person, vulnerable and honest, depicting her journey of healing from being quite literally ghosted by a loved person.

Elina Filice “Don’t Let Me Fall”

"We’ve all been in the situation or know someone who’s been in a relationship or friendship where someone is relying on you for their stability. It’s incredibly scary being stuck in a dark tango with someone who you care for but are unable to help. What they threaten to do if you leave them leads to a toxic and painful cycle." Elina Filice

Angelina Luzi “Life”

"Life' is a song written in lockdown when my usual rushed routine triangle of home - rail station - work stopped suddenly. I soon realised that by taking new random walks in my neighborhood I would discover a magical forest just 10 minutes away from home. Suddenly I felt thrown into a parallel reality, as if the pavement underneath my feet cracked and opened for me to slip right through its cracks and find my self in the greenest and most peaceful of places". Angelina Luzi

BREGN “Dreaming”

"There’s so much going on so fast these days. Only 10% of our brain capacity is available when being awake (in the moment) and there’s a huge leftover of brain processing from all the info flowing through our heads during the day. It is pretty amazing but also pretty scary at times. Sometimes dreaming turns into nightmares. “Dreaming” is a song for a person close to me promoting emphasis on nice dreams because I do care about the person and that I am just there for hen. (hen = Swedish for both he and her just to promote this also).

Organic Mood “Fields”

Born in Ukraine and now living in Moscow, Organic Mood is an electronic music producer adept at creating free-flowing smooth house music, with emphasis on the everlasting organic feeling. He's got what is best described as a timeless sound that bridges earthly, close to soul tribal elements with echoing colorful outer space soundcapes.

Dizzy Panda “Panda Points”

"We have worked on this album for almost 2 years. In this period we had to learn everything from scratch. We didn't have any experience in the music industry. Didn't know how to use the DAW. Didn't know anything about mixing, mastering. Learned a lot from other Indies and learned how to use AI and video editing to create our videos. We are proud to be where we are today, but still have to learn a lot. There will be a Panda Bonus Points EP soon and are working on some cool collaborations." Dizzy Panda

Melody Nife “Everything Is Possible”

It goes without saying that the world today has really gone down the drain. Sometimes it's really hard to see any goodness in all that mess, when all you hear are bad news coming from multiple fronts. Melody Nife seeks to change this with his newest release, aiming to re-instill positivity into one's soul. A ray of hope and optimism for anyone who might need it.

Monroe Moon “War”

The vibrancy of this single's instrumental side together with her vocals make the song really captivating and smooth for its anti-war theme - instead of curdling your blood with graphic imagery, "WAR" seeks to get its message delivered through much more direct road to a wretched soul seeking for something to ease the pain. Seeing how many of those souls are around now, this song has most definitely become a much-needed one to embrace with both its message and its sound.

Chet Bucke “Leaving (Marie)”

"‘Leaving (Marie)’ came to me one night a year ago, around the beginning Spring. I received a video of my grandmother singing for her friends back in Spain that inspired a deep sense of homesickness and longing for connection. I instinctively picked up my guitar and started fiddling along to her voice. I felt that something quite meaningful could arise, and it quickly materialised into the hook and main body of the song." Chet Bucke

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