Violet Temples “Enemy”

“Enemy was written as a result of me being fed up with my own destructive tendencies; laziness, a lack of self-discipline, self-sabotage. I was able to recognize my potential and come up with great ideas, yet I had no follow through. This song is literally me intervening with myself like, “Hey, you are getting nowhere in life, pull yourself together”.” Violet Temples

Kinetix “Off My Head”

“As an ode to becoming comfortable in one’s skin, the peace found in the chorus is akin to the moment one comes to terms with who they are, while the beat drops represent the new colorful perspective gained once you stop fearing the world and feel the strength to achieve all your dreams”.

Ferrier “As It Goes”

“It’s not about being able to move on from a relationship, particularly when it ends badly, and coming to terms with your own ego and mistakes. It’s written as a moment of realization where each line is structured like the monologue you run in your head when you think about what you did wrong then instantly jumping to the hurt born of what they did wrong. It’s not about feeling comfortable with the regrets and decisions you made.” Ferrier

5 Minuten Liebe “Content”

“‘Please like, share, subscribe and hit that notification bell!’ Everybody knows it. The eternal cry for recognition and new followers on social media. The single pokes fun at this ongoing struggle for attention. The whole thing is wrapped in a damn driving groove that sweetens our summer. 5 Minuten Liebe

MOLTENO “Our house is on fire”

“Our house is on fire was initially inspired by the feeling that my home wasn’t my home anymore. I wanted to explore the way an experience can completely change the dynamic of a space. Like there’s been a house fire and everything is tainted. Written in a makeshift studio in the middle of nowhere, at the time of writing it was so quiet and eerie, with no planes in the sky – it made me contemplate another way that isn’t setting the planet alight!” MOLTENO

Coastal Town “Summer Sundays”

The song was inspired by the members’ favorite summer anthems, adding a layer of additional affection to the track. During the making of the song, the group decided to take things a step further and play more with the lyrics, making a collage that featured those same pieces who inspired them in the first place. The final version of Summer Sundays holds a total of 24 references, and so besides gifting their audience a memorable song, Coastal Town has also brought with them an entertaining game that challenges listeners’ knowledge of beloved summer tracks.

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