FOLSOM one hell of a ride “Old Pop’s Truck”

"Pop, the friend we dedicated this song to, is a gifted tattoo master and photographer supporting the band since the beginning. He is really a big friend of ours. We did even attend his marriage with his beautiful wife Magda at the Hellfest (a big Metal festival here in France). He is a member of the Folsom family And we love trucks and motorbikes too!" - FOLSOM

The Margaret Hooligans – “The Lost Stilt Walkers”

Meg and Mr. Strontium (The Margaret Hooligans) took a trip to New Orleans which apparently went sideways. The use of hallucinogenic substances is not confirmed. The events on the such day led to them feeling the need to convey the experience into a song. A stabbing performance. A wild and almost violent approach towards one of the sweetest instruments of them all: the ukulele.

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