9 O’Clock Nasty heartwarming new single “Bird Of Happiness”

9 O’Clock Nasty team up with Meg Cratty from The Margaret Hooligans in “Bird Of Happiness”. Surprisingly not about sex, the Nasty has created a wonderful self-loathing ballad about the beautiful pain of love.



A song about the journey from content self-sufficiency to the ache of missing the person that completes you. Experience the joy. Bask in the glow. Then feel the gut wrenching ache when it could all be taken away.

Everything was groovy, until you came along. We’ve all been there, punished by our own sorrows after blindly and naively stepping into the world of love. “I used to be A-OK, but then I met Josh, that insidious bastard, now I love him so much but can’t see him anymore because of that stupid restriction order”, you say. Well, the Nasty is back again with another banger, one that very much exemplifies what it is to fall in and out of love.


Although I feel weird putting 9 O’Clock Nasty together with words like “love”, “feelings”, and “emotion”, this track is yet another (insert DJ Khaled here) display of the songwriting abilities of this lot. And something amazing has happened, seeking the perfect vocal delivery. The British gentlemen teamed up with the American rock queen Meg Cratty from The Margaret Hooligans. Bet you didn’t see that coming, although it was probably inevitable.

The track is really pretty, with 60’s and 70’s Rock vibes. The Beatles, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, you name it, it’s in there. Also, a magical dose of psychedelia. A beautiful track, one that I admit I never expected coming out of the Nasty creative source, but yet again, I’ve proved short-sighted.

We’ve been described as bending and skipping genres, but the truth is we listen to each song’s soul and we make it how it needs to be. This one surprised us. But now we’ve made it, we could never have produced it any other way.” – The Nasty

Get ready to receive the warm & cold embrace of “Bird Of Happiness”, heart-warming melodies, and heart-breaking lyrics. Is there a better definition of balance? I don’t think so. Thanos would be proud.

Hit that PLAY BUTTON now, chaps!

This is the last single from the 9 o’clock Nasty LP “Culture War 2023” which will hatch in late September. Featuring a mixture of singles and new songs it will be available digitally, on CD, and on vinyl

9 o'clock Nasty "bird of happiness" press photo


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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