Alli Bean- Outside Voice

"Outside Voice is about personal growth & boundary setting. It's about learning where your responsibilities lie & sitting with the understanding that not all people are our friends, even when they smile brightly & offer us our perception of love. It's about confronting who we are in the face of the way others see us & shouting loud truths while letting sleeping dogs lie." Ali Bean

S J Denney- 4 Reasons to Fly

The EP was recorded in the cabin at the end of my garden. Due to other commitments, most parts were done in the early hours of the morning. My approach to making music changed significantly before this record, with a focus of including a wide variety of world instruments. The EP is my first to feature a horn section, string section, harp and duduk (an Armenian woodwind instrument). - S J Denney

Andrew Michael Meador- “Just Too Late”

"I loved composing this song, wrote all the parts, and played everything except the saxophone. The lyrics were the most important facet to me because I wanted to say what was on my mind and I was able to process a lot of what I have been experiencing lately as a citizen of the United States. I feel that if people are truly able to band together, then we could begin to resolve the discrepancies that plague the human experience; but, as it is, we are left craving justice in a cafeteria with a broken oven." Andrew Michael Meador

GrayBeat – “Levitron (ft. Wayne Sayres)”

I had this song sitting around. It reminded me of the feeling of being in a tractor beam, levitating weightless. I knew it had sort of a synthwave sound to it, and it had a downtempo retro feel as well. I thought it would be a good fit, so I composed about eight layers of saxophone using midi saxophones in Ableton Live, and I sent the performances over to Wayne for him to play and record using his alto and tenor saxophones. Unfortunately, there was a delay related to saxophone repairs that came up, but in the end, everything worked out perfect timing wise. -GrayBeat

Under Neptune – “Throw All Away”

Being deep inside an emotional turmoil is a situation difficult to escape from. But today's featured single is about successfully going against all odds and finding the light in what seems to be a never-ending tunnel. "Throw All Away" (pre-save now available) is a hard rock track by Under Neptune that does not shy away from throwing hard punches straight to your gut.

Red Skies Mourning- “Where You Been?”

The backstory is not knowing that you're hurting someone due to your own internal issues(low self esteem, self doubt, thinking that person is out of your league, you don't deserve them and other struggles...). Only realizing what you've done after that person opens up about not feeling important or worthy and they eventually leave, hurt. After realizing all this, you're hurting a lot as emotions slowly come back... search within yourself to find yourself, understand and love yourself so that you are also mindful of others' feelings. Also becoming more emotionally available. -Red Skies Mourning

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