Agenda Ambiente – “Gone Fishing”

"This particular track is a vacation track, as it were. I went on holiday during its release period. Not that I went fishing, but close enough. It was interesting to push yourself to meet the deadline (lift off from the airport) and handle all admin of the track whilst hanging with friends. "Sorry guys, give me like 5 minutes, I need to go to the loo. Again." Any excuse was welcome to find a place of your own where posts on szocial media etc. could be dealt with. At the end, it didn't pan out totally as a holiday." Agenda Ambiente

I Am The Unicorn Head – “I Fell In Love With A Space Slug”

Yes, my dears, our favorite unicorns are back and after the release of Cosmologic Adventuring, they now return with their second single off their upcoming new album, "Unicorns in Space"! A concept album that follows the adventures of these two intrepid unicorn astronauts as they explore the galaxy.

Podge Lane – “Change In The Weather”

"This song is about looking for signs in silly things, which I’ve looked for a lot! Thinking back on the amount of times I’ve thought “if it's raining out something bad is going to happen”, or if the sun was shining there was a bit of hope. We’re always fearing the worst, and this is a song to say, "let's snap out of it.” It’s my life, not the weathers." - Podge Lane

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