“I had poor mental health at that time, and I think it was me coming to terms with the fact that I had experienced suicide ideation but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. So, Ohheycide was a way to get around it but approach it at the same time, so it was like Oh… hey… suicide…” – PleasePrettyLea


“RinRin’s creative universe continues to expand with the release of her single Hellfire, a powerful song where the fury of a broken heart rains down upon the one that broke it. Hellfire release also sees the launch of her animated series in the lead-up to her debut EP.”

GREEBO – “Live and Learn”

“For a long time is was going to be an acoustic song and because of that we didn’t think about releasing it. Out of our previous releases it’s probably the oldest just sitting there waiting to be used. Only when we started to rehearse it we thought oh might be good to do as a band.” – Greebo

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