MadZen’s wonderful new single “The Harp”

MadZen continues to hypnotize his listeners with “The Harp”. An Organic Downtempo / Electronica track with slow, pulsating rhythms and a mysterious atmosphere. Released by Cafe de Anatolia. Out now!

Once again, the Mexican magician delivers a spell that wraps us and teleports us to a different dimension. A dimension with obscure landscapes, but soothing textures. A mix between wild and tender, “The Harp” elevates us to a different level of consciousness where darkness and light become one.

There’s a lot to discover inside the track, as the producer intended to achieve a balance between minimalism and outlandishness. The result is a wonderful expression carrying inspiration from the Middle East, and beyond.

As you might expect, an Eastern harp is the main melodic element of the track, accompanied by ethereal & powerful synths, as well as a driving bass and beautiful acoustic guitars.

After a successful streak of releases, MadZen keeps making a name for himself within the electronica / DJ scene. With a hybrid live show, the Mexico City artist begins to expand his reach further than he ever imagined.

So listen now!

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