British pop artist A. B. Violet makes a comeback but not as you might expect. Putting aside her ethereal and dreamy compositions, the artist delivers what she calls a “home production” in the House-inspired track: “So Lonely“. An upbeat electronic production that maintains Violet’s emotional linings and makes us dance in loneliness to a lovely beat.

Few artists have the initiative to step out of their comfort zone and embark on a journey of exploration. Not worrying about staying in the same lane, Violet pushes forward to expand her production skills in her brand new single.

So Lonely” takes part in Violet’s home production collection titled “Intermission”. An aptly named haven for all her spontaneous ideas and experimentations with music production, which will be uploaded between studio releases. This time taking us on a dance music journey, Violet tries and conveys the feeling of loneliness within a groovy beat.

‘So Lonely’ is about that feeling of loneliness. It paints of picture of being out, dancing away to a heavy beat, surrounded by people, but feeling alone. Like, in your heart, something is missing.” – A. B. Violet

Making use of samples, loops, and synths, the artist dives into the production world. Guitar-like arpeggios, House vocals, and underwater melodies flood the space as the track begins to build up slowly but certainly until it turns into a blend between pop and EDM, fusing together to create an ambience of melancholy and movement.

A stuttering synth provides the jumping groove, while steady percussions converge with intermittent guitars. As the song approaches its finale, a dreamy synth sends a high-pitched arpeggio that adds even more spatiality and flows to the mix.

The track was produced and mixed by Violet in its entirety and leaves a question of curiosity about what else will the artist deliver in “Intermission“. Till then, be sure to check out her songs from her EP Elemence: Only Need Me, Merry Go Round, These Other Things, and Ice.

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