I Am The Unicorn Head – “I Fell In Love With A Space Slug”

Yes, my dears, our favorite unicorns are back and after the release of Cosmologic Adventuring, they now return with their second single off their upcoming new album, "Unicorns in Space"! A concept album that follows the adventures of these two intrepid unicorn astronauts as they explore the galaxy.

The Daytime High – “Waterfall”

"This song is about trying to find a sense of belonging in a world filled with alienation and fear. We have become isolated using our technology and enduring a pandemic that it feels like we have wasted the beauty of being alive. It would be a shame if you are so busy trying to survive that you forget to live, or as in the song metaphor "you never want to find a wasted waterfall in your mind"." - The Daytime High

Podge Lane – “Change In The Weather”

"This song is about looking for signs in silly things, which I’ve looked for a lot! Thinking back on the amount of times I’ve thought “if it's raining out something bad is going to happen”, or if the sun was shining there was a bit of hope. We’re always fearing the worst, and this is a song to say, "let's snap out of it.” It’s my life, not the weathers." - Podge Lane

Sam Lynch – “Halcyon Beach”

"It's about an imaginary place in my mind. I was really stuck in the past when I was writing it, thinking of times when I was happier and younger, just messing around with my mates, without responsibilities or stress and anything like that. It's somewhere you can see, and you feel yourself being pulled towards, but you know you can never actually reach. It's kind of moody and atmospheric and the lyrics and vibe of the instrumentals really reflect how I was feeling at the time." - Sam Lynch

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