Gentry Blue – “Collide”

Gentry Blue is a band from Nashville, TN, USA formed in 2018 by electric violinist and vocalist, Lydia Gentry-DeBonis, guitarist Brendan Gentry-DeBonis, and bassist Sean Jannay. With an eclectic range of influences to build their sound, from Rush and Jefferson Airplane to Fleetwood Mac, their evolving sound can be described as violin gothic rock with a touch of theatrics reminiscent of Muse and Ghost.

Tom Minor’s clever new single “Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?”

Tom Minor keeps preparing himself, single after single, for the release of his upcoming full-length debut album, Eleven Easy Pieces on Anger & Disappointment, and "Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years" promises a high dose of Bluesy riffs, semi-poignant melodies and a boisterous deadpan vocal swagger.

Packetloss – “Modern Day Meltdown”

After releasing their previous EP, Disconnected, Packetloss continues their creative efforts in this new and exciting song four-stack. Written and recorded remotely in its entirety, the EP captures Jamie Tees (Vocalist & Lead Guitarist), Geetar Jack – (Rhythm Guitar & Bass), and Steve Buckley (Drums / Mixing & Master) as they go back and forth with musical ideas, recorded in each of their homes!

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