Jesse Grossi – “Broken”

A heart-felt and very personal track that touches the struggles of battling and overcoming addiction. “Broken” is an acoustic rock song that sheds light into Jesse Grossi’s most vulnerable side.

After his last two singles, Last Call and Bad Guy, Jesse Grossi became one of our favorite artists on the blog with his ska/reggae infused melodies and uplifting beats. Today, Jesse returns with a new single that highly contrasts with his past releases, offering a much more personal and emotional setting.

“Broken” is Jesse Grossi’s portrayal of how he lives, battles and tries to overcome addictions. Making use of his acoustic guitar and raw vocals, the artist confides to us his most inner secrets and fight. The struggle, as Jesse puts it, is real, but we can always prevail with positivity.

And after all, “Broken” still manages to preserve Jesse’s spirit and charisma thanks to his vocal harmonies and emotive performance.

The track is accompanied by an animated music video in which we can see Jesse coming from a dark place and into the light. Passing through several ordeals, like being at the very bottom, the artist begins his healing journey in an effort to overcome his state and correct his path. As the song ends, Jesse leaves us with a high note in “it’s time to fall back into line / the pain will heal overtime“, letting us know he’ll be ok, and sending love and courage to all who are in his place.

I made sure I always had a smile on my face throughout the process 🙂” – Jesse Grossi

“Broken” was recorded at Dino Latino Studios. Vocals were recorded in Ferias Studios, mixed and mastered by Andres Ferias.

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