Ivan Beecroft Rides the “Carousel” into a New Year

Melbourne, Australia rocker Ivan Beecroft will be emerging from the unique space he has been carving out for himself within independent music industry via a new single that is to be released to streaming services in January of 2024. The song is titled, "Carousel," and it is actually available to check out early on Bandcamp... Continue Reading →

Double Triangle doubles the excitement with the double release of singles “Brenda” and “Haberdashery”!

Dedicated to their Nan Brenda, unfortunately no longer around, Double Triangle releases the single on her birthday, December 1st. The slightly wobbly, enamoring main melody and the new follow-up part are also given an additional, ethereal shimmer by singer and composer Madil Hardis, whose beautiful vocal melody pulls all the strings of the heart.

Martin Graff presents his new delicate piano piece “Window Rain”

Arlington-VA-based pianist-composer Martin Graff has an everlasting connection with his instrument, the piano. "Window Rain" is the latest to come from this link of creative passion, and it stands as a strong testament to how Graff's skills are amplified tenfold by sheer passion and love.

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