Javier Carrillo’s new single is as pretty as it is nostalgic. A beautiful soft pop tune that will shake you up and dance to its dreamy beat. Listen/pre-save right now to “No Sorrow“.

I mean, wow, my friends, this tune spoke to my heart, it really did! Amazing composition and pristine mixing can be found inside this track. A track made to deal with that usual feeling we get of ‘missing out’, something or someone.

Today, your usual welcome will be delivered by Javier himself!:

“Hi everyone, my name is Javier Carrillo. I am an indie rock artist from Ireland and this is my new song ‘No Sorrow'”. It is a dreamy, chill song that talks about the search of meaning in what might often seem like boring lives with unbreakable routines. You know that moment when, after a long day at work you go back home on the bus, close your eyes, and, for a minute, you’re free? That’s what this song is about.” – Javier Carrillo

Dreamy is the keyword. Javier’s sound is to me a mixture between Tame Impala and Metronomy, with a lot of influence from the 80s and 90s sound, with synths adding a modern feeling. All in all, “No Sorrow” deserves a place in any of your playlists, whether it is to relax on the bus or subway, or to feel the fresh air touching your hair while you’re driving by.

Starting with soft muted guitars, grooving bass, and Javier’s singing, the track evolves slowly with little details like guitar strums to then pass to the steady beat of the drums, capturing your ears. Lyrics are poetic, a bit sad but coming out from the heart. Its no surprise that he finds inspiration in South American artists and singers like Fito Páez, Silvio Rodríguez, Jorge Gonzales from Los Prisioneros, Pedro Suárez-Vértiz, Gustavo Cerati, and Spinetta! If you don’t know who I’m talking about you should check them out too!!

“I wrote No Sorrow on a cold night (haha) of December 2020, in Dublin. In the middle of the pandemic – my girlfriend was in Germany and I could not travel to Italy to see my family so I spent the holidays alone at home. I wanted to capture that feeling of ‘missing out’ that we sometimes get when we see our days pass, with each looking like the other, and fight it, and say ‘this won’t bring me down’. – Javier Carrillo

‘No Sorrow’ was recorded at Pirate studios in Dublin, Ireland with the help of producer Tully Gun (who has worked with The Chapters, The Frames, The Coronas). Javier played all the instruments and vocals for the song.

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