"Business Casual was written right after we finished and released their full length "idk where u go, just stay here". I was feeling pretty burnt out from constantly working between my day job and the record. This song is the result of the first couple times I picked up my guitar and played for fun after all that, falling back in love with the craft for the reasons I originally did as a kid." Grown Bones


This single was specifically born after the artist attended a party last summer. I didn’t really like the host but I decided to go because my friends were there and I didn’t want to miss out, a_shes comments. He ended up becoming a passive observer as the party developed during the night, and that's when he realized how important partying is as a young adult trying to find their place in the world.

Evening Is Youth – “I’m Glad I Left”

"I'm Glad I Left" comes with a lot of joyful melodies and explosive choruses, a pristine blend between Indie Rock and subtle nuances of electronica that finish to give that final push to the track. A brilliant composition and a sublime recording makes of this single a must hear banger that can be appreciated by anyone.

Aldís Fjóla – “Burn”

"This song is written by me and Stefan Örn Gunnlaugsson and the lyrics are by me. Burn helped me find my way and the lyrics reflect that. I am basically talking to myself about daring to live my life like I want to, no matter what the society, people around me and the culture tells me to do. We don't all have to work for others, break our backs in a "normal" job, if you find the job that you are happy in, that is the right one." - Aldís Fjóla

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