Brianne Matthews – “Piece of You”

Mourning is an emotion that everyone will experience in their lives. The passing of someone dear to us is very hard. But, while that someone may not be by our side anymore, they continue to live in our memories and their influence on us. “Piece Of You” is about remembering those close to our hearts, holding on to their memories. This is the latest single by Canadian singer-songwriter Brianne Matthews. While inspired by Matthews’ personal experience, its sheer emotional power, and the universal theme is going to be able to move us to our core tomorrow January 27th.

Brianne Matthews’ musical career began when she was just four years old. Since that age, her love for music has grown as well as her talent. She released her first EP “Metanoia” in March of 2021. In December, she released the single “Someday” which received critical acclaim. “Piece of You” is the follow-up single in which Matthews shows her talent by presenting us with a relatable and touching single.

This song goes out to anybody who’s lost someone who’s dear to their heart. In this case for me, it goes out to my grandpa. He was such a bit part of my life and I honestly miss him deeply. My song, “Piece for You” is about holding on to the memories of a person you cherish deeply. –Brianne Matthews

“Piece of You” is a testament that you don’t need everything to be able to write a good song. With just a piano and her voice, Brianne Matthews has created a single with immense emotional strength. Matthews makes us remember those who are not here with us anymore with her emotional voice and just the right chords. She writes a beautiful message which inspires us to remember the moments we passed alongside them and encourage us to cherish every second of them, realizing how we will always carry a piece of them in our heart.

“Piece of You” is an unmissable single. If Brianne Matthews had surprised us before with her previous work, she does so once again in as expected from her! We cannot wait for what else she has in store!

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