Watasino “Sayonara”

What is summer without some fresh and warm lo-fi? Not as pleasant, I’d reckon, and thus it’s time to introduce a fresh producer with a diverse sound which remains unmistakably lo-fi, and his new single has a lot to offer both sound- and emotion-wise. Let’s take a closer look!

Watasino is a Japanese beatsmith originally from a small island called Okinawa. Now based in Tokyo, the producer has picked up an MPC and Ableton Live to create an own brilliant blend of heavily hiphop-influenced downtempo electronica. In addition to his love for lo-fi and instrumental hiphop, Watasino’s favourite artists ranging from DJ Krush to J Dilla among many others also add little notes into his productions. The result? Smooth vibeful beats that never fall flat and could easily be the soundtrack of your summer nights. Each song holds an own little story – for instance there’s a very reflective and slow “Cherry” pondering on the past, and “Banana” from the same release goes on to be a steady energetic soundtrack for an adventurous night out. A world of music extended from Watasino’s home, where he produces all of his music!

The newest addition to his discography, the single called “Sayonara” (“Goodbye” in Japanese) takes us back to the beginning of when the artist was dabbling in the world of music production, seeking his path. Between the steady slow beat and a layer of introspective haze, one could feel both a heavy emotional weight and a sense of finding oneself between the wrecks. And this is exactly what the song is for the artist – the foundation of his own production style. A little bit of backstory to this:

“At the time (2018), I was very lonely, living in a place where I didn’t know or have a single friend. And I had stopped composing music, which I love, and was in a state of complete loss of energy. In order to get out of such a state, I took a leap of faith and wrote this song. Perhaps that is why this song expresses the feeling of loneliness and impatience I had at that time.
Now I am married and have good friends. I have been able to recover. Listening to it now, it’s rough, but it’s a song that I have strong feelings for because of this background.”

Echoing notes of guitar with the added light spheres of the child voices speaking “Sayonara” and giggling give off a rather immersive feel. Being alone and learning to get a hang of this all and get through in one piece is an underlined emotion and something that is certainly relevant to many of us. In addition to that, “Sayonara” may have a rough edge to it, but still delivers a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere. The single’s orange cover is quite possibly a hint to another song – “Orange” from his “Golden Fruits” release, for which it was the prototype.

“Sayonara is a starting point for me. If you like this song, by all means check out the others! ARIGATO!”

Most certainly a good beginning!

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