“It was the first song we worked on with Bo Morgan (from the band, Teme) as producer. Working with someone else was a TOTALLY different experience. Suddenly, you’re accountable not just to yourself and the people you are comfortable with, but someone new, who you have to justify every idea to. This new dynamic made the songwriting much, much tidier and more streamlined. Arliston


“When I started this song I was really just letting it come together as naturally as I could. It was one of those tunes that writes itself, only over a long period of time. People around me have heard the song and jokingly asked what I’m guilty about. The truth is the words aren’t about an event but rather the condition of guilt generally. Doctor Payne


“‘Omnipresent’ is a modern take on 60’s Garage Rock/Psych. We created the song by sharing music files back and forth across the Atlantic. The song originated with the brooding and aggressive bass line, and we built the rest of the song around that. We wanted to lift the song from a basic garage rock groove, so we added an unusual, psychedelic leaning lyric, to add a bit of mystery and interest!” – IATUH

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