sautereau- “Conversation Hearts”

“I think it definitely stems from being a bit of at a loss for what to do with yourself as days slipped by and both feeling nothing and so many things at once. The contrast between life being pretty bland but wanting to feel and live what we were supposed to feel and do. It’s definitely a light-hearted take on it but raw and honest nonetheless.” sautereau

Gavan Waldby- “Why Don´t You Care About Me”

“I had the chord progression worked out on my guitar. There was something in the rhythm that spoke to me with the words “Why don’t, why don’t” . Then came the phrase “Care about me”. In that moment suddenly I was a teenager again, remembering what desire was like at that age. Passionate, painful, wonderful, and so hard to comes to terms with.” Gavan Waldby

Callipolis- “Kerosene”

This song emerged from a poem my friend sent me before moving back to NYC. I found it incredibly touching and couldn’t help noticing similarities with toxic relationships we both had. As I re-arranged some of the lines and played around with words and rhymes to fit in a song, the whole thing took a life of its own: the initial sentimental laments using diverse “fuel” analogies became almost a call to indulgence with regards to substance abuse, which is something I was particularly concerned about at the time. “Kerosene” plays therefore on the ambiguity of fiery love and alcohol/drug dependency, and their occasional link. -Timothée Botbol

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