Matteson Gregory “Marry Me Someday”

“So when will you get married?” is probably one of the most dreaded questions two lovers might hear coming from overly enthusiastic nosy family members. This single you’re about to hear has also faced those questions and comes in to remind you what is really important when it comes to love and loving another person!

Matteson Gregory is an upcoming singer-songwriter based in Springfield, US. She creates evocative pop music with lyrics full of honesty. In fact, before Matteson began making music, she wrote poems. Those became songs when the artist learned to play guitar, and in 2019 she decided to start releasing music. Freshness and undiluted emotions flow through her spacious lush productions and the relatable well-written lyrics.

One of her most recent singles is “Marry Me Someday”, a gentle song that takes a step back from the pop sound of her previous four singles. This one is an honest acoustic singer-songwriter creation with her soft voice taking the center stage along with the guitar, carried by very minimalist but still dreamy production. All that allows her lyrics to shine the most – a declaration of love and appreciation for her boyfriend, and a message that there’s no need to rush things for others’ sake.

“This song is one that is probably the most biographical I’ve done. Over the past year and a half love was a big presence for me and that really showed with this release and the release before that (Only Love). I was sitting at my piano and thinking about a phrase my boyfriend and I always say which is Marry Me Someday. I immediately just started writing and that’s how the song came to be.
For anyone who hasn’t listened to Marry Me Someday, I hope that it gives people a sense of hope and comfort. For me, I’ve always ran into people telling couples when they should get married or how they should live their life. I want people to know that the only people that matter when making these decisions is the couple. If they know they are meant to be together that should be all that matters. I want to inspire people to have faith in what they know is right for them.”

It’s a beautiful acoustic song full of love and an inspiring dose of hope. Besides reminding what is actually important when it comes to finding a partner you want to live with, the song also carries so much warmth it makes the icy cold days much sweeter. This ear candy is for anyone loving acoustic songs or artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Alanis Morrisette.

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