“The Demon behind My Mind” deals with the fact that each one of us has its “demon” in his head and that there are situations that one would like to deal with differently in one’s imagination but cannot do so because of morals and conventions. But it is also a warning that not dealing with one’s demons or swallowing situations can at some point lead to psychological overload and a related freak-out.” – Ophelia’s Eye


“Catch Nasty, our LP, is intended to help people get up to speed with what we are doing so most of it is material from the earlier songs but sometimes reworked and remixed. We added a lot of small pieces of music and dialogue between songs. There is some new material too – we did a cover version of the Bauhaus song Terror Couple Kill Colonel which we hope captures some of the original but takes it into a whole new direction.” 9 O’Clock Nasty


“There is a deeper meaning to this gruesome tale. In the beginning of the album it is explained that the demon was paid a bounty to capture Fred by a rapist who had previously attacked them. The demon represents trauma and how it manifests in one’s life. Sometimes as fear, anger, grief, and even as desire or longing. Fred’s story concludes after they regain their powers and realize the only way to kill the demon once and for all is to resolve their trauma.” Rat Bath


“The idea to Picturesque started when my youngest daughter was a little child, about 2 years old. I thought about her and how I wished her life might be. Then, inevitably I thought about the climate crisis and inequality which are kind of the main topics of our upcoming EP “With Eyes Wide Open”. However, I didn’t want the song to feel like a cheeky protest-song, although it is in a way. This led me to approaching the topic from a different perspective, highlighting the great things around us every day that are well worth to take care of. I hope that listeners connect to the song and it’s lyrics in a similar way that I do.” – Counter The Eulogy

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